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Ohio Diary #11: The Columbus Dispatch’s Fake News: Kasich Wants To Negotiate SB 5

First you must never trust your local newspaper or TV channel.  They will only tell you one side of the story, or as in the Columbus Dispatch story; just make it up.

I must tell you that there was a time, a very long time ago, that the Columbus Dispatch was an excellent newspaper.  They printed the facts and told it from both points of view.  Now, it seems that their political bias is more important.

All this past week, the Dispatch has been running a story of how regrettable and unfortunate it is that labor won’t sit down and try to work out a comprise on
Senate Bill 5.  Senate Bill 5 is the anti-union, anti-collective bargaining bill that has been passed, and signed by the Governor.  It is has yet to be implemented because it is to be on the November ballot to repealed.  It is a story designed to present Kasich as willing to compromise but labor as unbending and unyielding.  It is a fake.

Here is what the Dispatch Editorial said:

On Sunday, a Dispatch editorial called for proponents and opponents of Senate Bill 5 to reach a compromise that would require public employees to pay more for their health care and pensions but would strip away the bill’s provisions that aren’t related to controlling government costs.

Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.

On Sunday the Dispatch’s editorial page said the offer came from Governor Kasich, but the news division subtly backed away and said it was two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5.  They weren’t from the Governor’s office after all.  It explains why labor wouldn’t consider talking to them.  Who were these two people negotiating?  How did the editorial board seem to know about this so-called deal before the newsroom? It is very simple…because the Dispatch essentially was one of the people representing pro-SB 5 interests at the meeting.  Mike Curtin, former Vice-Chairman of the Dispatch Printing Company and Curt Steiner, former OSU lobbyist, former Voinovich chief-of-staff pushed the “We Are Ohio” campaign on the possibility of working out a deal with Kasich to avoid having to have a referendum issue.

What could they promise to the unions?  They have no authority to negotiate a deal that requires the involvement of the GOP legislature and Kasich.  It was an attempt to make the unions and the “We Are Ohio” campaign look unreasonable.  It was an imaginary story.  All in the minds of Curtin and Steiner.

But guess what?  Kasich played along.  He held an alleged” negotiation meeting yesterday, and  no one showed up.   There sat Kasich and his aides, all of three people, and no one came.  Taking his lead from the Dispatch, he assailed the unions for refusing to negotiate a deal on SB 5.

In a letter from We Are Ohio to the Governor, they simply stated that they would not negotiate until the bill in its current form was repealed.  They urged the Governor to call the legislature back and repeal the law.

This is a publicity stunt on Kasich’s part.  He is trouble, polls show him in the toilet and sinking fast.  He has seen what has gone on in Wisconsin and is afraid as he should be.  He is a beggar.  He had a chance to meet with the unions in February, when the bill was being debated.  Kasich outright refused to meet with unions six months ago.  Kasich has said: “I’ve listened. I’ve heard. I’ve made a decision.” That was the end of it.  Until now that is.

Kasich is now the ludicrous spectacle that he deserves to be.  He was negotiating with himself.  He had help though.

Kasich’s arrogance shows through with this blatant attempt to attack unions and weaken support for the Democratic party.  He did not do this by himself. He had partisan support of members of the house and senate. They are equally responsible for being sheep and blindly following their leader down the path to destruction.

Back to the Columbus Dispatch.  The Dispatch tried to broker a deal on SB 5. Then the Dispatch follows up the editorial advocating for someone to try to attempt a deal with a news story that such an attempt as advocated by the Dispatch was tried, but labor walked away.  Not one time did they state that one of the most influential figures at the Dispatch just happens to be behind the effort to broker a deal and then the editorial lecturing labor to make such a deal.  It was all lies.  You might even call it yellow journalism.

Not since William Randolph Hearst and now Rupert Murdoch has a media outlet been more interested in making the news than reporting it.  It is more than just a story about a medial outlet having a political bias in its coverage of a story.  This is simply about a media outlet becoming the story.

This is  about a media outlet that lies about its role in creating the news and, in so doing, failing to disclose relevant evidence that puts that story in its proper context.

The truth is simple:  There was no offer from Governor Kasich.  There was an attempt by powerful people, Mike Curtin and Curt Steiner to try and avoid an issue that could cause lasting damage to the Republican Party in Ohio.  And when they, who had absolutely nothing to offer in the deal, didn’t get two labor leaders to immediately leap at the chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they let loose the Dispatch on them.

The Dispatch just isn’t in the sewer for John Kasich.  On Sunday and all this week, they said they actually represent him in official government matters.

Newspapers were supposed to be truth tellers.  They were supposed to inform the people. They were supposed to be unbiased.  Those days are gone.

