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Wayne La Pierre Breaks N.R.A. Silence

In are  response to comments and urging of a number of Republicans Senators and Representatives Wayne La Pierre, leader of the N.A.R. has issued the following statement:

The Second Amendment is the center piece of freedom and American values.  We are the longest standing Civil Rights organization in the United States.  We fight for your freedom.  If you must fight, don’t lose.  Good guys carrying guns can and do make a difference.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  You can’t tell the difference between the lions and the lambs.  I am defending and protecting your right to purchase the largest clip and rounds of bullets that are presently available.  Therefore, today I am announcing that we, the N.R.A. will begin a new membership drive in all states, and readily available to all.  We soon will be setting up N.R.A. kiosks outside all movie theaters, and stadiums to add new members and educate the people to the importance of high capacity magazines and assault rifles.  We want them to discover that like Wyatt Earp, they too can enjoy their version of the gunfight at the OK Corral, Batman movie or any other venue they choose.  Stadiums are even better since attendance there is huge.  We want as many bodies riddled with bullets as possible.

He then went on to reiterate his comments from May, 2012, as reported by The Onion,,28352/?ref=auto.  As they apply to “soft-targets etc.  I was impressed with his passion for higher body counts.  He continued:

Government policies are killing us.  In response, along with my previous statement, we are planning to be the “bookmobile: for assault weapons and ammunition, as much as you want.  There are those who say the I have the charisma of an unflushed toilet.  I do not fear them.  Our future is bright and bloody.  I will not stop protecting our civil rights and freedom.

This will only end when they take my assault rifle from my blood drenched, dripping hand.



Hell Yes I am Un-American, Again

I am proud to be UN-American.  If being a good American means spreading terror, hatred, poverty, racism then hell yes I am UN-American. If being a good American means curtailing the freedoms of religion, association, speech then hell yes I am UN-American.  If as a country we find it right to brutalize, condemn unions, communists, Mexicans, Arabs, gays, peace activists and Blacks, if we find it right to detain them, fire them, illegally search them and even kill them simply because we are told they are the people we should fear, then hell yes, I am UN-American.    It isn’t easy being UN-American.   It take courage.  It takes  principle.  It takes reason.

Our history is filled with examples of courage conquering fear and hatred.  Now, I know these good Americans have no concept of history, what it means, what it is, and make it up as they go.  We survived the dust bowl, presidential assassinations, church bombings, lynchings and war.  We believed in the Constitution and what it represents.  These good Americans are cowards.  They pretend to revere the values and principles that the Constitution guarantees, the very things this country was built on.  Instead, they are blatant with their cowardice and spineless and eagerly trash sacred principle as a road to fear.  They see the Constitution as nothing more than a piece of paper that they can use only when it serves their purpose.  Just a talking point.  They find it American to take away freedoms and rights.

I have been here before.  Maybe some of you have too.  During the Viet Nam war, I/we were called UN-American, un-patriotic, communists and told to love it or leave it.  They even killed four in OHIO.  Their fear and hatred took over, they lost their reason, forgot the Constitution and reviled all of us.  Pathetically, after many years, these good Americans, Democrats and Republicans, began to look like us and talk like us.  We weren’t nuts any more.  Amazingly, they too were now UN-American.

It is a simple truth that when good Americans  judge people on the basis of where they come from, how they look, how they speak, what their religion is, gay or lesbian, black or white, it is terrorism.  Terrorism turns them into racists.  Good Americans see it as everyone is out to ruin the white man’s paradise.

I want my I Am UN-American t-shirt.  I intend to wear it as a badge of courage.  It is time for an “I Am UN-American’ project.

To paraphrase Eugene O’Neil from “A Moon for the Misbegotten”, ” It will be a mighty day for the poor and oppressed.”

Cirque de Palin

Be still my heart.  All this time I thought that Paul Revere made his ride to warn us the British were coming.  I learned that in seventh grade history class.  When they actually taught history in schools.  Now, I learn that it was actually a ride to warn the British.  He was the great defender of the Second Amendment before it was first proposed.  That’s right, the American Revolution was fought over a 5 day waiting period.   The Declaration of Independence was signed in Boston. Right?

