Fairy Tales Offensive, Too Scary and Parents Ditch Them: A Little Like Politics

I saw this story on the BBC this morning and just laughed myself hysterical.  “Politically correct parents ditch offensive traditional fairy tales.  The parents find them to dark and scary.  May lead their children to nightmares or worse.  Hundreds of thousands of children have grown up on these fairy tales and no one gave a good damn.  We will go into that theory later.

Now they tell us that Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and The Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Rumpelstiltskin are too scary, cause nightmares and just outright offensive.  Goldilocks is responsible for theft, stealing. Little Red Riding Hood is responsible for abduction and murder [depending on which version you read], and Rumpelstiltskin features kidnapping and execution.  The trauma they say would just be overwhelming, leaving a lasting impression and effect on children.  It will affect the rest of their lives and as adults repressed memories of murder and kidnapping and theft and stealing could lead to mischief and similar acts.

I just love that theory.  I, you and all of us are potential murderers, kidnappers, thieves, abductors and executioners.  I never knew that.  I just knew that in the end they all lived happily ever after.  Not only that, but Cinderella was a lesson for women’s liberation.  She bettered herself, married the prince and no longer had to do housework. Every woman’s dream.  So I guess not all fairy tells are dark.  But then there is Snow White and the evil queen.  “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of the all.”  Another story of attempted murder.  A fairy tale used by advertisers to lead women to buy any and all manner of makeup, weight loss programs, Botox, and plastic surgery.  Never murder!!!!   We might want to, but never do it, or at least most of us don’t.  But goddamn, when you read dark, or rather have them read to you, stories of violence, execution and abduction and beauty to die for, you just gotta wonder.

But why should this just apply to fairy tales?  Next post: How the Bible was instrumental in Catholic Bishops jumping off cliff!!!


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