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Christian Right Theocracy

This is a post I have been thinking about for days.  I have been thinking about this since I read an op-ed in my local newspaper entitled “Liberals expressing fear of theocracy again.”  The author argues that we should not be afraid of the conservative movement and the religious right.  That we are making an error in respect to the religious right. That we look at Christian conservatism and see a host of legitimately problematic tendencies:  grandiose ambitions, apocalyptic enthusiasms and fiery speech.  We should not be afraid, that Christian extremism is not on the march again.  The man has lost his mind.  It makes one wonder in what universe he has been living in for the last two years or more.

Now we have the Value Voter Summit.  It has the appearance of a good old fashion Klan meeting.

These are people who read the Constitution and Bible and obsess over the parts they like and ignore the parts they don’t like.  What they are telling us is that we have no right to religious freedom under the First Amendment unless of course we accept their version.   I am sure they mean non-christian religions, but I know they mean everyone.  Christianity is only valid if you follow their values.  They hate everyone.

I fully expect that God will make his presence known. A ventriloquist throwing his voice from the beyond.  Can’t you just hear that slow, low, deep voice saying “You have come here to receive the word, and the word is , well you can find the word in my Racism For Dummies or The Bigots Handbook.  All available at a discounted price for value voters.  Complimentary t-shirts to the first 1000. Sign up for my newsletter at Godbigotry.heaven.”

The Christian Right has permeated every part of lives.  If you are Christian, their kind of hate based Christian you don’t belong.  You can even find the love of your life online at ChristianMingle.com.  I am not saying that they are associated with any hate group, but I find it ludicrous that there even is such a site.  It implies that if you aren’t christian you won’t find love.  It suggests that you are not intelligent enough to know what you are looking for.  Their website promotes all the bible verses, belief in God, etc.   The days are gone  when your parents said  you can’t date or marry unless he is a christian, Greek, Irish, Buddhist, Muslim.  Why must you marry within your race, religion or gender.  “Are you single and Christian? Are you waiting for God to make the right choice for you? Find God’s match for you.”  It is on their website.  I am not necessarily saying that that is a bad thing.  I am just saying that it insults my intelligence and violates my freedom.  I don’t need God or the religious right to choose my friends, love, religion, for me.  God gave me free will so I could choose for myself. Now mind you they only ask if you are christian and single.  They do not ask are you straight, gay or lesbian.  If what they write is true, then you/anyone should be able to get a date and find love.  Does it not tantalize the imagination?

Then of course we have the get out jail free pass.  Church or jail.  Now you would have to be an idiot to pass that up.  Thirty days in church is better than jail.  Naturally the courts will strike it dead as they should.  There is no state sanctioned religion.  Violates the First Amendment.  But you can pretend to be christian as they do and stay out of jail for now.

I am not a value voter.  I will never be their kind of value voter.   The God I pray to does not condone violence, hatred, bigotry and killing.  The God I pray to is not a member of a hate group.  The only handbook he has is the Bible, the entire Bible.  Not just parts of the Bible that suit my purpose.  I do not bribe God.  I do not lie to God.  I do not pretend to be a Christian.


Egypt: History Repeating Itself

Fifty-seven years ago, March 1954, the Egyptian people, let y students rose up to resist oppression and for respect for the constitution, where marching in Cairo in 1954.

King Farouk had been removed in a military coup, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1952. This coup was first met with support and hope, but soon dissolved as the Egyptian people watched the new leadership move toward oppression. The constitution was suspended and members of the opposition arrested.

They had no cellphone or internet, but the word spread quickly. Thousands marched Soldiers opened fire and wounded students. The determination of the students was immediate. The government had to be brought down.

Nasser said he would hope open and free elections that summer and promised to spend the intervening months implementing an array of political reforms. Abd al-Quadir Audeh, one of the leaders of the demonstrations, took Nasser at his word and asked the protesters to go home. Audeh was arrested house later and executed, along with other protest leaders the following year. Egypt‘s current protesters are well aware of their country’s bloody political history. The question is whether Mubarak‘s incoherent message to his people means that both sides are bound to repeat it.

The protesters will not be tricked again.  The same promises are being made again, now. Suleiman has offered token concessions to the protesters while rejecting real subtantive changes. Suleiman is reading from the same script Mubarak has used for decades.  The same talk Nasser used.  Suleiman said,”Oh, young men of Egypt…go back to your homes, go back to your jobs.”  Nasser told them the same thing and the protesters were hunted down and shot.

Breaking News:  Mubarak along with his family has left Cairo. Unconfirmed reports from Israel that he has gone to the Red Sea Resort of Sharim el-Sheikh. He has a villa there.  Bought with money stolen from his people.

In an interview Nawal El Saadawi said:

We are in the streets every day, people, children, old people, including myself. I am no 80 years old, suffering of this regime for half a century. You remember, Mubarak is the continuation of Sadat. Both Sadat and Mubarak , their regime worked against the people. They created this gap between the poor and rich. They brought the so-called business class to govern us.  Egypt became an American colony. We are dominated by the U.S. and Israel. And 80 Million people have no say in the country.  But what I would like to tell you, the US. government, with Israel and Saudi Arabia and some other powers outside the country and inside the country, they want to abort this revolution. They create rumors that Egypt is going to be ruined, to be robbed. So they try to frighten us. They have two strategies: to frighten us, so we say we need security, we need Mubarak because people are living in fear. What we want to tell the U.S. and others, keep away from us. End your false democracy and neo-colonialsim.

