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“It’s In The Constitution”


Debate on universal background checks is ongoing as I write.  As Senator Coburn just said “the Second Amendment isn’t going away.”  As if the Senate and House could simply vote away, repeal the Second Amendment.  Any amendment or repeal to the Constitution must be ratified or defeated by a three fourths majority vote of the States [Article V].  The likelihood of the repeal of the Second Amendment is nil, less than zero.  Still, this is the argument that republicans, the NRA, and avid gun owners are making.  We are coming to take their guns away.  The government is coming to confiscate everyone’s guns.

It’s in the Constitution” is what a close childhood friend said to me yesterday.  I agreed with him, but I stated that isn’t what is being debated in Congress.  Just background checks, keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  He kept yelling “it’s in the Constitution.”  There is no reason a citizen needs an assault weapon.  He was incredulous. 

“have you forgotten the Second Amendment? That amendment is the one right after the First Amendment, guaranteeing free speech.”  I guess he  feels our Founding Fathers figured the Second Amendment was pretty important because you can’t “support the First without the Second.  Remember, George Washington didn’t defeat the British by talking to them.  He shot them. They want to ban all private possession of guns. The primary reason for the Second Amendment was and is to protect citizens from tyrannical government, not to protect hunters.  Some say, how can you protect yourself from the state? Well, if you can’t match their firepower, then you lose.”   I was beside myself.  My evil twin sister was about to show up.

Constitutional rights are not absolute.  They never have been.  They are limited by the rights of others.  The Courts have upheld limitations numerous times.  We have freedom of speck, but that is limited by laws against slander and inciting riots and violence.  We have freedom of the press, but that is limited by libel laws and laws against false advertising etc. There are , in some cities, limitations banning   political signs on public property and how long such signs may be placed on private property. 

If taken literally, the Second Amendment give a person the right to bear arms only if he or she is a member of a well-regulated militia, generally considered an arm of the state or federal governments.  An argument also could be made that while the amendment gives the right to bear arms, it says nothing about the right to fire those arms. Presumably, that right would come about only if the individual got the command while a member of the aforesaid militia.  Uncle Sam wants and needs you. 


Sounds of Silence: La Pierre and Friends

The NRA and its supporters have gone into hiding.  Oh yes their is talk from their clones, Huckabee, Fischer and Erick Erickson [Red state].  They talk of God, or the lack there of.  They tell us that God wasn’t wanted and so did not go to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  God killed these children.  So Fischer and Huckabee state.  Good Christians that they are.  Still, they have nothing on Erick Erickson, who not only blames God, but also single parents.  The collapse of the American Family.  So it is God and single parenthood that picked up the guns and shot their way into a school and killed 28 people.  It is remarkable.

I found the RedState argument remarkable, not because I had not heard it before, but because I was hearing it now at murder of 20 innocent children.  He even goes so far as to equate this with King Herod’s killing of the innocents, the birth of Jesus was answered by this world with the loss of the innocents.  Was he implying that this was an act of God and the second coming of Christ?  That all single parents, the collapse of the American family,  were in reality the newest version of King Herod?  

He doesn’t want to discuss gun control, because gun control will not end the violence.  He doesn’t want to discuss mental health.  He just wants to say that the mentally ill boy that killed these children would not have done so if he had come from a stable traditional family.  Which is of course crapola.  The Columbine killers came from stable traditional homes, and yet they killed.  So he blames single parents.

I was afraid of an argument such as this.  I thought it would be a different argument, one of don’t take my Second Amendment Right away, don’t take my guns away from me.  I thought they would be willing to have a meaningful discussion on ways to manage guns and the ease in which they can be obtained.  An open and frank talk about mental health.  I was prepared to declare that I don’t want to take their guns away from law abiding citizens.  I don’t want to end the Second Amendment.  Only that this madness must stop.

I knew that I would have to be careful.  Not to rush to condemnation of all gun owners.  In each case of mass shootings, the immediate response is that we need more security and more guns.  I expected this manner of conversation.  I didn’t expect to defend God and single parents and the mentally ill.  

How many times do we hear “it doesn’t happen here.”  We should know that has never been true.   What does that really say?  That it only happens in large cities, LA, NYC, Chicago and New Orleans?  Cities with large black and Hispanic populations and huge crime rates?  We know that isn’t true.  