The transcript is amazing.  Did she not know who Paul Revere was? She wrote about her tour along the Freedom Trail.  She walked in the footsteps of the Sons of Liberty, visiting historic Boston.

          Palin:  He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be free and we were going to be armed.

It is brilliant.  Bachman and Palin; the idiot twins.  Another bit of history we didn’t know until Palin told us was that the Statue of Liberty was there to keep immigrants away.  English must be her second language.

Lamestream Media Ambush!!!!!  She used her First Amendment right to speak truth.  The Lamestream Media is now reporting her truth.  I can’t wait for her to correct this false reporting.  Can’t you just hear her:  I will keep pivoting around the media bias, and not get distracted with vulgar personal shots. Even with limited time we can try to call out lies and set the record straight.   You go girl!!!!

It has been said that Palin is intimating that she might run to mess with Michele Bachman’s mind as much as she can.  Mindless messing with mindless.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  If she had one, she would know that.  It must be a shared mind.  Half a brain.  Bachman confused Massachusetts with New Hampshire, and now Palin states that Paul Revere warned the British by ringing bells.  We were going to be free.

We shouldn’t be paying any attention to her.  She an embarrassment.  But I say, let her continue to make a ludicrous spectacle of herself.  It is so much fun to watch.  Better than Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  I would give anything to see Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman in a history debate.  Comedy television at its best.  They both open their mouthes to change feet.

Just when I thought I had seen everything from this woman, willful stupidity and take your breath away ignorance, she fires through the bottom of the barrel.

Now all we can do is wait and see if Palin pulls the trigger and runs for president.  Let the games begin.  She is shooting blanks.  Like her mind.

War and Remembrance: The Legacy of George W. Bush

I am glad that Osama bin Laden is dead  His murder was justice for all that he murdered on 9/11 and his own Muslim brothers.  Still I can not celebrate.  As I watched on Sunday night, I was taken by the lack of understanding of what has occurred in this country, and what we have done to others.  To celebrate tarnishes the memory of all the soldiers, on both sides, who have died or are wounded.  A blemish on the victims of 9/11.  We should never celebrate killing.  Instead, we should mourn the dead and celebrate the living.  On both sides.

I can’t help but think; we are the public spaces for mourning the mounting toll of today’s wars? Where is that feeling in our soul of never again?  We have public places for remembering the soldiers of WWII and Viet Nam.  We can visit Arlington National Cemetery and the Wall and remember the dead.  But the wars of the last ten years, where are those places?  I visited Epinol National Cemetery in France, where my uncle is buried, and you can see forever the soldiers on both sides buried there.  I remembered, I did not celebrate.

Our children, their children were sent to war for “freedom”, “democracy”, or “God”.  They bought into the idea that the war was righteous.  They and we never considered at the time that we were lied to.  It was a simple case of revenge.  Revenge is best served cold, or with revenge you must first dig two graves  We have done that one thousand times over.  We still havent’ learned  We still insist on death.

I have been thinking about the invasion of Iraq  President George W. and his good old boys were jumping at the bit to remove Saddam Hussein from power.  Since 1991 when George the 1st didn’t finish the job.  September 11, 2001 was an excuse for George W. even though there was no connection whatever between the hijackers, mainly Saudis, and Saddam Hussein’s regime.  He was determined to set men free.  No interest at all in capturing and bringing to justice bin Laden.  Set men free, bring democracy to Iraq and therefore peace to the Middle East.  We all know how that turned out.

A by-product that still remains in full force in this country is the Rape of the Bill of Rights.  We let them give us The Patriot Act.  Shrub promised freedom and democracy to the Middle East, while at the same time stealing ours away .  The military-industrial complex has all power now.  The Bill of Rights raped in the name of freedom and security.  We are becoming what we set out to defeat.  Barry Goldwater said: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”.  I wonder what Goldwater would say now?  I wonder what he would think or say about what the Tea Party assault on women.  I know what he said long ago: “A lot of so-called conservatives today don’t know what the word means. They think I’ve turned liberal because I believe a woman has a right to an abortion. That’s a decision that’s up to the pregnant woman, not the up to the pope or some do-gooders on the religious right. It’s not a conservative issue at all.”