Now, they hack your tweets, listen to your phone messages, and make up news.

Shame on them.  Shame on us.


A special thanks to Plunderbund for part of this story.




Ohio Diary#5: Kasich “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

That is a direct quote from Kasich’s State of the State address.  He is right.

Although, the budget isn’t due out until March 15, The Dayton Daily News reported on the budget plan, according to proposals they obtained.  The article states that the proposed budget may call for selling of five prisons to private vendors, trimming money for children’s hospitals, drug courts and child care subsidies, and closing a youth prison.  His intention is to privatize prisons, which leads to job loss and profits.

Privatize is the key word here in Ohio.  Privatize prisons, schools and anything else he can think of for profits.  Deny you constituents their rights, deny them a decent wage, deny them health care, but we will make money on the backs of what will soon be the newly poor. Kasich also said in address.”Too much worrying about ourselves and our party and not enough about the folks who put us here.”  How true, how true.  It continues now.  They are thinking of so much and want to help us so much that their help requires stripping of us our rights.  Take away collective bargaining so they can dictate what happens to the workers.  Oh well, the referendum is coming.

And how about SB 5, the anti-collective bargaining bill?  Well, it seems that House is up to Senate’s shenanigans.  According to Ohio progressive blog Plunderbund reports that Republicans in the state House have now taken a pager from their Senate colleagues and are abruptly replacing a Republican on the House Labor committee in order to game the outcome of a vote on the same anti-union bill:

According to a house source, Republicans have on the first day of hearings replaced a member of the Commerce and Labor Committee in order to ensure passage of SB5. The makeup of the committee is 9-6 Republican.  There are two freshman on the committee and what they are apparently doing is letting one freshman vote no to avoid electoral fallout, but they can’t let two people vote no or SB5 will not make it out.

Ross W McGregor [OH-72] is being replaced by William P Coley, II [OH-55].

Republican have had to  replace nearly a third of their membership on the committee on the first day of hearing just to keep the bill alive.  Talk about rig the vote.!!!!

Since, Ross McGregor is my state representative, I decided to email him and my question was simple:  “Is this move to force off the committee legal.”Amazingly, I received an almost immediate response:

My decision to sand down as a member of the House Commerce and Labor committee was a mutually agreed upon decision and Speaker of the House William Batchelder.

As Chairman of the House Finance and Appropriations subcommittee on Transportation, I have the responsibility of stewarding the State Transportation Budget [HGB 114] through the state legislature. …….Because of this commitment, Speaker Batchelder and I agreed that it would be in the best interest of the legislature if I would stand aside from the Commerce & Labor Committee while work on the budget continues. It would be a disservice to the citizens of the state of Ohio if I were to attempt to serve on both committees simultaneously…….

Update:  Another member has been removed from the committee:  Rep. Richard Adams [R-Troy] has also been replaced on the committee with Rep. Louis Blessing [R-Cincinnati].   This makes the email Rep McGregor sent me curious.  Now, did Rep. Adams also stand down because he was also on another committee and could not work on two?  All this is just too convenient.

De we not have recourse???? We do, we just have to begin.  We cannot allow Republicans to continue their, I will do what I want no matter the cost attitude.  It is time to expose these people to everyone.  Contact your newspapers, tv stations and radio and spread the word.  At http://www.bucyeyeinstitute.org, you can find the 2010 salaries of all the members of the Ohio house and senate. You can also find the yearly cost of supplying them health care and sick leave. Get that information out also.  If they want to cut our benefits, then they should start with their own. Shared Pain.

Update:  The Heartbeat Bill  HB125:  Today, “Trashed Fetus” to testify.  She survived her mother’s attempt to abort.  Her story may be compelling. But she was put up for adoption by her biological parents, was adopted, is trying to find her biological parents, and is successful human being  That notwithstanding, like the “fetus to testify” ploy, this is the Right’s attempt to say that adoption is a better alternative to abortion.  It will make those in committee cry.  But the truth is that all unwanted pregnancies do not end in adoption.  There just aren’t enough people to adopt and the process is simple too long and difficult.  But the absurd part of this is that they want the government to be in the doctor’s office, and tell a woman what she can do with her own body regardless of the circumstances.  They want small government, but instead they will make it big government.  Don’t let them take away women’s rights.  Throw the bums out.


Ohio Diary #4: Ohio Republicans Reliving Their Anti-Union Past

No employer or labor organization shall deny or abridge the right to work by requiring membership or non-membership in, or payment or non-payment of money in, a labor organization as a condition of employment or continued employment in this state.  All agreements in conflict with this section are, to the extent of such conflict, unlawful and of no effect in this state.

