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Ohio Diary #17: Turn Out The Vote – Prove Ohio Isn’t All Racist

The day is almost here.  If you haven’t voted early, do it now.  Get out the vote.

Now you may say Ohio isn’t racist not just Ohio but Florida, Pennsylvania and all other red states.  Voter suppression is racist.  They know if they can keep democrats from the polls they will win the election.  Over these many months we have been “informed” by the press and media about the “horse race” with no real discussion of policy and racism.  Like television, they are only interested in entertainment and not knowledge.  Selling newspapers is so much more important.

Hatred and racism is the hallmark of the republican party.  It is what they do best.  They have told so many lies that that believe them to be fact.  So many lies that it has shown itself for what it truly is……….Racist.  It is not new and we should already know this.  It is only now more obvious.  A black man is President, living in the Whitehorse.  Billboards in poor and black neighborhoods, lies about voter ID and then there is Trick the Vote [ True the Vote].  True the Vote is an oxymoron for republicans.  For them there is no truth in the voting process.  They promised to follow the Constitution and then pervert it.  They say they are Christians, but speak hatred and racism.  Hypocrites and contradictory positions.  New Left Media said it best:

  Well, perhaps the capacity to hold so many contradictory beliefs at once reflects the fact that the public school curriculum has become solely oriented around series of standardized tests, robbing a large portion of our citizenry (among other things) of the capacity for critical thinking skills. Or maybe it is because the internet has enabled people to exist in completely different social and political realities wherein they seek out and find only the type of information that will confirm their pre-existing worldviews. Or maybe it’s because local media has essentially collapsed and the mainstream media, interested less in delivering the news than in acting as faithful defenders of the status quo, is unable to effectively help the public to thoroughly vet the Republican nominee.

The republicans are not meant to think.  Just follow.  So, it is time to get out the vote.  We can stand in line for hours to get into a football game, so we can stand and wait to vote.  Your vote is so much important.  Don’t get tricked.  Stand up for all of us, women, the poor, the middle-class!!!!!  We need to make American proud of herself.




“The Stench”

” The Stench”  is becoming the invisible man.  Soon he will be gone along with “The Stench”




The Rat Take A Ride

“Truth is Treason”

In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth,” Paul said. “In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.”

Now I know this quote is a couple of years old, and about Wiki leaks, but somehow it applies here as it concerns The Rat and The Roach[okay,[Romney and Ryan].  They have sent the Stooge out again.  Just look at what they have her saying now after VP Joe Biden’s truthful comments.  You could say they were a little strong, but they were the truth.  There is just no use kidding ourselves what Rat/Roach really wants for America.  When he stands and looks out at his supporters and the real American public he sees not working America, he sees criminals that need to be punished with more taxes and poverty.  He sees dangerous parasites and leeches preparing to strike at the heart and soul of the Great American System that put them where they are now.   More about this later, now back to the Stooge, aka Andrea “Stooge”Saul.
What was so terrible about what Vice President Biden said:
They’ve said it.  Every Republican’s voted for it.  Look at what they they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing.  Romney wants to let the — he said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules — unchain Wall Street,” Biden said.  “They’re going to put y’all back in chains. He’s said he going to do nothing about stopping the practice of outsourcing.”
Republicans have spoken for these 2 years and more to the need to “unshackle” the private sector from regulations.  Mind you the private sector, meaning the citizens, working class families, women, blacks, illegal immigrants, immigrants, and poor people remain shackled to high taxes, joblessness, and poverty.
Their record speaks for itself:  the war on women, voter suppression, personhood bills, heartbeat bills and you see the compulsion to return women, blacks and immigrants to lives of slavery, chained and shackled to the whims of white rich men.
And the Stooge response:
After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Gov. Romney, the Obama campaign has reached a new low, the Stooge said. The commends made by the vice president of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama campaign will say and do anything to win this election.
When Obama backed Biden the Stooge said:
In case anyone was wondering just how low President Obama could go in his campaign for reelection, we now know he’s willing to say that Governor wants to put people back in chains, Whether it’s accusing Mitt Romney of being a felon, having been responsible for a woman’s tragic death or now wanting to put people in chains, there’s no question that because of the president’s failed record he’s been reduced to a desperate campaign based on division and demonization.
Felon?  The Rat did that to himself.  Won’t release tax returns, so he must be hiding something he doesn’t want anyone to know.  Responsible for a woman’s tragic death?  I didn’t hear that.  It said no health insurance to help his wife during this illness.  He lost his job thanks to the Rat.  She, herself said:
“If people had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care,” said Saul
All the Rat/Roach campaign can do is lie.  If they were even remotely to consider telling the truth it would be treason.  Truth is something that the Republican party has no interest in. They are incapable of doing so.    Hubris.  Narcissism.
I for one am so tired of their self-serving, self-indulgent, selfish and self-righteous outrage and lies.  They have no comprehension of what the truth is.  The Rat just lies.  It is what the Rat does every day of his life, on purpose, as a matter of policy, and a perfect expression of everything he stands for.