So we should not be celebrating.  Justice has been done.  Still, the fight is not over.  I want my country back.  One day, without a doubt, the dead from today’s wars will be seen with a similar sense of sorrow at useless and needless loss and foolishness as those millions of men who lie in the cemeteries of France and America — and tens of millions of Americans will feel a similar revulsion for the politicians and generals who were so wasteful with other’s lives.  I just wonder what it will take for us to come to that point.

I want my country back.  I want my rights restored.  That can only be done by us.  We are the only ones who can win the war at home.

Revolutions Lead to New Arab World Order

The events continuing in the Middle East, the revolutions in many countries is inevitably leading to a New World Order in the Middle East.  What is even more amazing is the short time it took for the revolution to spread to each of these countries.

Consider this: 12.17.2010  Tunisia…the spark that sets off unrest and rallies that spread nationwide.

Consider this: 01.14.11 Jordanians angered over prices and joblessness

Consider this:  01.25.2011 Egypt Erupts

Consider this: Algerians take to the streets

Consider this: Yemen braces for protests, and call for protests, “day of rage” on 02.03.2011

Consider this: 02.06.2011 Morocco protests

Consider this:  02.09.2011 Jordan replaces government to pre-empt protests

Consider this:  02.11.2011 Mubarak Resigns

Consider this: 0212.2011 Algerian police attack protesters

Consider this: 0214.2011 Bahrain protests, crackdown, shoot live bullets and injure 60

Consider this: 02.14.2011 Iranian protest, “Green Revolution” rallies tens of thousands to protest. Riot police beat and fire tear gas. One person killed.

Consider this: 02.16.2011 Libyians join protest, 60 people killed

Consider this: 0-2.19.2011 Bahrainian protesters reclaim central square, Army and Military withdraw

This is remarkable, in sixty days the face of the Middle East has changed and continues to change.

Make no mistake, American Foreign Policy in the Arab world will continue to as complicated as it was prior the “revolutions.”

The obvious aspect of the all these anti-regime protests that has shaken the Arab world is what they are not about: They are  not about the Palestinians under Israeli  occupation; nor are they anti-Western or even anti-American. The protesters have directed their anger against unemployment, tyranny, lack of freedom, dignity and justice in their lives.  This a huge change in the Middle East.

Many of us remember the demonstrations against the Shah of Iran in 1979, before that revolution was stolen by Islamists.  Iran had a person leader that aroused popular loyalty.  It is ironic that the Shah was exiled on February 11, 1979, and that Mubarak resigned 32 years later on February 11, 2011.

Yet the dangers to U.S. Interests of what is to come next in the Arab world are to overstate.  If protests were to spread to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, a great disaster or utter failure would be waiting. The Saudi royal family, is probably the worst form of government for that country but for the any other which might replace it.  We’ve sold all manner of weapons to the Saudis over decades falling into the hands of Wahhabi radicals. Imagine Yemen were it divided once again into northern and southern parts. The United States would be on its own fighting al Qaeda there.

Though the U.S. government ignored the ‘Green Revolution’ in the recent past, they are back.  Anti-government protests are back.  The Iranian government has called on its supporters to take to the streets to demonstrate their “hatred” for the opposition Green Movement.  We were silent during the violent anti-government protests following the disputed presidential election in June 2009.  But now it seems that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire.  They have written a letter to their commanding officer demanding assurances that they will not be required to open fire on anti-government protesters. The letter has been passed on to Mr. Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, no official response has been forthcoming.

