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I Want My NASCAR: So Do Homeless Veterans

Having done some research and checked the continuing resolution just passed I found some interesting things.  We are paying for NASCAR.

Rep Betty McCollum is trying to stop the Pentagon from using taxpayer money funds to sponsor NASCAR.  It was defeated in the continuing resolution along with other budget cuts to the DOD.

It was an amendment, which was part of H.R.1, the appropriations bill to fund the federal government thru September.

Chief of Staff to McCollum said:With trillion dollar federal deficits this vote to protect taxpayer funded race cars shows that even a Tea Party Republican led Congress is not serious about cutting wasteful spending The American people need to know that a majority in Congress is will to cut homeless veterans, community health centers, and family planning services, but spend millions of tax dollars for race cars.

She also intends to introduce legislation to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for sponsorship of race cars, dragsters, Indy cars, and motorcycle racing, as well as repeal the $45 million tax earmard for NASCAR and race track owners included in the 2010 law that extended the Bush tax cuts and added $858 billion to the federal budget deficit.

Rep. McCollum stated:  ….if it a choice between cutting homeless vertrans’ projects, kicking kids off of Head Start, or not having our tax dollars to to sponsor race car drivers….I just don’t see that we can afford that right now.

The Tea Party republicans, the Department of Defense and lawmakers from North Carolina say that the sponsorships help military recruitment, and that the tax breaks could save jobs in the struggling economy. Millionaire race track owners and drivers will soon be homeless if they do not get their tax breaks and earmarks.  Imagine.  These Tax breaks allows them to accelerate the depreciation of amenities and other improvements to their tracks.  Then naturally, the cost for the improvements get passed on to the attendants of the races.  It means we pay twice.  Military Recruitment they call it.  You have to wonder how long this has been going on and how much of tax dollars have been sponsoring race cars and tracks!!!!  It looks as we are shareholders in race cars and race tracks, and have no voting rights.

She has received death threats and a threatening fax that is being investigated by Capitol police. The racist message showed the head of Barack Obama within a noose being pulled behind a pickup truck, a clear memory of the 1998 dragging death and beheading of James Byrd, Jr. It called for “Death to all Marxists, called hera “slut”, and told her shut her “mucking pie hole.”

Now I know this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but I question why the Federal Government is giving my hard earned tax money to very rich race car owners?  Because we can justify making kids do without to advertise on a race car to the song of $7 million.  They are taking money from prenatal care and the WIC nutrition program.  No way do they get to pay to paint a car. They should take some that money and increase pay to the members of the military who live just above the poverty line.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless and the VA, the estimate is that 107,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Over the course of a year, approximately twice that many experience homelessness.  Only eight percent of the general population can claim veteran stats, but nearly one-fifth of the homeless populations are veterans. About 15 million other veterans are considered at rick of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.

You would think advertising is more important than helping homeless veterans?  They tell us to honor our veterans, but allow them to be homeless and second class citizens.  America tells them to go to a foreign land and fight for your country.  They come home to substandard medical care, joblessness and no future.  It seems that the DOD didn’t expect this many of them to return.

I know we need a strong defense to protect our country from terrorists and members of Congress. But we should take care of our soldiers during the war and heal them when they return.  Spending millions, and giving billions of tax breaks to NASCAR and race track owners does not help them.  I could suggest that we defund all their advertising budget.  But that is unrealistic.  They in reality need to advertise for our volunteer military. Subsidizing NASCAR is not recruiting.  It is an EARMARK for North Carolina.

We elected these people. It is time to undue what we ourselves have done.  Email, write and call Congress and tell them we want our money to come to us, to those who really need it.

It is time to rid ourselves of the Jabberwackies!!!!


On The Cover of The Rolling Stone Again

In the current issue of Rolling Stone there is an interesting article stating that Lt. Gen. William Caldwell misused his “information operations” offices which is supposed to manipulate foreigners, to manipulate members of Congress and other Americans.

The horse manure he has stepped into is that there really is no clear bright line between using “public affairs” to manipulate Americans nd using “information operations” to manipulate others. The techniques used are the same, and with the internet that has ensured that information flows easily and quickly across borders.  Plant a story in an Iraqi newspapers, and the bureaus of the major American newspapers would read it and write about it in 24 hours. That shouldn’t be a problem unless the story were false.  Not sup[posed to lie to the American people.

Aggressive journalism is a good thing, and has a role to play especially when the military fails in self-examination.

I found the facts if the Rolling Stone story most interesting.  It seems that Hastings is trophy hunting,  He has his own personal agenda and it really is simple:  Promote himself; Make a General look bad; maybe imply that Afghanistan is not going well. Information operations should not be trying to spin Congress. It is illegal. If a Congressional Delegation wants to speak to people about what they are doing, briefing them is perfectly fine.

Caldwell seems preoccupied with advancing his career than to defeat the Taliban. Again a compromise of values made by one or a few makes the whole enterprise look corrupt, in light of the fact that a whistleblower is mistreated. As  I am reading this article, I have become to understand  that as opposed to competent military analysis, the Army generals, who are pushing this affair in Afghanistan, put a pretty face on the information to dupe influential congressional leaders.

There has always been propaganda since WWII.  They showed us newsreels that were supposed to inform the public and influence the American people to support the war effort.  My parents bought war bonds. Public opinion of the war is directly linked to our elected officials opinion of the war.  The news media has been slow to discover the lies, once again, that the military is telling.  We were told that in Viet Nam were winning the war, then we saw body bags every night on primetime news and we finally learned the truth.  Like Iraq and Afghanistan, the Viet Nam war could never be won.  But they lied to us for years.  Propaganda.  The problem with really effective propaganda or public relations is that come to believe our own huge lie.

Congressional Delegations involved includes John McCain, Al Franken, Carl Levins; Rep. Steve Israel of the House Appropriations Committee.

The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in “psychological operations” to manipulate visiting American senators in providing more troops and funding for the war. – Rolling Stone

As for the operation targeting U.S. senators, there is no way to tell what, if any, influence it had on American policy. What is clear is that in January 2011, Caldwell’s command asked the Obama administration for another $2 billion to train an additional 70,000 Afghan troops – an initiative that will already cost U.S. taxpayers more than $11 billion just year Among the biggest boosters in Washington to give Caldwell the additional money? Sen. Carl Levin, one of the senators whom Holmes had been ordered to target. – Rolling Stone

Like Viet Nam, Afghanistan has no real, legitimate government. Karzai is corrupt.  We are committing the same incompetent acts.  Viet Nam fell. We should let Afghanistan fall and fight the real enemy……Taliban and al Qaeda.