Republican Racism Wins In SC – The Devil Came Up From Georgia

Republican racism has come out of the shadows.  It has always been here.  The Democrats lost the South and all those white voters when they voted for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts in the 1960’s.   Southern Democrats became Republicans because they believed that they would return the South to the “Glory Days” of servitude, suppression, and hatred.  It would seem that their wishes are beginning to bear fruit.  I said it seems.

Or was this just strategy?  It may be as this article states.  Still the truth is that the racist South welcomes the idea of returning to the days before the Civil War.  Mitturd and Gingrich will say do anything to win an election.  Even as far as sell out their own country.  In this country, racist, liars, fascists and traitors will blame the black guy in the black guy for what they themselves have done, are doing, and what they will do in the future.  Now we have the Ron Paul has been doing it for twenty years and it is  not just a strategy for him.  He really believes what he says.  But Gingrich and Mitturd are new to their racism, well maybe not new, but now they are putting voice to their bigotry.

Like Hitler, they are advocating a pure white and mainly male world.  Hitler spoke about the laziness and saw them as rightful targets for racism and punishment.  He first wanted to deport them.  Now we have the Gingrich saying that saying that immigration should be left to white states committees for consent.  Heil Gingrich?

The Republican Party is reminiscent of the “Whigs”.  The Whigs just vanished with no warning at all.  One day they were there and the next day whoosh and they are gone.  Now you may think not, but there really is no republican party now.  Like the Whigs, the late Republican party has been replaced by the Tea Party.  They began this campaign  and arguments that blacks are lazy slugs whose children should live in work houses and clean white people’s homes.  Illegal immigrants should be killed by electric fences, or Muslim Americans should wear arm bands marked “Muslim” like the “Juden” of Nazi Germany.  Race matters to the Tea Party GOP.

These are candidates, a rogues gallery, where white supremacist attitudes towards non-whites is a standing rule, one only to be disputed when it is too late.  The Republican Party is wallowing in white racism in order to win over racially and economically insure white voters.  Gingrich is being blatant about it.  He is using the language of Hitler, Nixon and Wallace.  The strategy has not changed.  They have the perfect audience in the South.  It is a public who receives their message with open arms.  The message of race, white oppression, white racial resentment, and hostility to people of color.  They cheer, hoop and holler, the death penalty, letting people die without insurance, heckle soldiers who are gay, and probably cheered the marines and their latest video.  It is for them a reminder of their past, which they long for.  In South Carolina the Confederate flag still files proudly.

The greatest defense for the white racist is deniability.  I didn’t know, that is unfair; you are playing the race card; I never associated blacks with welfare or crime.  People like you are the real bigots for calling attention to how Republicans talk about such things; We really are Americans; don’t talk about slavery, my family never owned black people. I am a good Christian.  There I go, beginning to off on another tangent, which I will save for a later post.

The Southern Strategy and The Southern Manifesto, written by South Carolina’s favorite son, Strom Thurmond, is still alive.  Both of them.  Strom as a Dixiecrat wrote the initial Southern Manifesto.  A proud racist who didn’t know he was one.  A role model for the Tea Party and the tenth amendment.  They say they believe in the Constitution., but have forgotten the Bill of Rights.  In 1986 CBS conducted a poll to see if people still supported the Bill of Rights.  The the question was framed in terms of contemporary events.  Here is one:  as long as there appears to be no clear danger of violence, do you think any group, no matter how extreme, should be allowed to organize protests against the government? Seventy-six percent said, “No.” At that time, the majority of Americans polled refused to support five of the ten protections of the Bill of Rights.  And that is why we need a Bill of Rights.  It protects the minority from the majority who, by definition, need no protection.  If they were asked, Do you support the Bill of Rights? those same people would have said, Yes.  Only, without the Bill, people didn’t recognize the rights.  I wonder what would happen if we asked those same questions now.

You must be taught to hate.  It is not something you are born with.  It is taught and the south has had 200 years of education.  They have been carefully taught.

In the end we have ourselves to blame, or I should say those who voted the Tea Party into power.  It seems that many slept through the election of 2010.  We, the people, can’t afford to ignore or be apathetic to our rights and country.  We have a chance now in  November to make it right.  We can change it.  Take the hate out.

Barry Goldwater was a liberal to Gingrich and Mitturd.



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