Safeguarding Democracy

The United States is in a big battle that will decide its future in the years to come.  Strong and sometimes, contradictory forces are pulling the country toward bankruptcy. It is clear that extremists on the right of the political spectrum, along with a large block of so-called academics and journalists, are doing everything they could to bring the nation closer to the cliff.  Conducting investigative journalism in one thing.  Presuming of course they ever really do that anymore.  Instigating falsehoods, making up theories, making up stories in quite another.  It is too bad we saw another example of that with the Norway events, where the media used these horrible killings as a trip down hate and bigotry lane.

Our two parties are at a standstill.  A standstill of their own making. No one seems to know what they are for.  That’s wrong.  I miss spoke.  They know what they are for:  their party.  As for the people and democracy? Some inside the conservative party seem to be banking on chaos and disaster, hoping this will bring them closer to government.  There are no winners in this.  We all lose.   Any political change must come from democratic procedures and not chaos.

Congress has become the ultimate reality show.  We know just how real reality shows are.  People are being paid to degrade, humiliate, and beat people up for MONEY.  Congress is no different.  Just look at them; money from corporations, media companies and the wealthiest people in America if not the world.  And they tell us they are doing it for us.  Doing it for me my a$$.

What have these so-called good christian Republicans and Teabags done for us?  They have stolen our democracy from us.  They are in the process of stealing everything that made this country great for themselves.  They don’t care about us.  Self-interest and power, political party is more important than governing.  Their sole purpose is to stop government.  Make it impossible for the people to live and survive.  They will say anything to you so that you, me believe that they really care about America and its people.  It is all LIES.

Journalists must put ratings, and view share or readership on the side and think about the ramifications of throwing gasoline on a fire.  They must stop milking the public cows.  Political parties and the media surely have responsibility for the future of this nation.  These parties must put their difference aside and find common ground so as to protect democracy, law and order.  The press’ rotten values were embraced by the whole country.

First and foremost, the fault-of-the-people argument is important because rightly or wrongly, it has been successfully used for so many years by media organizations. But the truth is that the people, you and me, are in the power position.  Where is the power now?  You know the answer; with the people where it has always been.  We made a mistake and elected these ignorant people.  I use the word “we” loosely.  This is the moment of truth.  The political system is broken, and only the most serious repair can save it.

The time has come for the people to no longer sit on the sidelines.  We can’t vote Republican or Democrat just because our parents did, or just because I have always been a democrat or republican.  That’s not good enough anymore.  We hire them and we can fire them.  We have to be responsible.  We must pay attention to the issues, the politicians who want our vote.  Who are they and what do they believe.  Is it the same as the people.  We need to get up off the couch and get involved.  If we have in the past, we must do more.  If we have never been involved, them get up off you a$$.  Our future depends on it.

Some forces are pushing us toward the cliff.  People resist despite their rightful indignation at the failures of the political establishment.

Republicans want to save God.  I want to same my country and democracy.  Join the cause.

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