Our foreign policy must heed the uniqueness of each country’s political and historical situation in forming U.SA. policy. President Obama and his administration must stand up for principles of civil society, nonviolence, and human rights everywhere.  When an autocrat appears on the way out, as in Egypt and Tunisia the United States must play a constructive role in easing his ouster.  Our government should not be in the position of putting our ‘interests’ above our principles.  There is Bahrain, where the relationship between Bahrain and the U.S. is very strong, our fleet is based there, but that should not interfere with the principles that we expound to the entire world, freedom, free elections, democracy, free press.  The Arab world should be treated no differently than Europe or other areas of the world.  Our principles should not change because countries have oil or other interests we might want control of.  We must stand up for what is right, make a stand and never sway. Our country’s fear of the unknown and their need for their special interests should not stand in the way of freedom and democracy.

Is Mubarak Really Seriously Ill?

Mubarak said that he would die in Egypt.  But the rumor is that he will travel to Germany for treatment.   In fact, plans for a possible hospital stay in German appear to be more concrete than previously believed. It may be a stay at a luxury clinic near Baden-Baden is most favored.

The United states government’s scenario for an end to the political chaos in Egypt appears to be this:  President Hosni Mubarak travels to Germany for a “prolonged health check” that would offer the 82-year-old a dignified departure.  The New York Times reported that secret talks to that effect were being held between the IS government and Egyptian military officials. Talks already being held with suitable hospitals, particularly with the Max-Grundig-Klinik.

The luxury clinic has an excellent reputation, as well as a respected oncology department, offers first class medical and the comfort and service a top hotel.  Patients are accommodated in suites of 2,152 square feet

In the past there have been rumors that Mubarak is suffering from cancer In the spring of 2010, Mubarak had his gallbladder and an intestinal polyp removed in a Heidelberg University Clinic  Doctors in Heidelberg quashed the cancer rumors at the time. But he has not arrived there yet.  Imagine, a disgraced, dictator going to villa they call a hospital, treated as a President, to receive the best medical care.  While his former subjects barely live day to day.According to the Saudi-owned daily Asharq al-Awsat reported that Mubarak was ailing and had refused to travel abroad for treatment.

What is certain is that his state of health is declining drastically. In addition there is information that he is refusing to receive the required medical treatment.

Asharq al-Awsat said Mubarak, 82, had refused advice to travel to Germany for treatment, quoting:

He has asked those around him to allow him to die in his country, and I believe this is just a matter of time.

If that is what happens, and he dies in Egypt, it will be the first and only promise to his subjects that he has kept.

He should be exiled and allowed to die in the same squalor and poverty in which he left his subjects.


Egypt: History Repeating Itself

Fifty-seven years ago, March 1954, the Egyptian people, let y students rose up to resist oppression and for respect for the constitution, where marching in Cairo in 1954.

King Farouk had been removed in a military coup, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1952. This coup was first met with support and hope, but soon dissolved as the Egyptian people watched the new leadership move toward oppression. The constitution was suspended and members of the opposition arrested.

They had no cellphone or internet, but the word spread quickly. Thousands marched Soldiers opened fire and wounded students. The determination of the students was immediate. The government had to be brought down.

Nasser said he would hope open and free elections that summer and promised to spend the intervening months implementing an array of political reforms. Abd al-Quadir Audeh, one of the leaders of the demonstrations, took Nasser at his word and asked the protesters to go home. Audeh was arrested house later and executed, along with other protest leaders the following year. Egypt‘s current protesters are well aware of their country’s bloody political history. The question is whether Mubarak‘s incoherent message to his people means that both sides are bound to repeat it.

The protesters will not be tricked again.  The same promises are being made again, now. Suleiman has offered token concessions to the protesters while rejecting real subtantive changes. Suleiman is reading from the same script Mubarak has used for decades.  The same talk Nasser used.  Suleiman said,”Oh, young men of Egypt…go back to your homes, go back to your jobs.”  Nasser told them the same thing and the protesters were hunted down and shot.

Breaking News:  Mubarak along with his family has left Cairo. Unconfirmed reports from Israel that he has gone to the Red Sea Resort of Sharim el-Sheikh. He has a villa there.  Bought with money stolen from his people.