The Rat and The Roach Ticket: Go Obama 2012

I must admit that last night when I heard the news that the Rat had chosen the Roach to be his VP,  I was screaming and dancing.  I was just as happy as I could be.  Democrats were handed a gift and we won.  A party that is cutting its own throat, even if it taking them a long time, they picked a man, I use that loosely, who wants to end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as their VP.  The author of the most draconian budget in our history wants to be second in charge.  The Roach has the gall to call it The Path to Prosperity, Restoring Americas Promise, so it was called for Budget year 2012; changed it to:  The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal for Budget year 2012.  Naturally, it asks questions that be the obvious questions:  Restoring Americas Promise?  Promise for the rich; Blueprint for American Renewal? Renewal of tax cuts and destruction of everyone else.

They may have a problem:  the most prominent and partisan supporters of the Republican party have been senior citizens who both speak with their money and their vote.  they have been loud and clear “to keep your hands off my Medicare.”  The promise is that those seniors,those  Republicans will now reconsider their support, read the so-called budget and see it for what it really is, destruction and death of the poor and middle class.  That they will see lie in the statement that his Catholic faith guided him in forming this travesty.  Jesus taught us to take care of the poor.  That Jesus told the rich man to give up everything he owns, give it all away and follow him.  Must not have been part of his catechism.  His truth faith is Ayn Rand.

Then I saw this ad.  It should run on television and full length.

We cannot go back.  We can only move         

We must rise up and vote.  Ride share and take a friend.  Ohioans  get with it.  They want to stop early voting, well the we will just storm the polls.  Take a friend, family, anyone and go vote.  Tell them that we want our rights back.  Throw the elephants out.  Send the message that we know what we want, and what is good for us.  We decide what we can do with our bodies and our minds.  Tell them that all their money in elections is irrelevant.  Make it clear the BatSh#tCrazy doesn’t get it anymore.


“I Need You to Vote for Romney and Save America”

I was attending church a week ago and a “friend” called me over and said “I need for you to vote for Romney and save America.”  Now mind you this man knows I am a Democrat, usually vote that way, and think for myself regardless of who I vote for.  Still, I was surprised.  First, I thought it was a joke, but I could see by the look on his face he was quite serious.  Still, believing this was still a joke, my response was: “Vote for Romney……..George Romney.  No wait, he’s dead. Oh what is it I don’t know.”  He did not see the humor in it.

Like four years ago, Republicans in Ohio are  becoming desperate.  I mean desperate.  They have sold their souls to the republican party and RNC.  They are whores for whores.  Like lemmings they recite the loyalty oath to the party and sing the praises of Willard the Rat.  Mittens is the rat.  He has been trained by the republican party to kill the party.  I know it was on its last leg after McCain, but now it is barely breathing.  It is stunning.  The more I see, the more my heart is filled with happiness.

Think of it as road to salvation.  It is how it was presented to me after all in church, God etc.  What better place to plead and pray for Rat votes.  They were telling me that if I donate just $5.00 to “The Rat”  I could begin to pay my way to salvation.  The Rat’s own website states it:  Learn The Truth:  Sign up to receive emails with the truth.  Imagine it, straight from God himself….the truth.  Donate $5.00 and you get more.  Only the more is a surprise.  Even the baby rats the run big Rats’ show don’t know.  Since the Rats all lie it can only be true that this is a lie too.

To prove his faith and hope of salvation, the Rat put out this campaign :

It was never meant to be used as a political platform, but here he is touting how he saved the 2002 Olympics and Salt Lake City, the bastion of Mormonism.  The Rat tells lies, lies and more lies.  What is past comprehending is why people believe him.  It must be the thought of salvation that is too great to resist.  Get your ticket to ride everybody.

I think this is really what he is saying.


Conservatives Stand Up for All Americans: Against $.05 tax on Plastic Grocery Bags

Hallelujah!  We are saved.  Think of it.  They call it an intrusion on citizens by the government.

You can find this at:   http://blog.heritage.org/2011/04/28/outside-the-beltway-kiss-those-plastic-bags-goodbye-evanston/

Naturally, they don’t tell you the whole story.  To find that you must go to: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/news/local/ct-met-no-paper-or-plastic-20110426,0,6212192.story?page=1.

Since many states and communities are considering this, the Republicans are outraged that you could be charged a tax of $.05 per bag, if you choose to use plastic.  Rory Cooper says “….they turn to the invisible hand of the government to penalize you daily, and hope that you simply absorb the new costs of living without a fight.”  It is terrific.  They really think that we have our head up their ass.