The Caliphate guru’s need to shut up.  They just perpetuate lies for their own benefit and profit.

In stead of just sitting around and believing all the trash, what we need is a “truth test.”  All bloggers should begin to deconstruct everything they claim as fact. The media enables them, also enables views to being manipulated.  Beck will tell you he is going to tell you the truth.  Well, isn’t it time to tell the truth about, Beck, Palin and all those other Right-Wing liars.

Be brave.  Start the “truth test” movement. Democracy is ours, the Egyptian people deserve it with no assistance from us.  Truth be told, the Mubarak regime is an American creation.

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

One Autocrat is Gone, The People are about to be set free, maybe

The Revolution:

The Military has stepped in to protect the country

Mubarak to speak

NDP Leader says that Mubarak must go

Military prevented Mubarak  from making speech handing over power to Vice-President Suleiman

Will Military support a civilian government or continue with regime

but does it matter to us.  Again if our interests take precedence over democracy and freedom, we will be guilty again of manipulation.

Just look at Haiti.  In 2004 the us sponsored regime change in Haiti.  It happened in the wee house of March 1, with US landing houses after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide reportedly gave in to demands from an armed opposition movement that he step down and go into exile — there were rumors on the ground maintained he was actually arrested by US forces.

This overthrow had been in the making since December 1990, when Hati’s first free election was held The winning candidate, was the populist priest Aristide. But seven months later Aristide’s government was overthrown n a military coup. No government on earth recognized the military junta, but Noam Chomsky said: “washington maintained close intelligence and military ties with the new rulers while undermining the embargo called by OAS, even authorizing illegal shipment of oil to the regime and its wealthy supports.”

The last elections took place in November 2000, Aristide won his second non-consecutive term amid allegations of irregularities by the US and the opposition.  To the surprise of Washington Aristide was president again.  The US and international donors blocked financial aid stating elections were flawed.  They just didn’t get the result they had worked to hard to achieve.  The opposition was being armed and trained.  The US government was directly involved in a new military coup attempt against Aristide and are being backed by Washington.  He has been exiled twice.

The recent trip to Haiti by Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Haitian children was a cover, her main mission was to convince the  powers that be to keep Aristide from returning.  All this is being done so that the American government has control of “free” elections.

In Egypt now, the US government is caught east of the rock and west of the hard place.  If they lose control of the government that did their bidding, their foreign policy or the lack thereof , has been bovine scatology.  The fact that they had Wisner tell Mubarak to name Suleiman VP, shows what they want.  Interests are more important the democracy and freedom.

When a stronger stand against the regime was needed, i.e. cut off aid, they talked about the Egyptian people receiving what they want.  They were conspicuously silent about telling Mubarak and regime to go.  Simply put, they didn’t want him to go.

We will see what will happen, but regardless of what does happen, the Middle East may be changed for the good forever.  With luck, Israel will lose a friend.


More on Haiti can be found at: foreignpolicy.com

Americans Held Hostage

        Senator Pat Toomey want vote on “Pay Foreign Creditors First”. The great debt limit plan.  It is the same as the one in the House sponsored by Mr. , Mr. Jordan and others.  Their act is the “Full Faith and Credit Act.” 

                                                                          H R. 421

                                 To require that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the                                                     debt limit is reached.

                                   Section 1. Short Title

                                                                                                                                       This Act may be Cited as the “Full Faith and Credit Act.”

                                                                                                                                      Sec. 2 Prioritize Obligations on the debt held by the public

                                                                                                                                       In the event that the debt of the United States Government, as defined in section 3101 of title 31, U. S. Code,

                                                                                                                                        reaches the statutory limit, the authority of the Department of the Treasury provided in section 3123 of title

                                                                                                                                         31, U S. Code, to pay with legal tender the principal and interest on debt held by the public shall take

                                                                                                                                         priority over all other obligations incurred by the Government of the United States.

Teapublicans have succeeded in reviving confidence in American and National patriotism.  They long for the Reagan years. Tax cuts and small government.  In their zeal they have forgotten the people they represent, and their pledge to America.  Reduce the deficit. So here is their plan. Pay down debt. Write checks to foreign creditors before the domestic needs of the country, such as Social Security and the military. They talk a good game.

Ronald Reagan did the same thing.  It really has been done before.  This is not new.  The size of government grew under Regan, the size of government grew when the Republicans controlled all levers of the federal government [remember the ‘Contract with America?’]. They may talk about much they hate spending and just how much they love small government, but they never, ever, ever do they deliver.

And for the people who genuinely care about reducing the size of government in this country, like the tea party folks say they do, it would be folly to turn and join your fate to the same Republican Party that has time and again delivered big government. So they really have to decide, if they are really committed to this, what they are going to do about it because the Republicans, no matter what they say, never, never, ever deliver on that central promise.

Update:  GOP Scales b ck budget cuts goals:

Updating budget estimates the best hope is to reduce current appropriations ob $32 billion for the remainder of this fiscal year.  The new cap on appropriations will set a 2011 ceiling of $1.055 trillian – $32 billion less that the latest estimate by CBO of the full year of the stop-gap spending bill due to expire March 4.  Republicans complained, saying the Pres. Obama was destroying America by adding to the national debt, but now the GOP is in power again, they have proposed a budget wich would decrease the federal budget deficit by only 2%.  Go figure!