In an interview Nawal El Saadawi said:

We are in the streets every day, people, children, old people, including myself. I am no 80 years old, suffering of this regime for half a century. You remember, Mubarak is the continuation of Sadat. Both Sadat and Mubarak , their regime worked against the people. They created this gap between the poor and rich. They brought the so-called business class to govern us.  Egypt became an American colony. We are dominated by the U.S. and Israel. And 80 Million people have no say in the country.  But what I would like to tell you, the US. government, with Israel and Saudi Arabia and some other powers outside the country and inside the country, they want to abort this revolution. They create rumors that Egypt is going to be ruined, to be robbed. So they try to frighten us. They have two strategies: to frighten us, so we say we need security, we need Mubarak because people are living in fear. What we want to tell the U.S. and others, keep away from us. End your false democracy and neo-colonialsim.

The Caliphate guru’s need to shut up.  They just perpetuate lies for their own benefit and profit.

In stead of just sitting around and believing all the trash, what we need is a “truth test.”  All bloggers should begin to deconstruct everything they claim as fact. The media enables them, also enables views to being manipulated.  Beck will tell you he is going to tell you the truth.  Well, isn’t it time to tell the truth about, Beck, Palin and all those other Right-Wing liars.

Be brave.  Start the “truth test” movement. Democracy is ours, the Egyptian people deserve it with no assistance from us.  Truth be told, the Mubarak regime is an American creation.

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

One Autocrat is Gone, The People are about to be set free, maybe

The Revolution:

The Military has stepped in to protect the country

Mubarak to speak

NDP Leader says that Mubarak must go

Military prevented Mubarak  from making speech handing over power to Vice-President Suleiman

Will Military support a civilian government or continue with regime

but does it matter to us.  Again if our interests take precedence over democracy and freedom, we will be guilty again of manipulation.

Just look at Haiti.  In 2004 the us sponsored regime change in Haiti.  It happened in the wee house of March 1, with US landing houses after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide reportedly gave in to demands from an armed opposition movement that he step down and go into exile — there were rumors on the ground maintained he was actually arrested by US forces.

This overthrow had been in the making since December 1990, when Hati’s first free election was held The winning candidate, was the populist priest Aristide. But seven months later Aristide’s government was overthrown n a military coup. No government on earth recognized the military junta, but Noam Chomsky said: “washington maintained close intelligence and military ties with the new rulers while undermining the embargo called by OAS, even authorizing illegal shipment of oil to the regime and its wealthy supports.”

The last elections took place in November 2000, Aristide won his second non-consecutive term amid allegations of irregularities by the US and the opposition.  To the surprise of Washington Aristide was president again.  The US and international donors blocked financial aid stating elections were flawed.  They just didn’t get the result they had worked to hard to achieve.  The opposition was being armed and trained.  The US government was directly involved in a new military coup attempt against Aristide and are being backed by Washington.  He has been exiled twice.

The recent trip to Haiti by Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Haitian children was a cover, her main mission was to convince the  powers that be to keep Aristide from returning.  All this is being done so that the American government has control of “free” elections.

In Egypt now, the US government is caught east of the rock and west of the hard place.  If they lose control of the government that did their bidding, their foreign policy or the lack thereof , has been bovine scatology.  The fact that they had Wisner tell Mubarak to name Suleiman VP, shows what they want.  Interests are more important the democracy and freedom.

When a stronger stand against the regime was needed, i.e. cut off aid, they talked about the Egyptian people receiving what they want.  They were conspicuously silent about telling Mubarak and regime to go.  Simply put, they didn’t want him to go.

We will see what will happen, but regardless of what does happen, the Middle East may be changed for the good forever.  With luck, Israel will lose a friend.


More on Haiti can be found at:

Republicans Revolt: A blow against The Patriot Act

Tonight I saw a republicans, 26  of them, voted against the extension of three provisions of the Patriot Act was defeated.  Those true Republicans who actually believe in small government, civil liberties, and the Bill of Right, stuck it to their party.

