God’s Idiots – Republicans-Fatal Attraction of Republicans – The Christian Right – Women Are The Problem – Rascism- and Other Musings

I have been missing for a what seems like a very long time.  I have had been sick with a  cold for two weeks, then there was the holidays, and then the worst thing of all…..my sewer line backed up in my basement.  Five inches of sewage in my basement.  Needless to say, the obvious thought came to mind….the good old Republican and Christian Right stick.  The same smell I breathe each time I see a Republican, Christian, Racist elephant on television or hear them speak.  They have been shoveling shit and have it all over themselves.

I just don’t know how many more of these goddamn “debates”  I can take.  I have to admit that I have begun to ignore them.  But there is this fatal attraction of the Republicans.  You can’t help watching to see who is going to piss on whom, how many more oops moments we can have, or flip-flops.  When will we really every have some manner of real debate.  When will these repubtards ever give me and at least 30 million people a chance to hear about something might actually something instead of being faced with personalities or the lack thereof.  When will the sideshows end.  I know they won’t, because if it were for the freak show they would have nothing to talk about.  There isn’t a name there that I would vote for.  The stench is just too great.  It brings to mind Governor John Kasich and how the stench began.  But there I go on to something else that should be saved for later.  Do these good candidates stand for anything?  Yes!!!  Money!!!!  Because of money, these junk spewers are turning on themselves.  Newt pissed all over Rommnit and Bain and the good ole boys went berserk.  How dare he condemn a corporation and its leader?  Their fear of the truth is showing.  It is stunning that they would be unwilling to admit that they love corporations especially since they are people now.   The incredible lightness of flatulence.

When did women become the enemy?  All of sudden we, women have been the enemy.  Our existence strikes terror in the hearts of men.  Their fear is so great that they have legislated their superiority.  Rape isn’t rape, freedom isn’t freedom, and without their permission we can do nothing.  They call themselves Christians.  These are the men that can’t control their behavior, desire, religion and covet women.  This could be a post for the Ohio Diary, but again I stray.  These are God’s idiots.  The good dyed in the wool Christians who are out to save women.  Not from men, not from them since they still want their way with women, but to save them from sin.  These good Christians have abandoned all hope of ever behaving normally.  These are the people who want to save every unborn child from abortion, but have no qualms about the death penalty.  Killing in the name of God and justice is fine.  Innocent or guilty is doesn’t matter, just kill them.  A raped pregnant women, a women who is carrying a deformed child, and the women has no right to decide what she can do with her own person.  I have a solution, or a sort of solution.  Each child that is born and “saved” from abortion should be adopted by the legislators that sponsored the bills that forced them to carry it full term.  Let’s take Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action, who is sponsor for the heartbeat bill, take each child and raise it.  Be responsible for feeding it, health care, education, clothing it, and all other attendant  responsibilities involved with parenthood.  They are so eager let them have at it.  As Janet Porter has said, “Every single day the Senate delays a vote on the heartbeat bill, a school bus full of children’s lives are lost.”  She doesn’t tell you that Ohio has cut education including funds for buses.  So I say let them take responsibility.  Let her educate.  She and her good Christian friends talk a good game, and once the child is born, they vanish. It is time for it to stop.  It is time for women to make these legislators accountable.  Make them pay.

Now for the Christian Right.  I have written about this before.  About the Christian Theocracy.  How Republicans want to save God. As I have posted before, they do this by forcing their religion on us. Their religion or no religion.  Therefore, my religion is bad and invalid.  I take offense.  What I am about to write is in no way meant to offend anyone except those Christian “purist”.  I am a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.  The Eastern Orthodox church was the first organized Christian religion.  Before Catholicism, before anyone, there was the Eastern Orthodox Church. The first Bible was written in Greek.  All others followed.   These Christian autocrats, even they came after the Eastern Orthodox Church, they got their religion from us.  And they have the pure unmitigated slop to tell me that my faith and religion is no good?  I think not.  These purists are racist, bigoted, sideshow.  Straight, crooked, black, white, Latino, Native American, but especially women are not welcome.  My mother was told by the dean of her college in 1940, a good God-fearing man, that she would never teach, never succeed or become a good citizen because she was Greek.  Open any dictionary and count the words that are derived from the Greek.  These Christian Right sultans think that religion is something you buy.  Come join us they say.  Put $50 in the tray and begin to pave your way to heaven.  The more money you give, the closer to God you come.  They are terrorists.

There are very few members of the established press who defend the idea that things like aggressive flatulence, forced feeding of swill, or even a barely muted hostility on the part of the candidate would justify any kind of drastic retaliation by a professional journalist….    Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail ’72

The press it seems are just a bunch of lick spittle bootlickers.  I think it because they are goddamn Republicans.  That too is for another post.

I feel better now.



One response to “God’s Idiots – Republicans-Fatal Attraction of Republicans – The Christian Right – Women Are The Problem – Rascism- and Other Musings

  • heather

    Women have a brain AND a uterus, and we can use them at the same time, and well. That is scary and weird. Men have a penis and a brain, and cannot seem to use either one very well. They are really scared.

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