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Rand Paul Needs a Charlie Sheen Tatoo

Rand Paul in Charlie Sheen mode, yesterday complained to the deputy assistant energy secretary that his toilet just doesn’t flush right.  He can’t get one that one that works.  What is really consistent with Paul and most republicans is that he managed to make this an abortion issue.  He asked her is she was pro-choice.  She was rightly stunned she replied that she was pro-choice on light bulbs.  That is when Charlie showed up.

He went into this passionate protest. He likened the choice of abortion to bein “anti-choice on every other consumer item, including light bulbs, refrigerators, dishwashers and toilets. You can’t go around your house without being told what to buy. You restrict my purchases. You don’t care about my choices.” See YouTube.

I didn’t realize that reproductive choice was a consumer purchase?  So I can go to Office Max, Sears or Amazon and pick up one on those late-term abortion things with an Energy Star rating  Then came the problem with his toilet. “I can’t find a toilet that works. My toilets don’t work in my house. And I blame you and people like you.” He demanded that a woman explain to him why his toilet doesn’t work but she still gets to have abortions.  Is there no justice in the world? He finds it insulting that he has to flush more than once while women get to have all the fun choices.  He goes on to say “you don’t care about the consumer, frankly. You raise the cost of all the items with all your rules, all your notions that you know what’s best for me.”

Freedom of choice must only apply to light bulbs, refrigerators and other items.  You don’t get arrested for buying an energy-efficient appliance, or energy-efficient light bulbs.  But more than a handful of Republicans are trying to many ways to jail women for having abortions and miscarriages.  His freedom of choice ends with women.  We have a free market in America So now tell us Rand, where is it now?

He finds it “troubling, this busy body nature that you want to come into my house, my bedroom, my bathroom….” I woman and her body is up for grabs.  It seems obvious that  how he feels is similar to the feelings of all us on the side of pro-choice.  Government should stay out of his/my right to choose toilets, energy-efficient one or not, but I don’t have the right to choose what I can do with my own body.

On his official site : I will always vote for any and all legislation that would end abortion or lead us in the direction of ending abortion.
I believe in a Human Life Amendment and a Life at Conception Act as federal solutions to the abortion issue. I also believe that while we are working toward this goal, there are many other things we can accomplish in the near term.

I would strongly support legislation restricting federal courts from hearing cases like Roe v. Wade. Such legislation would only require a majority vote, making it more likely to pass than a pro-life constitutional amendment.

I would support legislation, a Sanctity of Life Amendment, establishing the principle that life begins at conception. This legislation would define life at conception in law, as a scientific statement.

States are presenting bills and approving legislation to criminalize a women’s right to choose. In fact, he wants to override state’s rights in favor of a federal plan to make women criminals if they make choices that affect their own bodies.  He and his fellow Republicans are good at saying a women hasn’t the right to choose, that she must bring the child into the world regardless of the circumstances, but they don’t tell us who is going to take care of these children once they are born.  They talk about cutting the budget, but anti-abortion legislation would only increase the budget not to mention the size of government.

So now what Rand Paul is saying, at least today, is that we have the freedom to buy things that take a toll on the ecosystem for lord knows how long: pro-freedom, pro-life.  Freedom to put as many expensive, paternalistic restrictions as possible on women’s right to choose is somehow the same.  Now that is real bovine scatology!!

Rand Paul and comrades need a new drug not unlike Charlie.  Rand Paul needs a Charlie Sheen tatoo to remind him who and what he really is.

The reason his toilet doesn’t flush right is simple:  it can’t handle all his crap.


Diary of Ohio #2


State Budget Deficits and Cutbacks lead to a Silver Lining:  God Bless Gov. Kasich.  In his attempt to make us solvent, he wants to let “low-hanging fruit” out on the street.  If they go in for less than a year, we could save money by not putting them in prison  Or releasing them early to save money.

When that happens, no one should be surprised when crime increases, since there aren’t enough jobs for law-abiding citizens, let alone criminals. In many areas this is haled as a smarter approach on criminal justice.  They proclaim that prison reform is a rare public policy that cuts through the liberal-conservative divide  They preach that when fewer “non-violent” offenders are sent to prison, conservatives cheer at taxpayer savings and liberals smile at a more compassionate justice system.  One of very few things that conservatives and liberals seem to agree upon…let them go just so they can commit a crime, maybe even a serious one  But we can save money.

The irony of this, is that these lunatics want to privatize prisons, make them for profit prisons.  It is almost brilliant…..let them out, catch them again and put them into a for-profit prison.  Low prison populations in private run prisons is a myth.  There is no money in it.  Private for-profit prisons are in the business of making money, not justice  Think about… a first time sex offender out on the street again, commits a worse crime and the for-profit makes more money.  But the safety of citizens is ignored.  Thank you Lord Kasich.


[T]he so-called “Heartbeat Bill” legislation, which would ban abortion as early as 18 to 24 days after conception, isn’t supported by the Ohio Right to Life Society. That organization is backing a number of other anti-abortion bills, including a ban on late-term abortions after 20 weeks except when necessary to prevent the death of the mother or the irreversible impairment of a major body function.

It is a bill created by Janet Folger Porter, a native Ohioan and president of the conservative interest group Faith2Action.  Republican State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann is prepared to unveil the so-call “Heartbeat Bill. The first proposal of its kind in the country, with other states, Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma watching intently.

“We can’t carry all the babies out of the burning building in one trip,l but with this bill will carry most of them out with it,” Porter said “With this legislation, we can save more than 20,000 lives a year. We’ve been taking baby steps for a long time. This is a leap.”

“After all, Ohio is the ‘Heart of it All’, so it’s only fitting that we protect our fellow human beings with beating hearts.” Said Wachtmann.

These right-wingnuts are always eager to save babies, stop abortion  Look at all the legislation being considered.  But nowhere in any of these bills is there any mention of what their plans are for these children after they have been “saved.”   In this case these right-wingnuts want to outlaw abortion at a point when most women don’t even know they are pregnant .

The Bill is simple:  It would prohibit women from ending pregnancies at the first detectable fetal heartbeat, sometimes as early as 18 days after conception.

Still, if you are for the bill is has its perks……Red heart balloons, heartbeat music video, and all manner of Propaganda.  It is stunning.  Check it out, get a laugh, get angry that their attempt to legislate morality of any kind.   http://www.heartbeatbill.com