Many new Republicans Members of Congress had signaled they would not support this bill, H. R. 514, stating that it was intrusion of big government. Big government wants to wiretap your phone, and conduct surveillance on them. Don’t change carriers or phone numbers, at least not too many times.  If you do, they may consider you a terrorist.  They want so badly to protect us But these new members of Congress are right – the Patriot act is an instrument of control created by Neo-Conservatives after September 11th. We have heard a lot a talk about government tyranny – mostly healthcare and taxes. But there’s been little talk about actual tyranny  – the PATRIOT ACT.  Eisenhower warned us:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous  rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

But we have been here before.  The spring of 1970. It was a time unchecked Presidential power. It violated our civil liberties.  They were afraid. Students protesting and they were afraid.  Led by the FBI, city and state police, they thought the American way of life was in jeopardy.  They launched the broadest program of domestic spying and infiltration this has ever seen at that time. It was the first PATRIOT ACT.  It was ultimately declared illegal and unconstitutional.

During that time, we had not forgotten or ignored our rights.  If you ignore your rights, you will lose them.  The Patriot act takes away our rights, but the majority of Americans ignored it.  They believed the government when they said we will make you safe, but we have to trample you rights and freedoms.  Ignore your rights and you will lose them.  It is time for our elected officials to put their money where their mouth is.  But we must do the more.

I could take a poll or maybe just ask the question to see if you still support the Bill of Rights.  Here’s one: as long as there appears to be no clear danger of violence, do you think any group, no matter how extreme, should be allowed to organize protests against the government?  My guess is that the answer would be no.  In fact, I would guess that the majority of Americans refuse to support five of the ten protections of the Bill of Rights, which is why we need a Bill of Rights.  It protects the minority from the majority who, by definition, need no protection.  I am sure that if asked the question, “do you support the Bill of Rights?’ you would answer “Yes”.  Trouble was, without the Bill people wouldn’t recognize the rights.

Hold your Senators and Representative accountable.  Make sure they serve you and not the party.  Protect your rights. Learn to fight.

“Let My People Go”

We need a new “Moses” to stand up and tell Pharor Mubarack and his government to set his people free.

Where is America?  American strategy in the Middle Ease is oil, stability and Israel. American is obessed with Israel. They hold Israel as the Axis of the Middle East policy.  Arabs have always been invisible to America.  The argument in going on in America now is about “interests” and “principles.” When it comes to  policy , it comes down to what can we get. They work with people so undesirable and unreliable that they can’t be trusted. So theyhave to be under totalitarian governments The seige on Gaza is an Egyptian, Israeli, and American operation.

We must take Egypt for itself. Not ask Israel what they think or want. It is a mistake. Doing that makes what we think and do irrelevant.  We do not matter.

We have supported all autocratic leaders in the Middle East We havbe even put them into power in the name of freedom. George W Bush promised the Freedom and Democracy, remember the “Freedom Agenda?” It was freedom in Iraq will bring democracy to Israel.  We see how that worked out. The neocon agenda ha no plan built in for the peple to have a voice. The West had no reason to rock the boat. American must protect their interests.

America must stand for its principles.  American policy is paralyzed.  Why?  The answer is simple…..Keep Egypt an Allie and whoever is “elected” president must ensure that they uphold the Egypt and Israeli Peace Treaty of 1979.  Cold War policies.

We can’t alienate U.S Israelis. It would mean political suicide. In reality it is political cowardice.

The United States has long seeked to block democracy in the Arab world. This goes against all our principles.  Principles we fought for in 1776.  We had our revolution and won our freedom. We wrote the two greatest documents in the world, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Beacons to the rest of the world.

Neocons have gone from the “Freedom Agenda” to fear talk. We need a new Moses to stand up to the neocons and Mubarak and shout let the people go. We need a “Moses” to scream..Mubarak and his regime must go. We put them into power since the Cold War. We can now throw them out. We can do this on the principles we sand on and believe in. The same ones that made this country great and the role model. 

Though I am loath to praise William Kristol, his stand against his own conservatives and neocons is worth reading.  It will follow. Stand up for Freedom, 541404.html.