Official Ohio Ballot Language, Issue No. 2, November 1958

These were the simple words on the Ohio ballot in 1958 that set off one of the most dividing political battles in all of Ohio history. After millions of dollars, a huge voter registration drive, and the onslaught of modern campaign techniques, “Right-to-Work” in Ohio was defeated by nearly one million votes, which at the time was one of the worst defeats for a ballot issue in Ohio’s history.  In that same election, C. William O’Neill, the golden boy who had been Speaker of the House and a three term attorney general before he was forty, also went down in a resounding defeat.  The Republican party lost everything that year.

Now, it seems that the republicans are determined to go down that path once again.  And once again it will result in abject failure, and total loss for the Republican party in Ohio.  They have pulled out all the stops and dirty tricks to pass S.B. 5 the anti-union bill.  They pulled not one but 2 senators from committees, who were opposed to the bill and replaced them with two who were in favor.  It must be remembered that these were republican senators opposed to the bill.  Done 30 minutes prior to the vote.  But as Ohio progressive blog Plunderbund states, Senate President Tom Niehaus [R] may have violated Senate rules by making the last-minute move:

Senate Rule 19 suggests the President of the Senate can change the makeup of a Committee, at will, but only by first issuing a Message [parliamentary term of art] that changes the membership. On the day of the vote, Niehaus issued no such message. He may issue one during the floor session, but that’s after the fact. There’s probably a parliamentary scramble to figure out if Niehaus’ replacement of Seitz complies with the Rules of the Senate.

It just gets stranger and stranger.  Now it seems that Senator Karen Gilmore may have been promised a chairmanship for her vote.  She was against the bill and publicly said so.  And then she changed her vote.  All republicans state that there have been no irregularities in regards to S.B. 5.

Republicans are trying to pass this legislation by April, so if there is a referendum, it will on the ballot in 2011 and not 2011.  There will be a referendum.  The machinery has already begun to move.  God bless Ohio law.  It has already been suggested by Ohio state representatives, that their consideration of this bill will take much longer.  Eventually, this will be in the hands of the people, where it belongs.  Just like 1958.

A large voter turnout in a general election is the Republicans’ worst nightmare.  The Republicans have screwed themselves, and as in 1958, they will be crushed in 2011 and 2012.  Turnout won’t be an issue. in fact, it will be a benefit. Turnout in off-year elections like 2011 will make it far easier for union voters, who will come out in huge numbers for this issue alone, to outweight the Republican voters who bother to come out.  Republicans forget there are Republicans that are union members, teachers, firefighters and police officers.  Their job and family’s well-being will also be put in jeopardy.

People will not forget what the Republican party has done, not just in Ohio but nationwide. If you don’t believe me, then check out the Republican National Committees web page.  There primary platform is to rid American of unions.

Republicans have awakened a sleeping dog, the Democrats.  At long last Democrats have begun to fight.

Diary of Ohio #1

There seem to be a lot of cry babies in Ohio.  Just this past week they have cried and cried.  Used to be that Republicans were more subtle about their racism.  He says he wants to work with everyone who is willing to tackle the state’s problems.  It probably means  that as long as they agree with him, then he has use for you.  Tell me it ain’t so Lord John!

Just this past week the criers were out in force.  Lord John was going to have a all white cabinet, and that made them all cry.  Is is racism or is it or a different diversity than most expect? What is diversity?  Does it just mean color, race, sex and political affiliation, or does it mean new ideas, fresh thinking and hope for the future? Must we always be politically correct? 

Senator Nina Turner [D-OH] should know better.  She lacked the courage to confront him face to face and ASK what the Govenor mean when he said “I don’t want your people.”  She should have used all her alleged leadership qualities at the time of the Gov. comment to get the difinition of what he meant. Instead, she screamed racism and used the color card?  The truth is that Ohians regrettfully eleceted that state Governor.  The Governor will select the most qualified cabinet members based on their abilities and experience.  Qualifications should have nothing to do with the color of your skin.  The Declaration of Independence list no  exclusions: 

             We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Libeerty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institue new Government…..

Kasich ran on a simple platform: things suck, let’s change. The system is broke. We need someone to come fix things.  Most of Ohioians believed that lie.  Now we are going to pay the price.  He told us we need a new way.   We hear only the old way.  Remember Ken Blackwell?  Same song different man different color.  Kasich will scream “I am not a racist. Some of my friends may be, but i am not.” Senator Turner should know that you do not fight racism with racism.  We must not be like him. Let him bury himself.  I fear for my state and the policies or the lack thereof of this Republican Governor. 

I am tired of the cry babies.  I am tired of the people who will not lend their efforts to turn this state blue again.  I am tired of the big ideas and the small brains.