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Right-Wing Media or Mainstream Media? They Are All The Same

They have welcomed Ryan as the wonder boy for Romney.  Now, with Ryan they can lie even more and use the press to do it.  Case in point:  the Richmond Times Dispatch. This manner of reporting has been done before, but this time it was blatant and unrepentant.  The Richmond Times Dispatch ran an editorial on the then new campaign ad from Romney/Ryan, you know the one, welfare to work requirement was being removed.  It was a lie.  The Richmond Times Dispatch ran an editorial:  Which was a lie taken from the lie Romney initiated about welfare.  They ran it as truth.  I said it before, republicans see lies as truth, and truth as lies.  Today the Richmond Times Dispatch ran a news piece saying that the Romney ad had been proven false;  There was no apology for their blatant lie, pro Romney editorial or failure to actually do their job.  Even the newest journalism grad knows that you need at least three confirmations before you run a story.  They did nothing.  It was simple:  whatever Romney/Ryan say is the gospel truth, and our editorial board is going to say so.

So ti be clear. The Romney campaign runs an ad that’s a complete lie. Some editorial writer from the Richmond Times-Dispatch writes in defense of the ad, using the ad as the only source of material and doing no fact-checking. The Romney campaign then uses the editorial (which was based only on the original Romney ad) as evidence that their ad wasn’t a lie. When in doubt always lie, lie, lie, lie.  It makes Romney/Ryan the perfect Republican candidates.


Don’t let them make clowns of us.  Vote.  Tell the truth.  When newspapers lie, we must write the truth.  Expose them for what they are…hacks.




The Rat and The Roach Ticket: Go Obama 2012

I must admit that last night when I heard the news that the Rat had chosen the Roach to be his VP,  I was screaming and dancing.  I was just as happy as I could be.  Democrats were handed a gift and we won.  A party that is cutting its own throat, even if it taking them a long time, they picked a man, I use that loosely, who wants to end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as their VP.  The author of the most draconian budget in our history wants to be second in charge.  The Roach has the gall to call it The Path to Prosperity, Restoring Americas Promise, so it was called for Budget year 2012; changed it to:  The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal for Budget year 2012.  Naturally, it asks questions that be the obvious questions:  Restoring Americas Promise?  Promise for the rich; Blueprint for American Renewal? Renewal of tax cuts and destruction of everyone else.

They may have a problem:  the most prominent and partisan supporters of the Republican party have been senior citizens who both speak with their money and their vote.  they have been loud and clear “to keep your hands off my Medicare.”  The promise is that those seniors,those  Republicans will now reconsider their support, read the so-called budget and see it for what it really is, destruction and death of the poor and middle class.  That they will see lie in the statement that his Catholic faith guided him in forming this travesty.  Jesus taught us to take care of the poor.  That Jesus told the rich man to give up everything he owns, give it all away and follow him.  Must not have been part of his catechism.  His truth faith is Ayn Rand.

Then I saw this ad.  It should run on television and full length.

We cannot go back.  We can only move         

We must rise up and vote.  Ride share and take a friend.  Ohioans  get with it.  They want to stop early voting, well the we will just storm the polls.  Take a friend, family, anyone and go vote.  Tell them that we want our rights back.  Throw the elephants out.  Send the message that we know what we want, and what is good for us.  We decide what we can do with our bodies and our minds.  Tell them that all their money in elections is irrelevant.  Make it clear the BatSh#tCrazy doesn’t get it anymore.


Lie Detector Tests for Politicians — An Idea Long Overdue

I have thought that lie detector tests were appropriate for politicians at all stages of their careers.  They lie to get elected, they lie while in office, and continue to lie when gone.  I think this also applies to the media, say NBC.  I was reminded of this by the following:


Liz Trotta Still “Fighting for Air”

“Fighting for Air” is the title of the book Trotta wrote in 1994.  She is still fighting for air.  Only this time she has rendered herself irrelevant, and shown herself to be nothing more than a Republican whore. She now speaks of women who have been “raped too much” as one who has been.