Now, it is different.  All of us are outraged that five and six year old children were gunned down.  Now, we are finally determined to act.  Rightly so, but it diminishes those killed at Virginia Tech, Columbine, Springfield, Oregon, Aurora, Colorado and on the streetsw in cities, large and small, all over America.   Our outrage is great now.  High school students and college students gunned down only brought muted outrage all those years ago.  Shame on us.  Killer older students seems a more acceptable shooting of human beings.  Shame, Shame on all of us.  

We must turn our attention toward the National Rifle Association.  They have a choke hold on both houses of Congress, Democrats and Repbulicans.  Until that ends things will not change.  Oppose the NRA and you will be crushed and destroyed.  In an earlier post I called Congress cowards, and cowards they remain.  Money is so more important than the lives of their constituents.  And now those cowards have run away.  Silent as the grave.  

Instead we are blessed with likes of Fischer, Huckabee and Erick Erickson.  Each invoking God. A God who kills.  Single parents who raise killers.  But wait, maybe we should do for them what they aren’t willing to do for others….Help the mentally ill.


I am A Proud Liberal, Member of The Religious Left and do Actually Believe In God

O’Donnell got this right all those years.  I remember this episode of “West Wing”.  Lawrence is right.  Liberal politicians are afraid to call themselves liberals. They have caved in to the Republican Fascists who have turned liberal into a dirty word.  But it makes me wonder if the Repfacists are really envious.  Did they obstruct each of these accomplishments so that in they end they could take credit for them?  And by doing do become liberals. You know that the God loves you if you are rich.  When Republicans, the Religious Right talks about God, their God, they only speak to the rich, since they only know the true God.  Their God is vengeful and hateful and racist.  Jesus said, and I paraphrase now, that it would be easier for a camel, or in this case an elephant to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  For Republicans and the Tea Party and the Religious Right, God is only a political tool that they wield like a sharp machete.  There is no religion involved in their rhetoric and so-called belief.  They don’t care about the poor or the very poor which is contrary top the teachings of God/Jesus.  You do not find God by faith alone, as these people think.  It must include good works.  Faith and good works for all the people to make their lives better.  Something the Republicans, the Religious Right and now it seems Susan G. Komen and not do. Faith requires no thought whatsoever.  You believe blindly without question.  Do as you are told.  Those real Christians and members of all faiths don’t think, they act on their religions.  On the teachings of God/Jesus.  And it includes Liberals. I have am of the opinion that the only way to make the Republican Party really believe is to destroy it completely.  It can be argued that they need no help in this, but I say that liberals must be liberals and lead them even further down the path.   By doing so, we let these a$$holes do it to themselves.  They tell you when these Repubs and Religious Righters pass the collection tray that the money you give in the tray will help pave the way to heaven. I am reminded a comedy routine from Second City TV kit with the “Reverend You Betcha”  televangelist, who tells his viewers that he will pray for you and your family, if you will only send him money.  Not quarters or dimes, no change please, just paper money.  When he receives it he will pray for you and ask God to welcome you on the road to salvation and heaven.  Sound familiar?

Democrats, politicians and all of us that are liberals should no longer be afraid to use the word liberal.  We should no be afraid to call ourselves liberals.  We set out all these hundreds of years to make the world a better place, and help all the people also be better.

If Conservatives want a fight…….then is time for all the liberals to give it to them.  God is not a Republican!!!!!!

Republican Racism Wins In SC – The Devil Came Up From Georgia

Republican racism has come out of the shadows.  It has always been here.  The Democrats lost the South and all those white voters when they voted for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts in the 1960’s.   Southern Democrats became Republicans because they believed that they would return the South to the “Glory Days” of servitude, suppression, and hatred.  It would seem that their wishes are beginning to bear fruit.  I said it seems.

Or was this just strategy?  It may be as this article states.  Still the truth is that the racist South welcomes the idea of returning to the days before the Civil War.  Mitturd and Gingrich will say do anything to win an election.  Even as far as sell out their own country.  In this country, racist, liars, fascists and traitors will blame the black guy in the black guy for what they themselves have done, are doing, and what they will do in the future.  Now we have the Ron Paul has been doing it for twenty years and it is  not just a strategy for him.  He really believes what he says.  But Gingrich and Mitturd are new to their racism, well maybe not new, but now they are putting voice to their bigotry.