They don’t tell you that grocery stores used to give you a $.05 credit for every reusable bag you bring it when you shop.  They eliminated that simply because so many customers were bringing in their own bags.  Republicans won’t tell you that you have a choice, plastic or bring your own.  All they see is a tax they want to champion against that is of no consequence to us, but sure makes them look good.  PR is brilliant.  It really is strange, since they are in the business of making money.  You think that they would support profit for businesses.

I feel relieved!  Republicans plan to take everything away from me and all of us, but God love them, they are going to save us a nickel.

I thank God everyday that He sent Republicans to protect America and its people.  Don’t you?

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Republican Deception: We Are Right and the Public Wants It

Things are not going well for republicans this week.  It seems they over played their hand.  Especially the republican governors.  Their state houses have shutdown and legislation is dying.  They told the constituents that the anti-union bills were what they wanted.  Were they ever wrong on this.  They took a stand and railed against collective bargaining, the people who do the work and fund state governments, only to have it backfire.  We have fake telephone calls, threats of firings and they still don’t get it.  In Indiana, deputy attorney general said “use live ammunition.”  It is logical for a republican to say that since their real issues are the Second Amendment and religion.  The people have shutdown state governments now it is time to shut down the federal government.

In the case of the federal government, the neocons, republicans  in Washington are making the same mistakes that state governments have.  Our spending cuts are what the American people want.  Do we really want 55,000 instructors and teachers in Head start to lose their jobs? Do we really want fewer food inspectors in the USDA? Do we really want cuts in NOAA, the US Marshall service, food and safety inspection services, FDA, Job training programs, the CDC, LIHEAP?  I find the LIHEAP interesting. It is a program used to stop northerners from freezing to death in the middle of winter.  Do republicans really want the American people to freeze to death to say $400m?  The answer is yes.  But as they say this is what we want. These cuts would ave a huge and devastating effect, impact on public services.

Besides, it’s not as if the Republicans are proposing to replace these programs with more efficient alternatives They say that their party’s hard decisions were necessary to show that they are serious about returning our nation to a sustainable path. These are the same Republicans who insist upon tax cuts that benefit only the very wealthiest Americans and place an even greater burden on the federal governments resources.  They are home now, and hearing from their constituents. The teapots by now are hearing from their constituents about service cuts that the tea party say we want.  Remarkably, they did not cut their fringe programs, “abstinence-only-education, and “faith-based-initiative.

The government shutdown is mostly about fighting for political power by the republicans rather than a serious attempt to rescue the nation’s finances. The Republicans are going to fail. they want to win over the public, hold the upper hand for the political fights ahead. The sad part is the amount of money being fought over is only a tiny fraction of the country’s budget deficit. It is all just smoke and mirrors, making it seem that our lawmakers are really struggling over the deficit when, the truth is, they are still dodging debates over the big five in government spending: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Society, defense and taxes.

The major obstacle to a major deal on the budget is  the “no new taxes” pledge made by Republicans. Remember, that Republicans have repeatedly voted for increases in spending through the last decade, including the biggest deficit-financed entitlement in the last 50 years, the Medicare prescription drug benefit. In 2001 the massive tax cuts did not lead to reduced spending. Instead, the tax cuts were followed by big increases in spending, boosting the deficit from both sides. The Republicans must violate there no new taxes pledge.

There are solutions to the budget deficit:  The Value Added Tax, Payroll taxes and higher gas taxes.

The VAT is a money machine because of its ability to raise great amounts of money.  It could be used to close deficits. Revenue increases would result in in reductions in spending.

Higher gas taxes:  We need to stop being cry babies over the price of gas.  Compared to what the Europeans pay, 1.59 euros a liter, that comes to $8.76 a gallon.  We are just going to have to pay higher taxes and cut spending to cut the deficit.

So let the Republicans slam the door and shutdown the government.  When the uprising starts against the federal government as it did against state governments they will get the message that lawmakers work for the people. They should truly represent the people.

Democracy Uprising? Collective Bargaining and Public Sector Unions

Wisconsin state employees protests spread to Ohio and Indiana.  Americans believe in shared sacrifice.  When finances are tight, public employees should be asked for concessions – and so should those who are doing well. But these latest assaults aren’t about necessary sacrifice, they are about asserting power and these employees know it.  They are as mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it any more.

“It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”  George Meany, former President of the AFL-CIO in 1955. Government unions are unremarkable today, but the labor movement once thought the idea absurd.

Founders of the labor movement saw unions as vehicle to get workers more of profits they help create.  Government workers, however, don’t generate profits. They merely negotiate for more tax money.  When government unions strike, they strike against taxpayers.  That is you and me.  FDR considered this “unthinkable and intolerable.”