Liz Trotta used to be brilliant.  She was the perfect example of what a journalist should be and she was.  She was the first female correspondent in Vietnam.  She served two tours of duty.  She accompanied GI’s in the jungles of Vietnam.  She says she is still haunted by that experience.    And this make me wonder if she remembers her time of being “raped too much”.  Does she speak from experience?  Really, the only woman travelling with GI’s in the jungle.  Men who haven’t seen a real woman in who knows when.  What did she expect?

You would think that her experience would be expressed in compassion and support for women in the Military or women in general who have been assaulted or raped.  Instead she justifies rape because they are in close contact with men.  That they deserve whatever happens to them.  If it is good enough for her, then it has to be good enough for the rest of us.    After all, rape ain’t rape anymore.

She was always conservative, but she never let her politics  interfere with her reporting.  Now she is a whore for the “Red” states.  She is still fighting for air.

She must long for the good old days of her youth.

Komen In Crisis Mode: Hire Fleischer, Right-Wing Planned Parenthood Hater


Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.  Harry Truman

They are now in damage control.  If you read the National Review Online, especially that denier Lopez.  She continues to support Lila Rose and her prostitution expose video of sex-trafficking at PP.  She know it was a fake and a lie, but continues to preach it as gospel.  As if that isn’t enough, she blames Planned Parent for the downfall of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  She will not admit that they have been found out.  That committed suicide.

She continues to deny that this was not politically motivated.  She says so out loud and in print.  I have a vision of her, after having said this over and over again, of sitting on a chair on  her knees trying to choke herself with her own hands…..and having been found by her editor telling him that she was trying to unscrew her head from her neck-pipe so she could check the wiring or circuit board in her own brain.  That video would be worth watching.

Essentially, Komen foundation is a right-wing lobbing group masquerading as pro-women.  Komen is a political organization disguised, pretending to be a charity.  This is about abortion and not breast cancer.  But they stopped funding because they were under investigation for abortion.  An investigation conducted by a Right wing, new-conservative a$$hole republican.  But it is not political.  Do they think we are stupid?  They hire Karen Handel, is who vehemently opposed to Planned Parenthood, and not long after they cut off funding.  Yep no politics here.  Remarkably, they don’t seem to consider sexual abuse of children at Penn State, who is also under investigation, and receives Komen grants, to be in violation of their new criteria.  Child molestation and sexual abuse is just fine with Komen.

There are so many women’s lives at risk in this ridiculous war against abortions! Reckless, selfish republicans are a threat!  There are lessons here to be learned by other ngo’s being pressured and stomped on by the Religious Right.  The Religious Right is an oxymoron.  There is no religion in the “Religious Right”.  I got off the thought so I will finish it now.  Never underestimate the difference between an embryo and a woman. Unlike embryos, women can think and feel.  We can think our way out of lies and deception.  We can feel outrage that an organization that has asked for and has received support is willing to sell us out for politics, and does it with our health.  After all, they are offer pink handled handguns for well, which isn’t illegal, but doesn’t seem related to their so-called mission.  There are things much worse than being a leftist organization….and that worse thing is…being a Neo-Conservative organization and lying about it.

And people laugh at the term “right-wing conspiracy.”

What they don’t comprehend is that they have awakened a sleeping, silent giant.  We have been quiet far too long.  We have let these right-to-lifers, another oxymoron, do their will in the state and local governments.  These lunatics remember a time when a woman couldn’t call herself a woman until she had children.  They want it to back to those days when men were superior and ran the world.  No more.  We screamed no. It was from all classes, race, genders, rich and poor, black, white and hispanic.  We showed them that we don’t need Susan G. Komen.  We proved that Planned Parenthood is important to women’s lives.

We can’t stop now, it must go on and on until November.  So I say, as did Howard Beale in Network…..”Go to your windows and open them wide, and scream I am as mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.

I also think that it is time for an investigation into Susan G. Komen and their so-call mission.  What do you think. Would you be for it?

God’s Idiots – Republicans-Fatal Attraction of Republicans – The Christian Right – Women Are The Problem – Rascism- and Other Musings

I have been missing for a what seems like a very long time.  I have had been sick with a  cold for two weeks, then there was the holidays, and then the worst thing of all… sewer line backed up in my basement.  Five inches of sewage in my basement.  Needless to say, the obvious thought came to mind….the good old Republican and Christian Right stick.  The same smell I breathe each time I see a Republican, Christian, Racist elephant on television or hear them speak.  They have been shoveling shit and have it all over themselves.