Like Hitler, they are advocating a pure white and mainly male world.  Hitler spoke about the laziness and saw them as rightful targets for racism and punishment.  He first wanted to deport them.  Now we have the Gingrich saying that saying that immigration should be left to white states committees for consent.  Heil Gingrich?

The Republican Party is reminiscent of the “Whigs”.  The Whigs just vanished with no warning at all.  One day they were there and the next day whoosh and they are gone.  Now you may think not, but there really is no republican party now.  Like the Whigs, the late Republican party has been replaced by the Tea Party.  They began this campaign  and arguments that blacks are lazy slugs whose children should live in work houses and clean white people’s homes.  Illegal immigrants should be killed by electric fences, or Muslim Americans should wear arm bands marked “Muslim” like the “Juden” of Nazi Germany.  Race matters to the Tea Party GOP.

These are candidates, a rogues gallery, where white supremacist attitudes towards non-whites is a standing rule, one only to be disputed when it is too late.  The Republican Party is wallowing in white racism in order to win over racially and economically insure white voters.  Gingrich is being blatant about it.  He is using the language of Hitler, Nixon and Wallace.  The strategy has not changed.  They have the perfect audience in the South.  It is a public who receives their message with open arms.  The message of race, white oppression, white racial resentment, and hostility to people of color.  They cheer, hoop and holler, the death penalty, letting people die without insurance, heckle soldiers who are gay, and probably cheered the marines and their latest video.  It is for them a reminder of their past, which they long for.  In South Carolina the Confederate flag still files proudly.

The greatest defense for the white racist is deniability.  I didn’t know, that is unfair; you are playing the race card; I never associated blacks with welfare or crime.  People like you are the real bigots for calling attention to how Republicans talk about such things; We really are Americans; don’t talk about slavery, my family never owned black people. I am a good Christian.  There I go, beginning to off on another tangent, which I will save for a later post.

The Southern Strategy and The Southern Manifesto, written by South Carolina’s favorite son, Strom Thurmond, is still alive.  Both of them.  Strom as a Dixiecrat wrote the initial Southern Manifesto.  A proud racist who didn’t know he was one.  A role model for the Tea Party and the tenth amendment.  They say they believe in the Constitution., but have forgotten the Bill of Rights.  In 1986 CBS conducted a poll to see if people still supported the Bill of Rights.  The the question was framed in terms of contemporary events.  Here is one:  as long as there appears to be no clear danger of violence, do you think any group, no matter how extreme, should be allowed to organize protests against the government? Seventy-six percent said, “No.” At that time, the majority of Americans polled refused to support five of the ten protections of the Bill of Rights.  And that is why we need a Bill of Rights.  It protects the minority from the majority who, by definition, need no protection.  If they were asked, Do you support the Bill of Rights? those same people would have said, Yes.  Only, without the Bill, people didn’t recognize the rights.  I wonder what would happen if we asked those same questions now.

You must be taught to hate.  It is not something you are born with.  It is taught and the south has had 200 years of education.  They have been carefully taught.

In the end we have ourselves to blame, or I should say those who voted the Tea Party into power.  It seems that many slept through the election of 2010.  We, the people, can’t afford to ignore or be apathetic to our rights and country.  We have a chance now in  November to make it right.  We can change it.  Take the hate out.

Barry Goldwater was a liberal to Gingrich and Mitturd.



Khaddafy Dead: If You Want Democracy and Freedom You Must Do It Yourself

There has been much criticism.  George W. Bush was determined to bring democracy to the Middle East.  That never happened.  The truth is simple:  if you want freedom, if you want democracy than you must fight for it yourself.  We, other countries can help, but you must do it for yourself.  It began in Tunisia, the biginning of the Arab spring.  Like us, you must win it for yourself.

Freedom is wonderful; it is sweet; but only if you fight for it yourself.

Murdoch Scandal Continues


The Wall Street Journal European  publishing chief, Andrew Langhoff resigns.  All this due to a circulation scam.  It would be said that it was brilliant until they got caught.  Anything to raise profits and make yourself appear as the best and most widely read newspaper in the world.  Buy your own newspapers to mislead readers ad advertisers about the Journals true circulation.

