The Traditional Media Lies About Komen Apology

This does not surprise as far as the media is concerned.  I say that since the traditional media is completely irrelevant.  Half-truths and lies it seems is all it can print.  It does not gather information, do research or in anyway think at all.  Money, money makes the work go around.


Komen issues a half-hearted apology and mainstream press printed as a reversal of the Komen decision.  If you want the truth read the blogs.  They at least for the most part do their homework and research.  Not that some don’t lie like the mainstream press.  Off on another road I am again..

It is just sex, lies and the print media.  There was a time when journalism meant something,  but those days are gone since Viet Nam.  Again, off on another road.  Forgive me.

The media may get it right in about six months or a year or so, when the Susan B. Komen Foundation is just but a shadow of it self or just plain gone.  It will be interesting to read what lie they tell then!!!!!!


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