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“The Stench”

” The Stench”  is becoming the invisible man.  Soon he will be gone along with “The Stench”





Right-Wing Media or Mainstream Media? They Are All The Same

They have welcomed Ryan as the wonder boy for Romney.  Now, with Ryan they can lie even more and use the press to do it.  Case in point:  the Richmond Times Dispatch. This manner of reporting has been done before, but this time it was blatant and unrepentant.  The Richmond Times Dispatch ran an editorial on the then new campaign ad from Romney/Ryan, you know the one, welfare to work requirement was being removed.  It was a lie.  The Richmond Times Dispatch ran an editorial: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/rtd-opinion/2012/aug/15/tdopin01-gutted-ar-2131149/.  Which was a lie taken from the lie Romney initiated about welfare.  They ran it as truth.  I said it before, republicans see lies as truth, and truth as lies.  Today the Richmond Times Dispatch ran a news piece saying that the Romney ad had been proven false; http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2012/aug/20/new-romney-ad-pushes-debunked-claim-against-obama-ar-2142116/.  There was no apology for their blatant lie, pro Romney editorial or failure to actually do their job.  Even the newest journalism grad knows that you need at least three confirmations before you run a story.  They did nothing.  It was simple:  whatever Romney/Ryan say is the gospel truth, and our editorial board is going to say so.

So ti be clear. The Romney campaign runs an ad that’s a complete lie. Some editorial writer from the Richmond Times-Dispatch writes in defense of the ad, using the ad as the only source of material and doing no fact-checking. The Romney campaign then uses the editorial (which was based only on the original Romney ad) as evidence that their ad wasn’t a lie. When in doubt always lie, lie, lie, lie.  It makes Romney/Ryan the perfect Republican candidates.


Don’t let them make clowns of us.  Vote.  Tell the truth.  When newspapers lie, we must write the truth.  Expose them for what they are…hacks.



Lie Detector Tests for Politicians — An Idea Long Overdue

I have thought that lie detector tests were appropriate for politicians at all stages of their careers.  They lie to get elected, they lie while in office, and continue to lie when gone.  I think this also applies to the media, say NBC.  I was reminded of this by the following:


Rupert Murdoch Looked Asleep at Hearing

Rupert and James Murdoch denied everything.  Rupert looked as is he was napping during questioning.  He probably was.

When asked since he is the man in charge, would he resign.  The answer was NO!  He could not do the responsibly thing.  Instead, he took the road of I am not responsible, I was kept in the dark, and everyone lied to me.

That is a ludicrous statement, since Rupert in is control of every facet of his operation.

What they have done is made Rebekah Brooks the goat.  They have hung her out to dry with no safety net.

Rebekah Brooks knows where the bodies are buried. She can bring the Murdoch’s down, much further than they are now.

Instead, she will fall on her sword.

The idea that Rupert Murdoch knew nothing is a fairy tale.  But this is what journalism has come too.  This is what happens when journalism is run by corporations.  They believe that they are entitled to do whatever they want to sell newspapers and raise television ratings.

Money is far more important than the law, ethics and real investigative journalism.  Hurting people is so much easier.

Rupert and James Murdoch are dirty.  Their statement that all media use private investigators may true, most do not break the law.  That didn’t know is a LIE.

There may still may be hope for journalism.  Even if the Murdoch’s come out clean, they will be ruined.  No one will ever believe anything they print or televised.  There may be justice in the world.

I can only hope.

It is up to us, the bloggers to expose, and tell the truth.

Someone needs to confront Piers Morgan and discuss his tell all book.




Is Journalism Dead?

The answer is a resounding yes!!!!!  All you need do is watch, read, and listen. 

Recently, The Guardian, www.guardian.co.uk, ran a story about churrnalism as journalism.  It so true.  There are people who complain about yellow journalism, and we have that too, but we know that they really those stories don’t come from legitimate news agencies or outlets.  They are just stories to humiliate person or persons they are writing about, or simply to make a “name” for themselves.  They have no interest in journalism or public information.  Greed and vanity prevail. 

As the article in the Guardian states even real, legitimate news outlets and organizations simple reproduce press releases over and over again  Just check the headlines of each newspaper, television news, magazine and they all have the same story exactly as came off the wire.  Media organizations are simply republishing verbatim material sent to them by press wires, marketing companies and campaign organizations.  It comes off the wire, then presented on newscasts and real news.  Each station, newspaper and radio saying the very same thing. 

Good journalists and their editors would go beyond the press release, and give background information, putting the research into the context of the larger story.  If nothing else, do a truth test.  Instead they repackage it and report it as news.

People just aren’t turning into news as much.  The public has become aware that unless it is a disaster, a national or international crisis happening, there just isn’t any reason to watch a news channel.  If there is a “breaking” news event or story, it turns out to be so irrelevant, a Charlie Sheen rant, Lady Gaga happening, Lindsey Logan off to jail again or something of that type. 

Consider how the news sells wars to us.  The story lines often follow the official line of the United States Department of Defense.  To build a narrative of “progress” the Pentagon spends a lot of money and effort in what critics call propaganda.  Take US soldier Pat Tillman, who gave up a multi-million dollar contract in pro football illustrates, misinformation provided to us. Tillman was killed by friendly fire, but to create a heroic story, the military covered up the details of Tillman’s death and soldiers were asked to lie.  If his parents had not questioned over and over again, the media would never have told the truth or even have bothered to find it out. 