I just don’t know how many more of these goddamn “debates”  I can take.  I have to admit that I have begun to ignore them.  But there is this fatal attraction of the Republicans.  You can’t help watching to see who is going to piss on whom, how many more oops moments we can have, or flip-flops.  When will we really every have some manner of real debate.  When will these repubtards ever give me and at least 30 million people a chance to hear about something might actually something instead of being faced with personalities or the lack thereof.  When will the sideshows end.  I know they won’t, because if it were for the freak show they would have nothing to talk about.  There isn’t a name there that I would vote for.  The stench is just too great.  It brings to mind Governor John Kasich and how the stench began.  But there I go on to something else that should be saved for later.  Do these good candidates stand for anything?  Yes!!!  Money!!!!  Because of money, these junk spewers are turning on themselves.  Newt pissed all over Rommnit and Bain and the good ole boys went berserk.  How dare he condemn a corporation and its leader?  Their fear of the truth is showing.  It is stunning that they would be unwilling to admit that they love corporations especially since they are people now.   The incredible lightness of flatulence.

When did women become the enemy?  All of sudden we, women have been the enemy.  Our existence strikes terror in the hearts of men.  Their fear is so great that they have legislated their superiority.  Rape isn’t rape, freedom isn’t freedom, and without their permission we can do nothing.  They call themselves Christians.  These are the men that can’t control their behavior, desire, religion and covet women.  This could be a post for the Ohio Diary, but again I stray.  These are God’s idiots.  The good dyed in the wool Christians who are out to save women.  Not from men, not from them since they still want their way with women, but to save them from sin.  These good Christians have abandoned all hope of ever behaving normally.  These are the people who want to save every unborn child from abortion, but have no qualms about the death penalty.  Killing in the name of God and justice is fine.  Innocent or guilty is doesn’t matter, just kill them.  A raped pregnant women, a women who is carrying a deformed child, and the women has no right to decide what she can do with her own person.  I have a solution, or a sort of solution.  Each child that is born and “saved” from abortion should be adopted by the legislators that sponsored the bills that forced them to carry it full term.  Let’s take Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action, who is sponsor for the heartbeat bill, take each child and raise it.  Be responsible for feeding it, health care, education, clothing it, and all other attendant  responsibilities involved with parenthood.  They are so eager let them have at it.  As Janet Porter has said, “Every single day the Senate delays a vote on the heartbeat bill, a school bus full of children’s lives are lost.”  She doesn’t tell you that Ohio has cut education including funds for buses.  So I say let them take responsibility.  Let her educate.  She and her good Christian friends talk a good game, and once the child is born, they vanish. It is time for it to stop.  It is time for women to make these legislators accountable.  Make them pay.

Now for the Christian Right.  I have written about this before.  About the Christian Theocracy.  How Republicans want to save God. As I have posted before, they do this by forcing their religion on us. Their religion or no religion.  Therefore, my religion is bad and invalid.  I take offense.  What I am about to write is in no way meant to offend anyone except those Christian “purist”.  I am a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.  The Eastern Orthodox church was the first organized Christian religion.  Before Catholicism, before anyone, there was the Eastern Orthodox Church. The first Bible was written in Greek.  All others followed.   These Christian autocrats, even they came after the Eastern Orthodox Church, they got their religion from us.  And they have the pure unmitigated slop to tell me that my faith and religion is no good?  I think not.  These purists are racist, bigoted, sideshow.  Straight, crooked, black, white, Latino, Native American, but especially women are not welcome.  My mother was told by the dean of her college in 1940, a good God-fearing man, that she would never teach, never succeed or become a good citizen because she was Greek.  Open any dictionary and count the words that are derived from the Greek.  These Christian Right sultans think that religion is something you buy.  Come join us they say.  Put $50 in the tray and begin to pave your way to heaven.  The more money you give, the closer to God you come.  They are terrorists.

There are very few members of the established press who defend the idea that things like aggressive flatulence, forced feeding of swill, or even a barely muted hostility on the part of the candidate would justify any kind of drastic retaliation by a professional journalist….    Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail ’72

The press it seems are just a bunch of lick spittle bootlickers.  I think it because they are goddamn Republicans.  That too is for another post.

I feel better now.


Ohio Diary #11: The Columbus Dispatch’s Fake News: Kasich Wants To Negotiate SB 5

First you must never trust your local newspaper or TV channel.  They will only tell you one side of the story, or as in the Columbus Dispatch story; just make it up.

I must tell you that there was a time, a very long time ago, that the Columbus Dispatch was an excellent newspaper.  They printed the facts and told it from both points of view.  Now, it seems that their political bias is more important.

All this past week, the Dispatch has been running a story of how regrettable and unfortunate it is that labor won’t sit down and try to work out a comprise on
Senate Bill 5.  Senate Bill 5 is the anti-union, anti-collective bargaining bill that has been passed, and signed by the Governor.  It is has yet to be implemented because it is to be on the November ballot to repealed.  It is a story designed to present Kasich as willing to compromise but labor as unbending and unyielding.  It is a fake.

Here is what the Dispatch Editorial said:

On Sunday, a Dispatch editorial called for proponents and opponents of Senate Bill 5 to reach a compromise that would require public employees to pay more for their health care and pensions but would strip away the bill’s provisions that aren’t related to controlling government costs.

Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.

On Sunday the Dispatch’s editorial page said the offer came from Governor Kasich, but the news division subtly backed away and said it was two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5.  They weren’t from the Governor’s office after all.  It explains why labor wouldn’t consider talking to them.  Who were these two people negotiating?  How did the editorial board seem to know about this so-called deal before the newsroom? It is very simple…because the Dispatch essentially was one of the people representing pro-SB 5 interests at the meeting.  Mike Curtin, former Vice-Chairman of the Dispatch Printing Company and Curt Steiner, former OSU lobbyist, former Voinovich chief-of-staff pushed the “We Are Ohio” campaign on the possibility of working out a deal with Kasich to avoid having to have a referendum issue.

What could they promise to the unions?  They have no authority to negotiate a deal that requires the involvement of the GOP legislature and Kasich.  It was an attempt to make the unions and the “We Are Ohio” campaign look unreasonable.  It was an imaginary story.  All in the minds of Curtin and Steiner.

But guess what?  Kasich played along.  He held an alleged” negotiation meeting yesterday, and  no one showed up.   There sat Kasich and his aides, all of three people, and no one came.  Taking his lead from the Dispatch, he assailed the unions for refusing to negotiate a deal on SB 5.

In a letter from We Are Ohio to the Governor, they simply stated that they would not negotiate until the bill in its current form was repealed.  They urged the Governor to call the legislature back and repeal the law.

This is a publicity stunt on Kasich’s part.  He is trouble, polls show him in the toilet and sinking fast.  He has seen what has gone on in Wisconsin and is afraid as he should be.  He is a beggar.  He had a chance to meet with the unions in February, when the bill was being debated.  Kasich outright refused to meet with unions six months ago.  Kasich has said: “I’ve listened. I’ve heard. I’ve made a decision.” That was the end of it.  Until now that is.

Kasich is now the ludicrous spectacle that he deserves to be.  He was negotiating with himself.  He had help though.

Kasich’s arrogance shows through with this blatant attempt to attack unions and weaken support for the Democratic party.  He did not do this by himself. He had partisan support of members of the house and senate. They are equally responsible for being sheep and blindly following their leader down the path to destruction.

Back to the Columbus Dispatch.  The Dispatch tried to broker a deal on SB 5. Then the Dispatch follows up the editorial advocating for someone to try to attempt a deal with a news story that such an attempt as advocated by the Dispatch was tried, but labor walked away.  Not one time did they state that one of the most influential figures at the Dispatch just happens to be behind the effort to broker a deal and then the editorial lecturing labor to make such a deal.  It was all lies.  You might even call it yellow journalism.

Not since William Randolph Hearst and now Rupert Murdoch has a media outlet been more interested in making the news than reporting it.  It is more than just a story about a medial outlet having a political bias in its coverage of a story.  This is simply about a media outlet becoming the story.

This is  about a media outlet that lies about its role in creating the news and, in so doing, failing to disclose relevant evidence that puts that story in its proper context.

The truth is simple:  There was no offer from Governor Kasich.  There was an attempt by powerful people, Mike Curtin and Curt Steiner to try and avoid an issue that could cause lasting damage to the Republican Party in Ohio.  And when they, who had absolutely nothing to offer in the deal, didn’t get two labor leaders to immediately leap at the chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they let loose the Dispatch on them.

The Dispatch just isn’t in the sewer for John Kasich.  On Sunday and all this week, they said they actually represent him in official government matters.

Newspapers were supposed to be truth tellers.  They were supposed to inform the people. They were supposed to be unbiased.  Those days are gone.

Now, they hack your tweets, listen to your phone messages, and make up news.

Shame on them.  Shame on us.


A special thanks to Plunderbund for part of this story.



Palin the Moron

Poor Sarah has been ignored too long.  She is desparate for attention, so she goes to the extreme extreme.

Her defense of Cessationist Perry is brilliant.  Brilliant in the respect that she is trying to take credit for it.  Perry stole it from her.

We know that she had to go to 5 or 6 colleges to get a degree.  We know she does know history.  In fact she makes it up.  Palin is a moron.  She like to hear the sound of her own voice.  It is not surprising that she jumped on the Secessionist Perry’s bandwagon.  He is from Texas and God and guns works well there.  Still she is a moron, as are the teaparty, who she has made suckers out of just to get rich.  Tell them anything and they will follow.  She is a loser.  Palin made fools out of them and they thanked her for it, but they are too ignorant to realize what has happened.  Sarah got rich.  Tell us Sarah, do you need more money?  She just loves the attention and will do anything to get it.

Remember, Republicans are never so happy as when they are calling their fellow Americans traitors. But this is odd, since Republicans are traitors.

You can define Sarah Palin as you can’t fix stupid, and as Perry is stupid, Sarah joins in for a dollar or two.

It is time to stop talking about Palin and her ilk.  They are personalities that want to be television stars.

This is what we do though.  We put issues way down on the list when it comes to political parties and candidates.  We first we consider how they look, their leadership qualities, we say we just like him/her, or I like his/her politics.  Problem is is that we don’t know what their politics are.  They simply tell you what they think you want to here with no facts or policy to back it up.

We too are to blame.  We believe.  We require no truth test.  When the Republicans say they want to save God, we believe them.  We believe them, even knowing that their version of God leaves people out, condemns them and that it really can’t be God.

What we really need is Sarah Palin toilet paper so we can put her in her proper place.

Safeguarding Democracy

The United States is in a big battle that will decide its future in the years to come.  Strong and sometimes, contradictory forces are pulling the country toward bankruptcy. It is clear that extremists on the right of the political spectrum, along with a large block of so-called academics and journalists, are doing everything they could to bring the nation closer to the cliff.  Conducting investigative journalism in one thing.  Presuming of course they ever really do that anymore.  Instigating falsehoods, making up theories, making up stories in quite another.  It is too bad we saw another example of that with the Norway events, where the media used these horrible killings as a trip down hate and bigotry lane.

Our two parties are at a standstill.  A standstill of their own making. No one seems to know what they are for.  That’s wrong.  I miss spoke.  They know what they are for:  their party.  As for the people and democracy? Some inside the conservative party seem to be banking on chaos and disaster, hoping this will bring them closer to government.  There are no winners in this.  We all lose.   Any political change must come from democratic procedures and not chaos.

Congress has become the ultimate reality show.  We know just how real reality shows are.  People are being paid to degrade, humiliate, and beat people up for MONEY.  Congress is no different.  Just look at them; money from corporations, media companies and the wealthiest people in America if not the world.  And they tell us they are doing it for us.  Doing it for me my a$$.

What have these so-called good christian Republicans and Teabags done for us?  They have stolen our democracy from us.  They are in the process of stealing everything that made this country great for themselves.  They don’t care about us.  Self-interest and power, political party is more important than governing.  Their sole purpose is to stop government.  Make it impossible for the people to live and survive.  They will say anything to you so that you, me believe that they really care about America and its people.  It is all LIES.

Journalists must put ratings, and view share or readership on the side and think about the ramifications of throwing gasoline on a fire.  They must stop milking the public cows.  Political parties and the media surely have responsibility for the future of this nation.  These parties must put their difference aside and find common ground so as to protect democracy, law and order.  The press’ rotten values were embraced by the whole country.

First and foremost, the fault-of-the-people argument is important because rightly or wrongly, it has been successfully used for so many years by media organizations. But the truth is that the people, you and me, are in the power position.  Where is the power now?  You know the answer; with the people where it has always been.  We made a mistake and elected these ignorant people.  I use the word “we” loosely.  This is the moment of truth.  The political system is broken, and only the most serious repair can save it.

The time has come for the people to no longer sit on the sidelines.  We can’t vote Republican or Democrat just because our parents did, or just because I have always been a democrat or republican.  That’s not good enough anymore.  We hire them and we can fire them.  We have to be responsible.  We must pay attention to the issues, the politicians who want our vote.  Who are they and what do they believe.  Is it the same as the people.  We need to get up off the couch and get involved.  If we have in the past, we must do more.  If we have never been involved, them get up off you a$$.  Our future depends on it.

Some forces are pushing us toward the cliff.  People resist despite their rightful indignation at the failures of the political establishment.

Republicans want to save God.  I want to same my country and democracy.  Join the cause.

Yellow Journalism Is Alive: Thanks To Oslo

As I watched the events unfold yesterday in Oslo, the first thing that occurred to me was that no one had claimed responsibility for the bombing and shootings.  Does anyone really think, not believe, think that Al Qaeda, Muslims, would commit an act so heinous and not take full credit for the act?  It was obvious that they had not does this.  Obvious that is to me and probably many of you, but not to the New York Times, Washington Post and the BBC.

These well-known, print the truth only, media and journalism giants immediately said or suggested that it was Muslims responsible for the outrage in Oslo.  The Washington Post’s column still appears with no correction or update.  It implies that Muslims were guilty.

Only it wasn’t true.  It turns out that the alleged perpetrator wasn’t from an international Muslim organization at all, but was a right-wing Norwegian nationalist with a history of anti-Muslim commentary and love for Muslim hating blogs such as Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugged, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Daniel Pipes.   It seems now that the New York Times in some small way has realized that their eagerness in selling newspapers has backfired.  Still, they are trying hard to assign fault, even ultimate fault on Muslim radicals.

Terrorist specialists said that even if the authorities ultimately ruled our Islamic terrorism as the cause of Friday’s assaults, other kinds of groups or individuals were mimicking Al Qaeda’s brutality and multiple attacks.

If it does turn out to be someone with more political motivations, it shows these groups are learning from what they see from Al Qaeda, said Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism research at the New American Foundation in Washington.

Then there was this stunning passage from the NYT:

Initial  reports focused on the possibility of Islamic militants, in particular Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, cited by some analysts as claiming responsibility for the attacks.  American officials said the group was previously unknown and might not even exist.

In other words, now that we know the alleged perpetrator is not Muslim, we know by definition that Terrorist are not responsible; conversely, when we thought Muslims were responsible, that meant – also by definition – that it was an act of Terrorism.

Are the only terrorists in the world Muslim?  If so, what do we call a right-wing nationalist capable of planting major bombs and killing scores of people for the sake of the greater glory of his cause?  Timothy McVey was a terrorist, the KKK was a terrorist, Skinheads are terrorists, the mafia is are terrorists.  None of which are Muslims.  Still, most or all or terrorists groups.

This yellow story maps and sets forth precisely how the “Muslim-did-it” myth was manufactured and then disseminated yesterday to the worldwide media, which repeated it without verifying that it was true. This article names names; it points to the incestuous,k self-regarding network of self-proclaimed U.S. Terrorism and foreign policy “experts” – what the article accurately describes as “almost always white men” who so often shape these media stories and are uncritically presented as experts, even thous they are drowning in bias, prejudice, nationalism, ignorance, stupidity, racism, and shallow or no credentials.

This is what the press, media always does.  In their eagerness to be first with the story, they leave out the truth.  They do not research or investigate to be sure that what they are going to print or say has any basis in fact.

Right-wing terrorism?  We in America can associate with that.  We’ve got Rep. Peter King, who is determined to rid of us all Muslims, Sarah Palin and her guns and God.  Good patriots all.

But they are terrorists too.

The New York Times should be ashamed.  What does it say in the corner?  “All the news that’s fit to print?”  Even if you make it up.

Thanks to for part of this story.