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Sarah Palin, The Red Queen and The Troika of Lunacy

Sarah Palin, the Leader of the Troika of Lunacy

The Troika of Lunacy includes its leader, Sarah Palin, Rep. Peter King and Huckaboo.  Rep. King and Huckaboo have taken their lead from the Red Queen. 

Rep. Peter King is her perfect student.  He supported the IRA knowing that they were murderers and terrorists. He even to this day doesn’t deny it and has no regrets about supporting the terrorist group.  It is strange for someone who is supposedly against terrorism.  Do we condemn all Catholics as being members of the IRA?  Do we condemn all whites as being members of the KKK?  Who do we leave out? American must distinguish between Muslims and murderers.  We can’t condemn an entire religion for the actions of the radical elements of that religion.

The Red Queen on the other hand, with all her anti-muslin, anti-muslin, anti-terrorism protestations, may have more in common with Muslim fundamentalist than she admits, and that we know about. 

www.Salon.com in an article on Sept. 9, 2009 wrote:

“While may of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin inquired of the local librarian how to go about banning books that some of her constituents thought contained inappropriate language. She tried to fire the librarian for defying her. Book banning is common to fundamentalisms around the world, and the mind-set of Palin displayed did not differ from that of the Hamas minister of education in the Palestinian government who banned a book of Palestinian folk tales for its sexually explicit language. In contrast, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”

She is making an effort to destroy the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which forbids the state to give official support to any particular theology. It would set a precedent to any country’s religious activists thereby enabling them to cite an American precedent for their own quest to put religion back at the center of any country’s public and foreign policies.  We all know what the Queen things of the First Amendment.  Freedom of speech is only for her and does not apply to anyone else.  She uses her contempt for the First Amendment to her advantage.  She becomes a victim. 

She has played the victim card, never more brilliantly than when she invoked the phrase “blood libel” against liberals and media commentators. Her politics of grievance and group identity is a betrayal of conservative principles. For decades it was the usual line of the right that liberals cynically used victimhood to achieve their goals and that they practice the politics of identity – race, sex, and class over ideas.  But now she is being turn against and by her own party.  Her ignorance was obvious with the use of the “blood libel” line.  She had no idea that very charge was used to justify atrocities against Jews over centuries. It is an old strategy to respond to one controversy or criticism by starting another .  She is good at that and it makes her the victim.  Unjustly attacked.  This is the only things that she is good at.  If she is considering a run in 2012, and this writer truly hopes so, then she needs to learn about policy, plans, government, and the First Amendment. She is good at using symbols, cross hairs, “blood libel” and others.  She cannot discuss policy or international relations or other subjects she would need a working knowledge of to be credible. 

Palin holds that abortion should be illegal, even in cases of rape, incest or severe birth defects, making an exception only if the life of the mother is in danger.  She calls abortion an “atrocity” and pledges to reshape the judiciary to fight it.  Palins views are to the right of those in the Muslim country of Tunisia, which allows abortion in the first trimester for a wide range of reasons. Iran’s law on abortion is virtually identical to the one that Palin would like to see imposed on American women

“Theocrats confuse God’s will with their own mortal policies. Just as Muslim fundamentalists believe that God has given them the vast oil and gas resources in their regions, so Palin asks church workers in Alaska to pray for a $30 billion pipeline in the state because “God’s will has to be done.”

Palin has her right to her religious beliefs, as do fundamentalist Muslims who agree with her on so many issues of social policy. Still non of them has a right to impose their beliefs on others by capturing and deploying the power of the state. the most harmful belief that Palin shares with Muslim fundamentalists is her conviction that faith is not a private affair of individuals but rather a moral imperative that believers should include into statecraft wherever they have the opportunity to do so.   She really needs to read the Constitution, especially the First Amendment.

But Palin is not alone. She has taught her followers well. The public should stop wanting to see itself reflected in a leader. It is irrelevant if a political leader has any affinity with my life. The only that really should matter are ideas, experience and executive ability.

I must admit though, that Palin should have a discussion with Bachmann about the Revolutionary War.  I presume that she knows where the shot heard around the world occurred. Then again, she may only remember that they had guns and ammo.

To paraphrase Ann Coulter [it pains me to do so]: The reason not to condemn Muslims is that it’s unkind – not to jihadists, but to Muslims who mean us no harm. The same goes for building a mosque at ground zero – in both cases, it is not a question of anyone’s “rights,” it is just a nasty thing to do.


America Is Becoming Islamophobic Part II: Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz and Pam Geller

In Part I, I began to discuss the attack by Rep. Peter King. Today I will discuss the early beginnings and eventual perpetuation to the extreme of Islamophobia.

At the 2011 CPAC David Horowitz made a speech which was a tirade against the progressive left.  Each and every one you/us.

At home the adversary calls itself a progressive movement but its goal is to transform America into a socialist state, which would mean the destruiction of our liberties. For as our founders warned, there is an ineluctable conflect between liberty and equality. YHou cannot make men eqyual without taking away their freedom. The founders devised a Constitution designed to thwart what they called “wicked schemes” to take wealth from one segment of the population and distribut it to another.

As I understand it the ‘Progressive Left’ are Democrats.  The only party taking wealth from one segment of the population [middle class] and giving it to another [the wealth] is the Republicans.  Also, I would like for someone to find in the Constitution exactly where that is stated.  Can anyone help?  I have read it many times and have yet to find it.

He goes on to say: We are also faced both at home and abroad with an existential enemy in political Islam. Political Islam is a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Islamic law on the entire world through the seizure of states of stealth and electoral means insofar as possible, and by terro where necessary, and sosmetimes by a combination of the two…….