Through the 1950s unions widely agreed that collective bargaining had no place in government. But starting with Wisconsin in 1959, state began to allow collective bargaining  in government. The influx of dues and members quickly changed the union movement’s tune, and collective bargaining in government is now widespread.  The result now is that unions can now insist on laws that serve their interest – at the expense of the common good.

Government collective bargaining means voters do not have the final say on public policy.  We pay the bill, but have nothing to say.  Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions.  That is not democratic, a fact that unions once recognized.

I might be crazy, and there has been at times questions about my state of mind, but there really is something wrong with this picture.  Union contracts make it impossible to reward excellent teachers or fire failing ones. Union contracts give government employees gold-plated benefits – at the cost of higher taxes and less spending on other priorities.   Voters should have control over government policy.  We elected representatives and they should decide how the government spends our taxes.

A decade sago, candidates for governor in highly unionized states sought the endorsement of government workers’ unions, knowing that this could lead to an easy election victory.  They learned their lesson. They discovered that confronting the unions rather than courting them pays off.  Unions it seems have outlived their usefulness.  Public employees, state or federal, have no right to strike.  If they do they can be fired.  Remember Reagan and the flight controllers?  Now, given it would be hard, then again maybe not, to replace teachers, but in this economy it could be done.  Truth is, teachers and state employees are going to lose benefits or pay more for them.  Teachers who can retire should retire before the new changes take effect.  Keep the benefits you have now, don’t take a loss.

The other side is this.  The unions are being made scapegoats for all that is going bad economically.Blame the public workers’ unions, especially the teachers, clerical and transportation workers union.  There is this wave of propaganda over the last few months, and it is impressive to watch, trying to deflect attention away from those who actually created the economic crisis, like Goldman Sacks, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, their partners in the government – Federal Reserve and others – let all this go on and helped it. Now they have switched attention away from the real people responsible for the crisis and switched blame for the crisis to teachers, police, firefighters, sanitation workers, their huge pensions, their incredible health benefits. Cadillac healthcare benefits, and their unions, who are the real villains, the ones who are robbing the taxpayer by making sure that policemen do not starve when they retire.

In Wisconsin, now the state employees say they are willing to accept givebacks in the budget, except for collective bargaining.  Since collective bargaining right have no near term budget impact, it is clear that Governor Walker’s goal, effort is not budgetary, but an effort to bust the public unions.  This same scenario will play out in Ohio and Indiana and many other states.

Unions must fight for the hearts and the minds of the voters. It is not enough for them simple to demand that what has been given to them in the past must be continued, or argue that they are really not better paid than private sector workers and that cuts are not justified. The unions can only repel attacks with concessions in bargaining reasonableness that seems adequate and fair.  If they are to survive to represent workers forcefully in better times, they must now demonstrate that they are willing to shoulder a share of these hard times.

They must win the hearts of the voters.


Diary of Ohio #1

There seem to be a lot of cry babies in Ohio.  Just this past week they have cried and cried.  Used to be that Republicans were more subtle about their racism.  He says he wants to work with everyone who is willing to tackle the state’s problems.  It probably means  that as long as they agree with him, then he has use for you.  Tell me it ain’t so Lord John!

Just this past week the criers were out in force.  Lord John was going to have a all white cabinet, and that made them all cry.  Is is racism or is it or a different diversity than most expect? What is diversity?  Does it just mean color, race, sex and political affiliation, or does it mean new ideas, fresh thinking and hope for the future? Must we always be politically correct? 

Senator Nina Turner [D-OH] should know better.  She lacked the courage to confront him face to face and ASK what the Govenor mean when he said “I don’t want your people.”  She should have used all her alleged leadership qualities at the time of the Gov. comment to get the difinition of what he meant. Instead, she screamed racism and used the color card?  The truth is that Ohians regrettfully eleceted that state Governor.  The Governor will select the most qualified cabinet members based on their abilities and experience.  Qualifications should have nothing to do with the color of your skin.  The Declaration of Independence list no  exclusions: 

             We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Libeerty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institue new Government…..

Kasich ran on a simple platform: things suck, let’s change. The system is broke. We need someone to come fix things.  Most of Ohioians believed that lie.  Now we are going to pay the price.  He told us we need a new way.   We hear only the old way.  Remember Ken Blackwell?  Same song different man different color.  Kasich will scream “I am not a racist. Some of my friends may be, but i am not.” Senator Turner should know that you do not fight racism with racism.  We must not be like him. Let him bury himself.  I fear for my state and the policies or the lack thereof of this Republican Governor. 

I am tired of the cry babies.  I am tired of the people who will not lend their efforts to turn this state blue again.  I am tired of the big ideas and the small brains.