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I Would Rather Be Blown Up Then Look Inside A Dirty Diaper

I am sure that the job at the TSA isn’t easy, but really!!!!  Here is a 98 year old woman who could barely stand, dying, and off for a visit with family for the last time.  The TSA must enjoy molesting and abusing the very young and the very old and dying.

The TSA tells you that wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives.  Then the TSA said that woman had to remove the diaper because it was soiled and was “impeding” the search.   If the diaper was the concern, the reason of the search, then the TSA should have done the “dirty” deed themselves.  I want them to inspect the poop and urine in the dirty diaper.  Then they should give the dying, bomb carrying woman, a clean diaper.  Why didn’t they check the wheelchair?  It is metal, made of pipes and whatnot that could easily conceal a bomb, but obviously that was not as much fun as inspecting the naked body of a grandmother. 

Terrorists all over the world are laughing so hard they are in tears.  They have won.  I am all for common sense.  But that would assume that at some point their brains do actually work sometimes.  The terrorists have won.  We have become the very thing we are fighting against.  America the home of the chicken-sh**s.  Where have the brave gone.  Al Qaeda doesn’t need to expend energy trying to attack us since as I said earlier they have won,  We have our own “government” terrorists doing their work. 

I travel a lot to Europe, and each time I go through a full body scanner and still get a pat down.  It is as intrusive as can be.  It is a joke.  They do it in the patriotic duty of protecting us.  But who protects us from them. 

I wonder if this is the plan of the Teapublicans, small government never works, Teapublicans staffed TSA with idiots with order to do this very crap so that people have less faith in their government.  So they would be afraid. 

Don’t we all feel safer?  Privatizing the TSA as the Teapublicans wanted, still hasn’t resolved the problem of TSA rules that make no sense.  The Teapublicans dream of privatizing just everything, but it doesn’t want to be accountable for the basic and fundamental problems with the TSA.  The TSA and the Teapublicans enjoy groping. 

The TSA and the Teapbulicans and all their followers need to be groped and then removed.


Ohio Diary #7: Labor in Ohio Slapped Around Again

It was announced on Friday by Reuters that the great golf foursome was complete for Obama-Boehner golf game.  Vice President Biden will join Obama, and John Boehner will have Gov. John  Kasich.

One would think that the point of this outing was to get somewhere on some of the big issues facing the country.  Say the budge deal or the debt-ceiling.  But nooooo.

Obama should have said no to Boehner when he said he was going to invite Kasich.  What could he be thinking?  Obama’s people should have said no.  How could they every think that this would be a good idea.  To tell people that this is just going to be a friendly game of golf, and that issues would not be discussed borders on insanity.  Kasich has nothing to offer to the conversation.  His approval rating is pitiful.  The fact that Kasich is despised by every single union member in Ohio regardless of party membership in Ohio will hurt Obama in 2012.

Why give Kasich the national stage?  Why make him a star?  Here is a man that is braking unions, destroying education, sending tax dollars for Charter Schools to Turkey, who say they can’t find qualified teachers for their schools in Ohio, is one huge giant slap in the face for labor and all of us who worked for Obama in Ohio.

It is a big win for Kasich, who will proclaim that he gave advice to Obama on how he, Kasich, balanced the budget in Ohio on the backs of unions, teachers, the poor, and gave money to the rich.  He just can’t lose.  Obama on the other hand will come out looking like an idiot.  How can you condemn SB 5, and turn around and act as if it doesn’t matter what has happened to unions and education?

Obama’s people need to get their act together again.  They are in the big time now, and they need to remember how to use their power to do politics and win.  In 2010 the unions sat aside, stayed home, and then Gov. Strickland lost.  Ohio is important.  If Obama isn’t careful, the same thing will happen to him.

The so-called rabble is mad and this could send them over the edge.  Go OHIO!!!!!!!

Ohio Diary #5: Help us drink to bring jobs to Ohio

I invite you to Ohio for a drink, on me.  No, we need your money too, so that we can bring jobs to Ohio. 

Kasich’s plan to finance his new JobsOhio, a privatized development agency, includes the leasing the state’s liquor stores to JobsOhio which is going to use the money for its day to day operations. But Kasich says this will work because Ohioans are increasing their alcohol consumption.  This type of scheme has not worked in other states, but Kasich doesn’t care. Privatize, Privatize is all that is important.

“Over the years people drink more. It’s just a natural revenue stream.” Kasich said last week. Ohio’s best natural asset is its liquor intake.  Let’s just increase Ohio’s drinking problem and drunkenness. As drunk as we may be, we still need your help in getting business to come to Ohio and that means jobs, jobs, jobs. 

As I am sitting here writing this post with a glass of beer in my hand, I have to ask myself the question: If Ohioans will be drinking more and drunkenness will rise, will we not be too drunk to work?  We’ve been drinking for sometime now, so you would think that jobs would be plentiful in Ohio.  Not true.  We have to get fall down drunk for jobs to come to Ohio.  I suspect that those over imbibing are the good, kind people that voted for Kasich.  When you don’t have a job, and there is not hope in finding one, you gotta do something. Drinking seems right.

Here is the joke.  In Ohio profits on liquor sales generates $228 million for the state every year. JobsOhio is set to take over liquor sales oversight and own that revenue stream.  They will sell 30 years worth of that revenue, worth $6.8 billion to a group of investors recruited by a Wall Street firm in return for a lump sum payment to the state. According to the administration, they expect to receive about $1.5 billion in return for this $6.8 billion in state revenue. Wall Street will naturally take their cut.  They will sell bonds to finance the deal. They will have a twenty to thirty year revenue stream for essentially zero money down.  Ohio faces billions in deficits, but Kasich is giving away liquor revenue to create jobs.

So I implore you to come to Ohio, help Ohioans drink into oblivion Since we will be to sloshed to work, maybe you can get luck and take our jobs, that is if you can find one.

It is just one more for the road. Or is it…drinking again?!!!