I am A Proud Liberal, Member of The Religious Left and do Actually Believe In God

O’Donnell got this right all those years.  I remember this episode of “West Wing”.  Lawrence is right.  Liberal politicians are afraid to call themselves liberals. They have caved in to the Republican Fascists who have turned liberal into a dirty word.  But it makes me wonder if the Repfacists are really envious.  Did they obstruct each of these accomplishments so that in they end they could take credit for them?  And by doing do become liberals. You know that the God loves you if you are rich.  When Republicans, the Religious Right talks about God, their God, they only speak to the rich, since they only know the true God.  Their God is vengeful and hateful and racist.  Jesus said, and I paraphrase now, that it would be easier for a camel, or in this case an elephant to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  For Republicans and the Tea Party and the Religious Right, God is only a political tool that they wield like a sharp machete.  There is no religion involved in their rhetoric and so-called belief.  They don’t care about the poor or the very poor which is contrary top the teachings of God/Jesus.  You do not find God by faith alone, as these people think.  It must include good works.  Faith and good works for all the people to make their lives better.  Something the Republicans, the Religious Right and now it seems Susan G. Komen and not do. Faith requires no thought whatsoever.  You believe blindly without question.  Do as you are told.  Those real Christians and members of all faiths don’t think, they act on their religions.  On the teachings of God/Jesus.  And it includes Liberals. I have am of the opinion that the only way to make the Republican Party really believe is to destroy it completely.  It can be argued that they need no help in this, but I say that liberals must be liberals and lead them even further down the path.   By doing so, we let these a$$holes do it to themselves.  They tell you when these Repubs and Religious Righters pass the collection tray that the money you give in the tray will help pave the way to heaven. I am reminded a comedy routine from Second City TV kit with the “Reverend You Betcha”  televangelist, who tells his viewers that he will pray for you and your family, if you will only send him money.  Not quarters or dimes, no change please, just paper money.  When he receives it he will pray for you and ask God to welcome you on the road to salvation and heaven.  Sound familiar?

Democrats, politicians and all of us that are liberals should no longer be afraid to use the word liberal.  We should no be afraid to call ourselves liberals.  We set out all these hundreds of years to make the world a better place, and help all the people also be better.

If Conservatives want a fight…….then is time for all the liberals to give it to them.  God is not a Republican!!!!!!

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