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We Live In A Disposable Society

Of all tyrannies a tyrannies sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. – C. S. Lewis

America may be finally getting it.  The Republican Party, Teabaggers, and the neocons masquerading as our public saviors. The Ruling Class that only knows what is good for us.

We are treated as if we were paper plates, Kleenex, plastic bottles, cellphones and other various items, the American people are being thrown away. Republicans campaigned on job creation and “small government.”  We have seen the slashing of all the programs that do help the people, yet the real items needed to bring our deficit under control have remained untouched. Yet there has been no attempt in regard to job creation.

The question to Republicans should simply be where is your plan for job creation?  The seem to have already answered it…..their job creation in actually is job loss, tax cut which increase the deficit, and no revenue generation. Their budget spending cuts put people out of work.  Just read it. Disposable people, disposable rights.

All you need do is watch and listen to what is happening in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Montana. Take away collective bargaining to make so easy to fire teachers, police, fireman and other state employees.  These states are following the Republican instructions and agenda to the letter.  The states take away collective bargaining, the federal government takes away job training, funding for police, WIC and other social programs that help the middle class and poor. They have become vendetta and it is beginning with public employees.

They have become our autocrats.

Republican ignorance and lies are being exposed.  Walker reveals union busting plans and strategy to fake prank caller, Indiana pulled the bill because the Deputy Attorney General call for the shooting of protestors, and Ohio make minor changes to bill: State workers would be allowed to collectively bargain for wages, but nothing else, and public employees would lose right to strike under new changes or risk being fired.  They must all think that the American people are as stupid and ignorant as they.

Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling, but make huge devastating spending cuts. The debt ceiling has been raised 62 times and lowered 3 times in 62 years. The debt ceiling is just an agreement to pay past bills that this same lawmakers appropriated and to the government to spend.

There are 5 reasons this Wisconsin uprising affects you:  1. Weak economies need more demand, 2. Strong standards strengthen the Middle Class, 3. Decent government pay means Decent Government, 4. Publics employees are not the problem, 5. Scapegoating lets the culprits get away.  Read the entire article at: http://www.alternet.org.

It is true that the states and the federal government is in debt.  But this debt was not the making of the American people.  We went to war thanks to George W. and the deficit grew.  We were told that the war was good for us and for democracy.   But, this is just a continuation of the lies Republicans told us to get elected.

Still, we must not just blame them.  We are to blame too.  Our fault is that we believed their lies and now we are paying the price.

Republicans and neocons have never been about telling the truth.

They only see themselves as our saviors and conduct themselves as if they were the RULING CLASS.


Unions Fail Their Members: Toothless Giants

In many parts of the world, organized labor is a force to be reckoned with in the streets and at the polls.  Not in the US.  Union leaders spend more time campaigning for candidates than defending worker’s rights.

The AFL-CIO embraced President Barack Obama and they celebrated Labor Day together, a scene unimaginable for the majority of union leaders and members of Europe. The closeness of major US labor union to the Democratic Party has co-opted many of them into ineffectiveness.

The protests in Wisconsin and Ohio and soon in other states are blatant examples of a toothless union.  These protests are grassroot events, not officially sanctioned by the labor unions.  In fact, labor unions are asking their members to return to work, rather than defend their rights long fought for.  The truth is if you want something different that what has been going on these past 30 years, then you have to move in a different direction rather than rolling with the dominant part.  Unions will more or less turn out the votes, give major donations but aren’t able to demand things they want.  Their members are left out in the cold.

Now the American worker is in the street. The biggest crises with unions in American now is the inability to organize workers because labor laws make it easy to fire or penalize workers for unionizing. Unions must be detached from politicians, yet be involved in policy to represent their workers.  Unions no longer fight for their workers.

Unions are dead as an influential force in workers rights. They have outlived their usefulness, or just simply lost their way.  Unions collect dues, spend $50 million of it dues and deploy 150,000 workers to support Obama with the hope that politicians will deliver workers rights.  Workers say that unions have failed to deliver on their promises, but in truth the unions never promised them anything.  Politicians did.  Now union members in the unenviable position of defending their rights.

Only now is the Obama administration beginning to send statements that they are in agreement with union members protecting in Wisconsin and Ohio.  But it begs the question….Are they doing this because they truly believe or simply appeasing the union membership to retain their votes in 2012?

We can all argue that state governments are making every effort to bust unions?  It is true.  This is a time for leaders of Labor unions need to join the fight with their workers.  Fight for the rights they have now, and future improvements. Union membership has been declining for years, because people understand union leadership hold workers rights as a sideshow.

Grassroots movement is showing the future of the labor movement in two ways: One is the importance of fighting on the basis of workplace issues and making sure that people at the grassroots, the rank and file level, have a voice in those unions. Second: the importance of social unions, social movement unionism, one that sees not just the interests of workers at a particular workplace as the only thing that unions should defend, but realizing the ties and connections that bring together the interests not only of the workplace.

Wisconsin and Ohio may be our “Egypt.”  If it true, that would mean clean out the Union Leadership house.  Unions of the past are dead.  It is up to the membership to fight.  They probably will lose, but they must fight.

Protests and civil disobedience is a healthy sign in this country, but to win, we must take our government back.

Death of Unions: Radical Republicans March On: Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Idaho and Tennessee

These states and probably many others, have a great deal in common with Egypt’s discontented workers.  They are out to break the unions, cut their pay, and limit or as in the case completely eliminate collective bargaining for all state workers.  The remaining states will limit collective bargaining.  They are on a path to intentionally ruin their state’s economies.  Dictatorial philosophy.  With Republican state legislatures, the plans will be fast tracked.

In Ohio, Kasich’s position is simple, “If they want to strike, they should be fired.” “You should have a change in the law…there are ways to say that you are not going to strike, and we’re not going to continue without a binding arbitrator….Binding arbitration is not acceptable[…]”  Kasich’s remarkable dismissal of freedom and fact is stunning.  Workers only strike as a last resort, to eliminate unfair wages, and benefits.  Ohio safety workers are prohibited from striking.  Ohio passed a collective bargaining law in 1983 that did not allow public safety workers to strike. Still, to ensure workers still had an option, Ohio replaced the right to strike with a binding arbitration policy. But now Kasich simply wants to the ability to fire everyone who strikes.  collective bargaining would be wiped out for all state workers, including higher educations institutions  No longer would they be able to bargain for health insurance, automatic pay increases would be stripped from state law, and teachers would not get a say in which buildings they teach. The bill, Senate Bill 5, will ignite a war with the unions the likes of which Ohio has not seen in decades.  Indiana, Idaho and Tennessee have plans similar to Ohio’s

Wisconsin is different.  Governor Walker will send in the National Guard to suppress any labor strikes.  Naturally, that is not the purpose of the national guard.  they’re not his own personal intimidation force to used top quash political dissent.  The guard is used only in real emergencies and disasters. The national guard is not a political bully .

Now there are two sides to the issue.  The one listed above.  Could it be true that unions have outlived their usefulness?  That may true.  There was a time when unions  worked for the betterment and improvement of conditions, pay, health insurance etc. when workers did not have those things.  What can they really do for you now.  More and more union membership is dwindling.  It may be due to the reality that unions can not help them. They collect dues, but real, meaningful action for workers is missing.  More and more they are being turned away.

That notwithstanding, unions in the past have worked hard for their membership and members have reaped the rewards.  The rights of workers has been a long struggle, that the membership is realizing now.  To assault unions to save money, to threaten them with violence is unconscionable. But Radical Republicans have no conscience.

We know what their agenda is –  NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!