Thanks to the Guardian for this story.  Funny how they seem to do real journalism not just with the Murdoch story but with “all the news fit to print.”





Hell Yes I am Un-American, Again

I am proud to be UN-American.  If being a good American means spreading terror, hatred, poverty, racism then hell yes I am UN-American. If being a good American means curtailing the freedoms of religion, association, speech then hell yes I am UN-American.  If as a country we find it right to brutalize, condemn unions, communists, Mexicans, Arabs, gays, peace activists and Blacks, if we find it right to detain them, fire them, illegally search them and even kill them simply because we are told they are the people we should fear, then hell yes, I am UN-American.    It isn’t easy being UN-American.   It take courage.  It takes  principle.  It takes reason.

Our history is filled with examples of courage conquering fear and hatred.  Now, I know these good Americans have no concept of history, what it means, what it is, and make it up as they go.  We survived the dust bowl, presidential assassinations, church bombings, lynchings and war.  We believed in the Constitution and what it represents.  These good Americans are cowards.  They pretend to revere the values and principles that the Constitution guarantees, the very things this country was built on.  Instead, they are blatant with their cowardice and spineless and eagerly trash sacred principle as a road to fear.  They see the Constitution as nothing more than a piece of paper that they can use only when it serves their purpose.  Just a talking point.  They find it American to take away freedoms and rights.

I have been here before.  Maybe some of you have too.  During the Viet Nam war, I/we were called UN-American, un-patriotic, communists and told to love it or leave it.  They even killed four in OHIO.  Their fear and hatred took over, they lost their reason, forgot the Constitution and reviled all of us.  Pathetically, after many years, these good Americans, Democrats and Republicans, began to look like us and talk like us.  We weren’t nuts any more.  Amazingly, they too were now UN-American.

It is a simple truth that when good Americans  judge people on the basis of where they come from, how they look, how they speak, what their religion is, gay or lesbian, black or white, it is terrorism.  Terrorism turns them into racists.  Good Americans see it as everyone is out to ruin the white man’s paradise.

I want my I Am UN-American t-shirt.  I intend to wear it as a badge of courage.  It is time for an “I Am UN-American’ project.

To paraphrase Eugene O’Neil from “A Moon for the Misbegotten”, ” It will be a mighty day for the poor and oppressed.”

9/11/01: Personal View From Europe

I have had reservations about posting anything about September 11, 2001.  The reservations are simple:  in the days following 9/11, we as a people came together and acted as one.  We now have become a hate machine.  Turning into the very thing, the very hatred that led to 9/11.  Still we proclaim during these “celebrations” of 9/11 our patriotism and love of country. Our flag waving.  We are idiots. This post is about an American in another country witnessing what happened on that ugly day, and how it affected me all those miles away.

It all began on an airplane crossing the pond for Greece.  I was filled with joy, even though I had just been there six months ago.  September is glorious in Greece.  It is still summer.  I arrived on September 9th.  It was a beautiful day.  I was with family in a country that was the beginning of freedom, of all things as we know them now.  Notwithstanding that, I had no illusions of how Europeans, all Europeans felt about America and Americans.  They saw, see us as the land where the streets are paved with gold, everyone is rich, but also a country and a people who imposes their will on other people of the world.  Our way or no way.  They feel this way with good reason.

On September 11th. my cousin and I met a friend for lunch.  It was really a surprise visit first to her shop in Athens, then lunch.  We left to make our way home at about 3:00 p.m. Athens time.  We got in the car and proceeded home and listened to the radio.  “There has been a terrible accident in New York City.”  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We thought train accident, the Lincoln Tunnel.  That was all they said.  We arrived home and started up the stairs.  My cousin lives in a three-story walk-up.  As we were climbing, we could hear the phone ringing, ringing and ringing.  I t would not stop.  We ran up the stairs.  My cousin answered the phone.  The friend we had lunch with told up to turn on the television.  As I did that, the second plane hit the second tower.  Our friend still trying to talk on the phone, and my cousin and I in shock.  Truth be told we did not believe it was real.

The rest of that day and for days following, the phone continuously rang.  Friends calling telling my cousin that they will take care of me and that I should not be afraid.  Amazingly, I wasn’t afraid.  My friends and family weren’t the only ones protecting me.  The Greek Government and other governments, swore that they would protect Americans.  They did just that.