The Republican party chased away the CAtholic vote for over a hundred years. Then Catholics were the devil, the terrorists.  We have been here before. You even hear terrible remarks about the Jews in the 1950’s.  Now they are fierce political entity.  Should will still be afraid?

Is George W Bush to blame now for the so called ‘Political Islam?” Bush reached out to the Muslim community that gave him the single largest share of the Muslim vote in 2000.  But nearly all Muslim voters drifted back toward Obama in 2008 when relations between the GOP and the Muslim community reached an all-time low when many prominent members of the GOP took public stands agains the building of a mosque in Lower Manhattan.

That was 2011. Now lets go back to 2003 and Frank Gaffney.

Frank Gaffney has been banned to speak at this years CPAC simply because the conservatives of CPAC were fed up and sick of his inssent and increasing attacks on fellow conservatives.  They think that he has invented his Muslim Brotherhood theory that the Muslim Brotherhood has inflitrated  CPAC.  It is amazing, he is attacking his own party of being a part of forces determined to destroy America.  Gaffney has become so obssessed with the weird belief that anyone who doesn’t agree with him on everything all the time is ignorant of just plain dupes of the nation’s enemies

His invention has taken hold on the paranoid right.  Pam Geller who has close ties to Gaffney pushed the theory at CPAC.  A ll you need do is read her blog, http://www.atlaschrugs.com, to see how extreme and hateful she has become.  That is just what Gaffney wants.  Don’t hate Muslims, hat their religion, Islam.  She like Gaffney isn’t interested in the truth, they never have tried to find it, and even if they did, they would ignore it and keep going.

Horowitz is even more extreme.  In his preface to his online magazine’s article, A Troubling Influence, by Frank Gaffney, Horowitz, in a rather long piece, states “The self-declared enemies of the nation are distinguised by the intemperate nature of their attacks on America and its President…..They are know as well by their political choises and associations. Many leaders of the movement apposing the war in Iraq have worked for half a century with the agents of America’s communist enemies and with totalitarian states like Cuba and USSR.”  He admits to being part of one of those fifth colmn networks, but now he has seen the light.  Brought to the light by a delusional Frank Gaffney.

I find this most troubling in the regard that if you are against the war in Iraq, for the Bill of Rights, and do not condemn an entire people and their religion, you are a fifth columnist, a terrorist, and should be charged with treason.  But read the article for yourself at frontpagemag.com. in the archives for 2003, when all this hatred began.  In the next post, I will continue with the article by Gaffney, try to verify his research and accuracy and post on this blog.  You can help.

This reminds me of the McCarthy era, lots of accusations, lots of so called communists and it was all propaganda and self-grandisement.

I think once again, I have met the enemy and it is us, simply because we do nothing to stop lunatics.

America Is Becoming Islamophobic: Part One

Since 9/11 the fear began.  Then came the Patriot Act which was meant to ‘allegedly’ protect us, keep up safe. In reality it increased our fear.  Our fear made us ignore and forget out rights.

Now, we have House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King’s [R-NY] hearing on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslin Community and that Community’s Response.”King’s public statements have revealed a deeply Islamophobic and paranoid streak in his thinking. His comments about Muslims have triggered outrage in America and abroad, but has met with willing listeners among the general public. King’s rhetoric along with others, such as Sara Palin, is slowly bringing change in America.  Transforming it from a tolerant society into one dominated by fear and Islamophobia. IT is unclear exactly when he became a seducer.

King has gone from being a tough talking politician to a racist, anti-muslin who makes up nonsense like “80% of mosques in this country are controlled by radical Imams.”  King has also called Muslims “an enemy of the living amongst us” and declared that “there are too many mosques in this country.” It seems he is voicing concerns over America’s “cultural identity” and “national character”, and to blame Muslims and their supposed non-culture for all the problems in America. But in the debate he uses only those statistics or the lack there of that fit in with the image of the enemy.

But the widespread rebuke by politicians and in the media have remained eloquently silent on the controversy.  If King was a lone wolf, an agitator in a desert with no supporters, he would be dismissed as a freakish phenomenon. But with his seductive flute-playing, the man now has a host of followers, and other copycats which include Frank Gaffney, Sarah Palin and Peggy Littleton. Shrill rhetoric is in vogue, and hysterical Islam-bashing is in full swing. Every monotheistic religion, through its claim to exclusivity, contains the potential for violence.

But no one condemns Christianity as a whole when Northern Irish breakaway factions commit murder in the name of God. We don’t blame all Catholics when some of them kill abortion doctors while invoking their faith.  And we don’t take all of Judaism to task when a Jewish terrorist named Baruch Goldstein slaughters dozens of Muslims during prayers in Hebron while invoking Yahweh.

But we do condemn Islam, whose holy book contains about as many passages glorifying violence as the Old Testament [which, unlike the Koran, does mention stoning as a punishment]. We condemn the religion, and not the person who commits the crime.  A religion has become a scapegoat — and a focal point for intolerance and hate.

As I stated in an earlier post, Republicans swear by the Constitution, but have not bothered to read it. Especially the First Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In their Pledge to America, they promise to follow the Constitution. Yet, their ignore the most important provision of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights.  The very first one.  King’s paranoid suspicion upon all Muslim Americans and to stoke the fires of anti-Muslim prejudice and Islamophobia is his intent. It is an attack on Religion.  And we should all be suspicious of all Muslims because of their religion.

Finally, Religious, progressive outlets and even from his fellow representatives, have applied pressure, King’s grandiose vision for the hearings is coming apart at the seams.  Still, the media has conspicuously remained silent.  It is now up to bloggers to expose this vile attack on religion.

Republicans have consistently told us that their main issues are Religion and Guns.  As for the religion part of their issues, they must mean their religion and none other.