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God Save Us From the Good Christians or How I Would Rather Be In Hell If They Are Going To Heaven

I had hoped that this Christianity crap would not go this far, but now these men of “God” have made me mad.  Most of these people  Slicktorum, Newt, Mittens and now Franklin Graham have all been found out for what they are………racists, bigots, sexists and absolutely not christian.

First, I don’t think this bunch of old white, white-haired men [bishops] knew what they were doing when they screamed against contraception.  I don’t think they realized that this went beyond contraception, and played right into the hands of those God-fearing pretenders, and began in earnest the repeal of “Obamacare.”  The bishops didn’t understand then, but they do  now.

But what has made me mad is Slicktorum saying that Freedom of Religion has become Freedom to Worship and they are not the same thing.  Is he really that stupid.  It is a rhetorical question don’t answer.  Did he not know to google religion and discover the definition?  Or simply look the word up in the dictionary.  Religion:  service and worship of God or a divine being.  Slicktorum has it all wrong.  His definition of religious freedom means Catholicism.  Follow the dictates of the church.  As we have seen his church is lacking.  I guess now that includes Protestantism too.  I don’t usually watch “morning joe”, but I did this morning and I was dumbfounded.  This pretender to the throne of a really good man, in one brief interview offended every real christian in the world.  Maybe it was too early for him or what he drank, smoked and a new fangled drug the night before which led him to some drug induced glass eyed definition of a christian.  The man has lost his mind like all good christian republicans.  But I have gone off point and I am on a deadline to get this post done sometime tonight.  Maybe I need a new drug as the old song says.

Now back to what I was going to say before my 65-year-old brain had a momentary lapse…….Slicktorum is telling me/us that his religion or no religion. He is telling us to ignore God, the God we know, and accept his “religion”.  Not God mind you, his “religion.”  Now don’t get me wrong he has every right to belong to his “religion”, but so do I.  But it is God I/you account to, not the religion.  I may belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, but I pray and answer to God.  God is God.

How dare Slicktorum or Graham or Gingrich or Robertson, or Paul or any of them tell me that the God I worship is wrong.  How dare he or them tell me that I am not a good christian.  How dare they tell me that my “religion” is wrong.  How dare they tell me that my worship of God is not freedom of “religion”.  His God isn’t better than my God.  Christianity isn’t bad but there just are some bad people.  Islam isn’t bad, there just are some bad people, and it goes on and on.  It is not freedom of religion, it is freedom from religion.  They have no right to tell me./us theirs is better.

To hear Slicktorum, Graham or the rest of talk, you can just go out and buy your faith right off the shelf.  Not happy with it move on to the next aisle or another department. No special discounts for God.    A special on “religion” today. Can’t you just see it now, God’s Grocery Store. Bag it yourself and take home.    My momma told me about people like this a long time ago.  She told to beware of the “good christian.” They talk a good game, go to church each and every Sunday and pronounce out loud “I am a good christian”, but when they time comes for them to be what they say they are invisible.  Missing.  I just can’t sell my soul to be a “company christian”.  I will not sell my soul.

These religions, be it Catholicism or Protestantism or whatever they call it is a means for them to justify their bigotry, racism, and sexism.  Maybe the Catholic church is against contraception not because it is immoral, but because it means loss of income for the church.  More parishioners, more money.  It can’t be because they care about the health of the woman or her family.   These good Christians seem to forget that God and Jesus were not racist, bigots, sexists. That Jesus loved all mankind without exception.

They don’t seem to know much about that.  So I can do without the holy water induced rhetoric, the holier than I comedy routine.  I will be pleased to be in hell.  I’ll have good company and my dog.  I don’t want to be a good christian.  If they are examples of good Christians than damn I am happy to be bad.

Jesus loves me, yes I know.


17 Bigots of Murfreesboro, Tennessee Attack Religion

We’ve heard and read about the attack on the building of a mosque near Ground Zero and the hatred involved in that farce.  What the media has not reported is the attack being initiated in Tennessee against the building of a mosque.

These 17 went to court on the contention that Muslims have no constitutional freedom to worship because Islam is not a religion.  But the court ruled that Islam is a religion.  You just can’t, not by the wildest stretch of the imagination, make this crap up.  The Chancellor, Robert Corlew was compelled to verify that Islam, which has existed and survived 14 centuries, and has a billion and a half adherents, is a religion.  This attack is on people who have lived and worshiped in this community for over thirty years.  They want to build a new mosque on land they own.

These 17 racists attempted to prove that the worship center would cause them harm.  They pointed out that the Islamic Center sponsored public rallies in 2009 ande 2010 on the Public Square supporting the terrorist organization Hamas; that am ICM board member had a MySpace page with AK-47’s with calls to kill Jews and commit martyrdom for Palestine; and that a website offers teaching of Shariah law.  As reported in the Daily News Journal of Murfreesboro, in throwing out most of the plaintiff’s case, Corlew dismissed that “Kevin Fisher, an African-American Christian, would be subject to being a second-class citizen under Sharia law; Lisa Moore would be targeted for death under Sharia law because she is a Jewish female; Henry Golzynski has been harmed because he lost a son fighting in Fallujah, Iraq. by insurgents pursuing jihad as dictated by Sharia law.”  Now let’s see:  Mr. Fisher has been a second-class citizen for 100 years, or so they have been telling us forever.  They fought for the Civil Rights Act, black history month and studies and the right to vote.  Did he sue the KKK for violation of his civil rights?  Ms. Moore’s contention that she would be marked for death under Shariah law because she is Jewish is ludicrous.  Again, the KKK has had blacks and Jews and others marked for death for 100 years.  As for Mr. Golzynksi; his son volunteered to serve his country.  There is no draft and he went of his own free will.  Do we now condemn all Germans for the death of allied soldiers because they killed Christians or other people of faith.  Do we condemn all Viet Namieze because they are Buddhists?  Please.

Me, I don’t fear Muslims.  I fear extremists of every shape, color and stripe.  It is my government that I fear.  A government that has instilled carefully and methodically hate and fear in its citizens.  We have been carefully taught.  We call ourselves a God-fearing nation.  Only if it is our version of God.  All religion is flawed, because men are flawed.  All men.

These bigots will one day wake up from the nightmare, abandon their dark side and say “never again.”