We tried to live life as usual.  My cousin, friends and I were off to the British Consulate.  My cousin teaches English and needed supplies from the Consulate.  We got there on a hot, sunny day.  As we entered the building, they asked for passports or other ID.  I don’t carry any, I have never carried any.  I have had my pocket picked.  So in english I said, “That’s okay, I will wait for you outside.”  I went out the door,  lit a cigarette, and as I turned to wait, I found that the soldier, with his finger on the trigger of his ouzi or whatever weapon he was carrying that day, was standing six inches from me, protecting me.  We looked at each other but never spoke. There was no need.  We both knew what happened.  He stood next to me until my cousin came out, and then made sure I knew her.  When we walked away, he silently walked back into the consulate.  It was the first and only time I was afraid.  I say that, because I learned that day, I did not need to be afraid.  I was safe and would be defended and protected.

Yes I felt safe and protected.  That is not to say there weren’t protests and riots against America.  The U.S. Embassy was marched upon, protests in the streets of Athens and other cities.  There is no love lost among many in Greece and other European countries.  They tell you that America finally got what it deserved.  That it was God’s will for all our sins and deception.  It would be less than honest to say that America has not been all of those things.  I can say that how did we deserve this?  They will tell you remember Dresden? Remember the Junta of 1967?  Remember Cyprus?  Remember our starvation during  WWII while you did nothing?  They wonder why patriotism synonymous with hatred.  George W said, “Either you are with us or against us.”  Why must those who disagree with us be the enemy?

Make no mistake, I wanted justice.  Justice does not mean war.  Justice does not mean killing.  Justice does not mean blanket hatred of poor people, gay people, muslims, black people, the Irish, or those who oppose us.  Politics has become more important that human life.  Our superiority is our religion.  9/11 has become a money making machine. We have no Foreign policy. Only American policy.  We speak of democracy and freedom for everyone, but only if America can give it to them and of course it must be American democracy.  They laugh at our arrogance.

We are fighting two wars in two countries and call it protecting our freedom.  They won’t tell you they want justice, they want to bring criminals to justice or any such thing.  Our government tells us that we are protecting and defending our freedom.  That is pure bullsh$t.

The Europeans understand that.  They know we are playing games with their lives.  They don’t wish us death, but they want us to take responsibility.  Our government takes pride in its promotion of violence, extremism, destruction of America, and hatred.

My cousin was right many years ago.  She asked me why I was so sure that I was free and could do what ever I wanted?  Before I could answer, she told me that I wasn’t really free. Democracy in America was non-existent.  That we are trained from childhood to act and behave in a certain manner, read certain books, and to demand certain things, and that is why we think that we can do everything we want.  But in reality, we demand only what they, the government, is willing to give us.  Simple words, simple pictures manipulate the small child to be aware of what government wants, or teach the child to be a good citizen, and to teach the child to demand from government only what government is willing to give.  Is that freedom?

Ironically, 28 years ago, my cousin was right.  Look at us now.  We have allowed government to take our rights away, teach us to hate.  We can never bring democracy or freedom to the Middle East.  They have been killing each other since Abraham and Sarah.  The problem with the Middle East is that the killing is about religion.  Has always been about religion.  One sect of Islam against another sect of Islam.  It is not about freedom, democracy or human rights.  It is about religion.

Yes, I felt safe and protected in Greece and Europe.  So much more so than I do in my own country, America.


Palin the Moron

Poor Sarah has been ignored too long.  She is desparate for attention, so she goes to the extreme extreme.

Her defense of Cessationist Perry is brilliant.  Brilliant in the respect that she is trying to take credit for it.  Perry stole it from her.

We know that she had to go to 5 or 6 colleges to get a degree.  We know she does know history.  In fact she makes it up.  Palin is a moron.  She like to hear the sound of her own voice.  It is not surprising that she jumped on the Secessionist Perry’s bandwagon.  He is from Texas and God and guns works well there.  Still she is a moron, as are the teaparty, who she has made suckers out of just to get rich.  Tell them anything and they will follow.  She is a loser.  Palin made fools out of them and they thanked her for it, but they are too ignorant to realize what has happened.  Sarah got rich.  Tell us Sarah, do you need more money?  She just loves the attention and will do anything to get it.