The media is not about telling the truth or reporting and isn’t interested in finding facts, verifying and telling the truth.  Their main interest is ratings. And ratings mean money. 

There was a time when journalism lived in this country, and not so very long ago.  The Washington Post told us about Watergate, The New York Times had the courage to print the “Pentagon Papers”, 60 Minutes took on General Westmoreland. 

But they have turned us into blithering idiots and we love them for it.  We don’t need them, we can do it ourselves.  Just go to: www.churnalism.com.

Lost Media: US Media’s Confused Approach to Protests and Truth

Nixon gives his trademark "victory" ...

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Public outrage spilling on the streets is treated differently in the American media depending on where the protests take place, with demonstrations seen as ‘democracy’ in Egypt and ‘chaos’ in Britain.  Riots and outrage really have the same face regardless of where on the world map they take place  It could be Europe, the Middle East when people are fed up enough to take their outrage onto the streets, the world should know that it is time to listen to what they have to say.

What we were seeing in Egypt was no different to what we saw in Greece and Italy. What was different is the way the media chose to approach coverage, depending on what country has its streets in chaos.

If you burn a bank in Greece, you are a villain. If you burn the party headquarters in Cairo, you are a hero of democracy.  I was in Greece during the riots, and they were not villains.  They were protesting the mismanagement of government and the unnecessary killing of a teenager.  The protesters ended up being portrayed as villains, when in fact the villains were the police who shot an unarmed teenager.  But that part of the story was never mentioned in the US media.  The riot was reported on and the rest was no longer relevant. As the streets of Egypt blowup into ‘chaos’, the US media portrays it a fight of the disenfranchised masses, and stressing the meed for Mubarak and the Regime to address the complaints of the masses.

Information seems to be a concept that has long been forgotten by the mainstream media. All we seem to get is the opinions or thoughts from people that are far away from the events being reported on.  Democracy as an American brand is what the media is willing to promote.  The US must stay on the winning side.  The United States has a history of funding both sides to make sure that US interests are protected.  The media have become a tool for bad foreign policy.  They should have exposed the inconsistencies in President Obama’s statements and policy.  They remained silent.

Most importantly, they don’t really report.  When they did finally get to fact-finding and reporting, it was only after journalists were being targeted, and then they didn’t really tell the truth.  There is no money in truth.  If it bleeds, it leads.  So a report that a reporter was attached had all the air time in needed.  Then what did those so-called reporters do?  They ran home.

It didn’t use to be that way.  But now ratings and new corporations are more important than following a story of beginning to end.  Getting all the facts, and telling the truth.  Real journalism.

But you could find good reporting and good coverage.  That is if you could get Al-Jazeera.  There coverage and reporting was brilliant.  I know you weren’t watching the channel on tv.  I did.  Dish network on it Free Speech TV channel, ran Al-Jazeera almost 24 hours a day for 18 days.  Of course, you could still watch live broadcasts of Egyptians standing up against Mubarak on standard network channels. You could hear from journalist from CNN and CBS ‘bravely’ report from Tahrir Square.  But to a media, news junkie like me, Al-Jazeera set the standard.  They offered viewers a chance to hear more from Egyptian activists and experts, and less from US politicians, former governmental officials, and pundits.

Like their US counterparts, when their journalists were attacked, beaten, and imprisoned, they continued reporting.  Roaming the streets, getting information, and talking to people.  They did not run.  And to protect their journalists while reporting from the streets, they did not disclose their location or give their name.  They stayed the course, did their jobs, and were the best there is.

It can be argued that Al-Jazeera brought down the Egyptian government.  They kept reporting, showing the truth.  The news got out, the world watched, and Mubarak fled like a thief in the night.  Ironically, US media used to be good at bringing down governments.  Remember Richard Nixon and Watergate?  They told the truth, search it out and told it to the world, and Nixon resigned.  Remember LBJ and the Viet Nam war?  The reporting from the war, the pictures, and the truth and facts were exposed.  LBJ refused to run for office again.

But those days seem to be gone.  Gone are the days when the story and the truth were more important than ratings and money.  Yet, maybe not.  Anderson Cooper finally decided to tell the truth.  I admit it was late, but he said it.  He isn’t stating his opinion, as he has been accused. He told the truth, verifiable facts, and that is real journalism.

It is time for facts, truth and real reporting to return to the media.  We deserve better.  Or you could just watch Al-Jazeera.

White House and Egypt plans for Mubarak Exit

The Obama Administration is discussing  with Egyptian officials a proposal for President Mubarak to resign immediately, turning power over to a transitional government. 

This is at long last the best thing that good happen.  A transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman backed by the chief of the Egyptian armed forces would immediately begin a process of constitutional reform. 

I know we all wonder who will be moved to the front and be the next leader.  That is up to the Egytian people.  Their right to choose is absolute.  People worry about the Muslim Brotherhood and that they may take over and turn Egypt into a radical islamic state.  If that is what the people of Egypt choose then so be it.  We may not like it, but we will learn to live with it. 

Read the article: nytimes.com/2011/02/04/middleeast/04