God and The Death PenaltyIs

The Sixth Commandment says “Thou shall not kill.”  It does not say ‘thou shall not kill’ except for blacks, illegal immigrants, gays and lesbians, terrorists, Muslims, rapists, child molesters,  it simply states that thou shall not kill.  God’s law.  Law that all good Christians follow and profess they believe.

God handed down these laws and commandments for us to live by.  Yet, nowhere in the Bible does God state or lay down any consequences  for breaking and violating any of these ten laws.  There seems to be no punishment for any of them.

The death penalty is a man-made law to punish man for breaking God’s law.  Kill the killer, rapists, child molesters, just kill them all.  Good God-fearing, Bible  quoting Christians want to kill.  A special morality for bad morality.  It is an absolute moral imperative and certainty.  A license to kill.  Premeditated murder.  How can they justify the taking of a human life?

There was a time in the 70’s that I was for the death penalty.  I am now opposed.  I am not opposed simply on religious grounds.  I am opposed because it is not a deterrent as it was promised to be.  The death penalty is not about justice, it is about revenge.  Victim statements bear this out.  Just watch them.  They say things like “If I could I would put the needle in his arm myself, I would.”  Good Christians they say.

And, I am not against the death penalty because many times innocent people are killed.  Opponents of the death penalty must not be selective in opposition to the death penalty.  Opponents of the death penalty believe that no one deserves to be executed.  So they spend all of their energy cherry-picking cases, gumming up the legal system and talking about uncertainty.  Conservatives talk about the innocent people who have been gotten off death row because of new DNA techniques, and then tell you about the criminals who have had their guilt confirmed by the same technique.  Christians conservatives are selective also.  But the question is  how is one man more deserving of death than the other.  Killing is killing.  Each time we execute someone, we lose a measure of our humanity.  Each time will kill anyone in the name of God, we break God’s law.

We have been killing in the name of God since the Crusades.  We have been taking lives and sometimes we call it defense of our country, preserving our freedom, bringing democracy to the world or other such things.  All of it untrue.  Killing only brings on more killing with justifications that are ludicrous.  Again, there are more people deserving of dying than others.

Opponents of the death penalty must be able to explain why we shouldn’t have a death penalty when uncertainty isn’t an issue.  There is the real issue for me and others.  Who deserves to die and who do not.  Conservatives will tell you that they are fighting for God when they are really fighting for wealth and power.

We must stop playing God.  It has fallen to us to defend human life.  Even for evil people.  We are not better than God.  Christian and a murderer?  It is an oxymoron.


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