Remember, Republicans are never so happy as when they are calling their fellow Americans traitors. But this is odd, since Republicans are traitors.

You can define Sarah Palin as you can’t fix stupid, and as Perry is stupid, Sarah joins in for a dollar or two.

It is time to stop talking about Palin and her ilk.  They are personalities that want to be television stars.

This is what we do though.  We put issues way down on the list when it comes to political parties and candidates.  We first we consider how they look, their leadership qualities, we say we just like him/her, or I like his/her politics.  Problem is is that we don’t know what their politics are.  They simply tell you what they think you want to here with no facts or policy to back it up.

We too are to blame.  We believe.  We require no truth test.  When the Republicans say they want to save God, we believe them.  We believe them, even knowing that their version of God leaves people out, condemns them and that it really can’t be God.

What we really need is Sarah Palin toilet paper so we can put her in her proper place.

Murdoch: As Commander Black Ops At Fox News

I read this story last night and just couldn’t help myself.  I will save comment for end of post.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News ran ‘black ops’ department, former executive claims

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News television channel had a “black ops” department that may have illegally hacked private telephone records, a former executive for the station has alleged.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News television channel had a black ops department that may have illegally hacked private telephone records, a former executive for the station has alleged.

Roger Ailes talks to Fox correspondents Jenna Lee and Nicole Petallides  Photo: REUTERS
Jon Swaine

By , New York

11:07PM BST 20 Jul 2011

Dan Cooper, who helped launch Fox News as managing editor in 1996, said that a “brain room” carried out “counter intelligence” on the channel’s enemies from its New York headquarters.

He was threatened after it found out he spoke to a reporter, he claimed.

Another former senior executive said the channel ran a spying network on staff, reading their emails and making them “feel they were being watched”.

The channel, which has come under pressure amid allegations that outlets owned by Mr Murdoch might have attempted to hack the voicemail messages of September 11 victims, firmly denies all the allegations.

Mr Cooper, who left Fox News soon after its launch, provided a quote for a 1997 article about Roger Ailes, Fox News’s president, by the journalist David Brock in New York magazine.

The quote was not going to be attributed to him, but he alleges that before the article was published, Mr Cooper’s agent received a telephone call from Mr Ailes threatening to withdraw Fox’s business from all his clients.

“There are only two possible ways Ailes found out,” Mr Cooper said. “Either Brock told him or they got hold of Brock’s phone records and saw I spoke to him.”

He first alleged that the records were obtained by researchers in the “brain room” in 2005 in an article on his website about the launch of the channel.

“Most people thought it was simply the research department of Fox News,” he wrote. “I knew it also housed a counter intelligence and black ops office. So accessing phone records was easy pie.”

Mr Cooper said yesterday that he helped to design the high-security unit. “It was staffed by 15 researchers and had a guard at the door. No one working there would engage in conversation.”

Mr Cooper said he was “willing to consider the possibility” that Mr Brock named him, but added: “I assume he operates under journalistic ethics and protected a confidential source. Brock told me at the time that Ailes told him he would never work again if he wrote the article.”

Mr Brock now runs Media Matters, a Left-leaning American media watchdog. A spokesman for the group said: “He declines to comment.”

Another former Fox News senior executive, who did not wish to be named, said staff were forced to operate under conditions reminiscent of “Russia at the height of the Soviet era”.

“There is a paranoid atmosphere and they feel they are being watched,” said the former executive. “I have no doubt they are spying on emails to ensure no one is leaking to outside media.

“There is a unit of spies that reports up to the boss about who was talking to whom. A lot of people are scared that they’re going to get sidelined or even that they’re going to get killed.”

A Fox News spokesman said: “Each of these allegations is completely false. Dan Cooper was terminated six weeks after the launch of the Fox News Channel in 1996 and has peddled these lies for the past 15 years.”

The FBI is investigating allegations that journalists on a British newspaper may have tried to have September 11 victims’ phones hacked. Both former Fox News executives said they thought Mr Ailes would never have let his reporters do likewise.

I find this amazing since he can’t seem to stay awake, doesn’t seem to know what is going on around him, and swears he did nothing illegal.  If this is true, I can’t wait to see Rupert in black paint and guns a blazing.

He has hired the best defense and a good PR firm.  A most extreme measure for a king who is innocent of all wrong doing.