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Sounds of Silence: La Pierre and Friends

The NRA and its supporters have gone into hiding.  Oh yes their is talk from their clones, Huckabee, Fischer and Erick Erickson [Red state].  They talk of God, or the lack there of.  They tell us that God wasn’t wanted and so did not go to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  God killed these children.  So Fischer and Huckabee state.  Good Christians that they are.  Still, they have nothing on Erick Erickson, who not only blames God, but also single parents.  The collapse of the American Family.  So it is God and single parenthood that picked up the guns and shot their way into a school and killed 28 people.  It is remarkable.

I found the RedState argument remarkable, not because I had not heard it before, but because I was hearing it now at murder of 20 innocent children.  He even goes so far as to equate this with King Herod’s killing of the innocents, the birth of Jesus was answered by this world with the loss of the innocents.  Was he implying that this was an act of God and the second coming of Christ?  That all single parents, the collapse of the American family,  were in reality the newest version of King Herod?  

He doesn’t want to discuss gun control, because gun control will not end the violence.  He doesn’t want to discuss mental health.  He just wants to say that the mentally ill boy that killed these children would not have done so if he had come from a stable traditional family.  Which is of course crapola.  The Columbine killers came from stable traditional homes, and yet they killed.  So he blames single parents.

I was afraid of an argument such as this.  I thought it would be a different argument, one of don’t take my Second Amendment Right away, don’t take my guns away from me.  I thought they would be willing to have a meaningful discussion on ways to manage guns and the ease in which they can be obtained.  An open and frank talk about mental health.  I was prepared to declare that I don’t want to take their guns away from law abiding citizens.  I don’t want to end the Second Amendment.  Only that this madness must stop.

I knew that I would have to be careful.  Not to rush to condemnation of all gun owners.  In each case of mass shootings, the immediate response is that we need more security and more guns.  I expected this manner of conversation.  I didn’t expect to defend God and single parents and the mentally ill.  

How many times do we hear “it doesn’t happen here.”  We should know that has never been true.   What does that really say?  That it only happens in large cities, LA, NYC, Chicago and New Orleans?  Cities with large black and Hispanic populations and huge crime rates?  We know that isn’t true.  

Now, it is different.  All of us are outraged that five and six year old children were gunned down.  Now, we are finally determined to act.  Rightly so, but it diminishes those killed at Virginia Tech, Columbine, Springfield, Oregon, Aurora, Colorado and on the streetsw in cities, large and small, all over America.   Our outrage is great now.  High school students and college students gunned down only brought muted outrage all those years ago.  Shame on us.  Killer older students seems a more acceptable shooting of human beings.  Shame, Shame on all of us.  

We must turn our attention toward the National Rifle Association.  They have a choke hold on both houses of Congress, Democrats and Repbulicans.  Until that ends things will not change.  Oppose the NRA and you will be crushed and destroyed.  In an earlier post I called Congress cowards, and cowards they remain.  Money is so more important than the lives of their constituents.  And now those cowards have run away.  Silent as the grave.  

Instead we are blessed with likes of Fischer, Huckabee and Erick Erickson.  Each invoking God. A God who kills.  Single parents who raise killers.  But wait, maybe we should do for them what they aren’t willing to do for others….Help the mentally ill.



Lie Detector Tests for Politicians — An Idea Long Overdue

I have thought that lie detector tests were appropriate for politicians at all stages of their careers.  They lie to get elected, they lie while in office, and continue to lie when gone.  I think this also applies to the media, say NBC.  I was reminded of this by the following:


Ohio Diary #13: Kasich Bill SB 5 Gains Racist Support

Thanks to Plunderbund.com  for this.  It says it all.


SB5 and Better Ohio pick up support from racist twitter user

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Guess who loves Senate Bill 5 and Building a Better Ohio?

This guy: