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Ohio Diary #14: Ohio Takes Its Revenge

Last night Ohio screamed out loud not just to Republicans here, but all over the country.  It was a defeat for the Republican whores who wanted to line their pockets on the backs of the middle-class.  For almost a year now, Kasich thought he was in control.  So much so that he lied about Issue 2 [SB5].  He blamed the budget deficit on working people.  They are greedy, selfish, and lazy people.  Like all Republicans, they refuse to take any blame for the troubles.

This was not in truth an issue of Democrats versus Republicans.  It was about what was right and what was wrong. Public workers should not be the scapegoats for economic problems.  This defeat is stunning in the regard that even Republicans were against it.  69% voted against, and they weren’t all Democrats.  Kasich still didn’t listen.  He lied to his own party.  He did not do it alone.  He had help from his pimps, the Republican National Committee and the Columbus Dispatch.  They both told the same lies over and over again.  Kasich like all Republican governors and legislators became appeasers.

An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping he will be the last man eaten.  Winston Churchill

The Republican National Committee, Republican fascist, racist governors and legislators thought they spoke for the people, bestowing rights on them they already had.  They want to exclude all of us and deny us our rights and freedoms, while at the same time saying they are giving them to us.

The arrogance of these Republicans.  They tried to steal from the working man.  They will continue to do so unless we stop as we did in Ohio.  They want to cut Medicare and Medicaid.  They call the “entitlements“.  Entitlements my left foot.  I paid into it as did my employer.  The government does not just give it me.  I paid into it.  It is my money and I want it.  They make it sound as if it is a gift given to the people from government.  It is not!!!!  I am not to blame for their borrowing money from me.  I am not responsible for the government not paying that money back.  The money is mine and I intend to get as much as I paid into it back.

The fact is that Issue 2 here was a fight by Republicans against so-called “entitlements”.  Real people pay into pensions, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  They worked for it and paid for it, and are owed it.  Not as a gift but as a right.  Think of the interest owed on the load from social security and medicare?  I paid for it and I want my money.

Today Ohio gave America hope.  If you fight you can win.  If you are right you can win.  It is a mighty day for the poor and oppressed.



Ohio Diary #13: Kasich Bill SB 5 Gains Racist Support

Thanks to  for this.  It says it all.


SB5 and Better Ohio pick up support from racist twitter user

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Guess who loves Senate Bill 5 and Building a Better Ohio?

This guy:

Ohio Diary #11: The Columbus Dispatch’s Fake News: Kasich Wants To Negotiate SB 5

First you must never trust your local newspaper or TV channel.  They will only tell you one side of the story, or as in the Columbus Dispatch story; just make it up.

I must tell you that there was a time, a very long time ago, that the Columbus Dispatch was an excellent newspaper.  They printed the facts and told it from both points of view.  Now, it seems that their political bias is more important.

All this past week, the Dispatch has been running a story of how regrettable and unfortunate it is that labor won’t sit down and try to work out a comprise on
Senate Bill 5.  Senate Bill 5 is the anti-union, anti-collective bargaining bill that has been passed, and signed by the Governor.  It is has yet to be implemented because it is to be on the November ballot to repealed.  It is a story designed to present Kasich as willing to compromise but labor as unbending and unyielding.  It is a fake.

Here is what the Dispatch Editorial said:

On Sunday, a Dispatch editorial called for proponents and opponents of Senate Bill 5 to reach a compromise that would require public employees to pay more for their health care and pensions but would strip away the bill’s provisions that aren’t related to controlling government costs.

Yesterday, sources told Dispatch reporters that informal discussions between two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5 and representatives from the Ohio Education Association and the AFL-CIO took place about six weeks ago, but labor backed away.

On Sunday the Dispatch’s editorial page said the offer came from Governor Kasich, but the news division subtly backed away and said it was two people affiliated with the defense of Senate Bill 5.  They weren’t from the Governor’s office after all.  It explains why labor wouldn’t consider talking to them.  Who were these two people negotiating?  How did the editorial board seem to know about this so-called deal before the newsroom? It is very simple…because the Dispatch essentially was one of the people representing pro-SB 5 interests at the meeting.  Mike Curtin, former Vice-Chairman of the Dispatch Printing Company and Curt Steiner, former OSU lobbyist, former Voinovich chief-of-staff pushed the “We Are Ohio” campaign on the possibility of working out a deal with Kasich to avoid having to have a referendum issue.

What could they promise to the unions?  They have no authority to negotiate a deal that requires the involvement of the GOP legislature and Kasich.  It was an attempt to make the unions and the “We Are Ohio” campaign look unreasonable.  It was an imaginary story.  All in the minds of Curtin and Steiner.

But guess what?  Kasich played along.  He held an alleged” negotiation meeting yesterday, and  no one showed up.   There sat Kasich and his aides, all of three people, and no one came.  Taking his lead from the Dispatch, he assailed the unions for refusing to negotiate a deal on SB 5.

In a letter from We Are Ohio to the Governor, they simply stated that they would not negotiate until the bill in its current form was repealed.  They urged the Governor to call the legislature back and repeal the law.

This is a publicity stunt on Kasich’s part.  He is trouble, polls show him in the toilet and sinking fast.  He has seen what has gone on in Wisconsin and is afraid as he should be.  He is a beggar.  He had a chance to meet with the unions in February, when the bill was being debated.  Kasich outright refused to meet with unions six months ago.  Kasich has said: “I’ve listened. I’ve heard. I’ve made a decision.” That was the end of it.  Until now that is.

Kasich is now the ludicrous spectacle that he deserves to be.  He was negotiating with himself.  He had help though.

Kasich’s arrogance shows through with this blatant attempt to attack unions and weaken support for the Democratic party.  He did not do this by himself. He had partisan support of members of the house and senate. They are equally responsible for being sheep and blindly following their leader down the path to destruction.

Back to the Columbus Dispatch.  The Dispatch tried to broker a deal on SB 5. Then the Dispatch follows up the editorial advocating for someone to try to attempt a deal with a news story that such an attempt as advocated by the Dispatch was tried, but labor walked away.  Not one time did they state that one of the most influential figures at the Dispatch just happens to be behind the effort to broker a deal and then the editorial lecturing labor to make such a deal.  It was all lies.  You might even call it yellow journalism.

Not since William Randolph Hearst and now Rupert Murdoch has a media outlet been more interested in making the news than reporting it.  It is more than just a story about a medial outlet having a political bias in its coverage of a story.  This is simply about a media outlet becoming the story.

This is  about a media outlet that lies about its role in creating the news and, in so doing, failing to disclose relevant evidence that puts that story in its proper context.

The truth is simple:  There was no offer from Governor Kasich.  There was an attempt by powerful people, Mike Curtin and Curt Steiner to try and avoid an issue that could cause lasting damage to the Republican Party in Ohio.  And when they, who had absolutely nothing to offer in the deal, didn’t get two labor leaders to immediately leap at the chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they let loose the Dispatch on them.

The Dispatch just isn’t in the sewer for John Kasich.  On Sunday and all this week, they said they actually represent him in official government matters.

Newspapers were supposed to be truth tellers.  They were supposed to inform the people. They were supposed to be unbiased.  Those days are gone.

Now, they hack your tweets, listen to your phone messages, and make up news.

Shame on them.  Shame on us.


A special thanks to Plunderbund for part of this story.



Ohio Diary #7: Labor in Ohio Slapped Around Again

It was announced on Friday by Reuters that the great golf foursome was complete for Obama-Boehner golf game.  Vice President Biden will join Obama, and John Boehner will have Gov. John  Kasich.

One would think that the point of this outing was to get somewhere on some of the big issues facing the country.  Say the budge deal or the debt-ceiling.  But nooooo.

Obama should have said no to Boehner when he said he was going to invite Kasich.  What could he be thinking?  Obama’s people should have said no.  How could they every think that this would be a good idea.  To tell people that this is just going to be a friendly game of golf, and that issues would not be discussed borders on insanity.  Kasich has nothing to offer to the conversation.  His approval rating is pitiful.  The fact that Kasich is despised by every single union member in Ohio regardless of party membership in Ohio will hurt Obama in 2012.

Why give Kasich the national stage?  Why make him a star?  Here is a man that is braking unions, destroying education, sending tax dollars for Charter Schools to Turkey, who say they can’t find qualified teachers for their schools in Ohio, is one huge giant slap in the face for labor and all of us who worked for Obama in Ohio.

It is a big win for Kasich, who will proclaim that he gave advice to Obama on how he, Kasich, balanced the budget in Ohio on the backs of unions, teachers, the poor, and gave money to the rich.  He just can’t lose.  Obama on the other hand will come out looking like an idiot.  How can you condemn SB 5, and turn around and act as if it doesn’t matter what has happened to unions and education?

Obama’s people need to get their act together again.  They are in the big time now, and they need to remember how to use their power to do politics and win.  In 2010 the unions sat aside, stayed home, and then Gov. Strickland lost.  Ohio is important.  If Obama isn’t careful, the same thing will happen to him.

The so-called rabble is mad and this could send them over the edge.  Go OHIO!!!!!!!

Ohio Diary #6: Happy Birthday Idiot

This past Friday was Gov. John Kasich’s birthday.  It seems that someone in his office thought it might be a good idea to check if drivers license was current.  It wasn’t.  Think of it the idiot would have been pulled over by an “idiot” cop while driving with an expired driver’s license.  It would have been a sight to be hold.  Can’t you just hear him “Don’t you know who I am?”  “Yes, you idiot, you’re the a$$hole, you’re the one who gutted collective bargaining and cost us jobs.”

Instead, they got old John to the BMV just in time.  He got escorted to the office by his appointed Public Service Director, Tom Charles.  Charles personally escorted him to the front of the line, passing the no bodies, riff-raff and other good people waiting in line for hours.  He went straight of the line.  He didn’t get the chance to call anyone name, degrade, belittle, or humiliate of the regular everyday people.  It might have been fun to seem him try.

He didn’t need to do it himself, he had someone do it for him – someone who people actually know.


We are losing Our Class” The Republican Class Wars

I used to think that I was the most middle-class person that ever lived.  That is what marketing and advertising told me.  We all have to buy this and drink that, and it must be the same thing or else.  Coke or Pepsi, fresh perked coffee or instant?  Polo’s or Kmart?  The real thing or nothing at all.  Do this and you are middle-class.  Now the republicans are telling me the same thing.Our way or no way.

Seven our to ten people define themselves as middle class, so we may be just looking up and down at the other three who don’t. They are probably the people who don’t buy or drink the what they are told to. Really is there no hope at all?

I am shocked at the bloodless coup  that has been realized here.  As social movement has stumbled the last twenty years, we have the majority of people self certifying themselves as middle c\lass. Certified is the correct word. Delusions of grandeur are one thing. Delusions of being middle class when you earn minimum wage, and are trying to make ends meet, implies that the class war is not going that well. It is hard after all, to maintain a class war when everyone says they are all on the same side.

What has happened is that the Republicans and Democrats have hooked on to the idea of hope being a vote getter exactly at the same time when those same hopes cannot be met for many in a globalised economy. Homeowing, self-reliance, a good job for life, nice vacations, and an appetite for real experiences come to define us. What we buy has come to define us, rather than what we produced, have become our real identity. As any fool knows, any radical or Marxist, this is not what social class really means. This is reducing class to the trivial pursuit of consumer power.

The Republicans, more so than the Democrats, are trying to turn us into uniform classlessness. They campaigned on jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Putting people, the middle class, back to work. The great lie, we are all in this together.  Now this does seem like a good idea, until you understand just what must happen first to get there.

First you attack women’s rights. Attack, what could I be thinking?  Eliminate them altogether.  Return to the good old days of the 50’s, when women stayed home, had babies, cooked and cleaned house.  Only now, if you want children or not, you need governmental approval.  Abortions not an option, even in the case of rape or incest.  Abortion for those reasons would lead to faked rape and incest cases.  Just like those good old days, you have no control over your own life and body.  Back to the back alley abortions.

Then comes fear.  Fear of everything and everyone Middle Eastern.  They are all obviously terrorists and want to kill us. But now, I have learned thanks to the teabaggers, that I should be afraid of anyone that looks different, is a different color and religion.  I should be a racist pig, er elephant.

According to the elephant in the room, the Christian Right and teabaggers, my middle class values must be theirs.  My faith and religion certainly is not good enough, even though, my God is the same as theirs.  At least I thought so.  I must be wrong for they tell me so.

Now we are in no-man’s land. We are unable to share the nostalgia for the good old working classes. There is much about the working class life that is boring and about putting yourself into a drug induced stupidity. The nobility of the working class life is pure fiction. I mean really. No man would live half their lives underground in a mine if they had another choice. No woman now joyfully gets up in the dead of night to go clean offices.

If we don’t mind being defined by vote hungry Republicans or people who want to sell us things, then we should just be happy and jump on their wagon. This is a con. They want to change of all into some uniform vision of middle classness. Robots, that is what they want, and it seems that we are willing to let them.

The difficulty now is that mere desire,  middle class or not, is not enough. The hopes of the young – to be famous without talent – is no less crazy than many current political desires. We are to have growth and prosperity and jobs without investment. Nuts! We are all supposed to be happy and proud while they cut off our arms, legs and heads of the public sector.  That is really nuts.

No rational human being would just sit by and let this happen.  But we have allowed ourselves to be put into marketing categories.

Yet there is hope.  The protests in Wisconsin and Ohio and other states has proven this.  By protesting, we simply state that our individual interests and hopes are not those of the “ruling class”. Some of us may think that we are middle class, but we must fight the fiction and propaganda that class no longer matters.

So am I middle class, underclass?  Or do I just simply have no class at all.  I resist their notion that I am nothing. I will resist their notion that they are better than me. I will resist being sold.

John Boehner, John Kasich, the Governor of Wisconsin and all other states must have Alzheimer’s. They have forgotten who elected them.


Ohio Diary #5: Help us drink to bring jobs to Ohio

I invite you to Ohio for a drink, on me.  No, we need your money too, so that we can bring jobs to Ohio. 

Kasich’s plan to finance his new JobsOhio, a privatized development agency, includes the leasing the state’s liquor stores to JobsOhio which is going to use the money for its day to day operations. But Kasich says this will work because Ohioans are increasing their alcohol consumption.  This type of scheme has not worked in other states, but Kasich doesn’t care. Privatize, Privatize is all that is important.

“Over the years people drink more. It’s just a natural revenue stream.” Kasich said last week. Ohio’s best natural asset is its liquor intake.  Let’s just increase Ohio’s drinking problem and drunkenness. As drunk as we may be, we still need your help in getting business to come to Ohio and that means jobs, jobs, jobs. 

As I am sitting here writing this post with a glass of beer in my hand, I have to ask myself the question: If Ohioans will be drinking more and drunkenness will rise, will we not be too drunk to work?  We’ve been drinking for sometime now, so you would think that jobs would be plentiful in Ohio.  Not true.  We have to get fall down drunk for jobs to come to Ohio.  I suspect that those over imbibing are the good, kind people that voted for Kasich.  When you don’t have a job, and there is not hope in finding one, you gotta do something. Drinking seems right.

Here is the joke.  In Ohio profits on liquor sales generates $228 million for the state every year. JobsOhio is set to take over liquor sales oversight and own that revenue stream.  They will sell 30 years worth of that revenue, worth $6.8 billion to a group of investors recruited by a Wall Street firm in return for a lump sum payment to the state. According to the administration, they expect to receive about $1.5 billion in return for this $6.8 billion in state revenue. Wall Street will naturally take their cut.  They will sell bonds to finance the deal. They will have a twenty to thirty year revenue stream for essentially zero money down.  Ohio faces billions in deficits, but Kasich is giving away liquor revenue to create jobs.

So I implore you to come to Ohio, help Ohioans drink into oblivion Since we will be to sloshed to work, maybe you can get luck and take our jobs, that is if you can find one.

It is just one more for the road. Or is it…drinking again?!!!