Rupert Murdoch Looked Asleep at Hearing

Rupert and James Murdoch denied everything.  Rupert looked as is he was napping during questioning.  He probably was.

When asked since he is the man in charge, would he resign.  The answer was NO!  He could not do the responsibly thing.  Instead, he took the road of I am not responsible, I was kept in the dark, and everyone lied to me.

That is a ludicrous statement, since Rupert in is control of every facet of his operation.

What they have done is made Rebekah Brooks the goat.  They have hung her out to dry with no safety net.

Rebekah Brooks knows where the bodies are buried. She can bring the Murdoch’s down, much further than they are now.

Instead, she will fall on her sword.

The idea that Rupert Murdoch knew nothing is a fairy tale.  But this is what journalism has come too.  This is what happens when journalism is run by corporations.  They believe that they are entitled to do whatever they want to sell newspapers and raise television ratings.

Money is far more important than the law, ethics and real investigative journalism.  Hurting people is so much easier.

Rupert and James Murdoch are dirty.  Their statement that all media use private investigators may true, most do not break the law.  That didn’t know is a LIE.

There may still may be hope for journalism.  Even if the Murdoch’s come out clean, they will be ruined.  No one will ever believe anything they print or televised.  There may be justice in the world.

I can only hope.

It is up to us, the bloggers to expose, and tell the truth.

Someone needs to confront Piers Morgan and discuss his tell all book.




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