Obama: Yes We Can’t

In 2008 Obama talked a good game.  “Yes we can.”  That was the call.  What we did not know of course, is/was; Yes we can become Republicans.

It is something that I have always wanted:  to be a member of the political elite, and re-engineer an entire country against the wishes of the people.

I want to be part of the party that says that we are doing the people’s will and work.  Knowing the entire time, that I am living in a dark tunnel and have no idea what the people really want.  But then, does it matter?  The people hired me so I can do the things I want, and praise the people for a job well done.  I am doing the work of God.  Remember, Republicans want to save God.  And, God tells me to help the rich and punish the middle class for being poor.

Goodness, this is a great country!!!!!!



Tuesday 26 July 2011

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