Ohio Diary #9: John Boehner Had A Choice: His Job or His Country

He couldn’t decided and did nothing.  Being the coward and gutless wonder that he is, what else would you expect.  John Boehner and House Republicans truly believe that controlling one chamber of the Congress should get them everything they want.  So what happens?  A member of the chamber of the Congress, the Senate, rescued John Boehner from having to put his speakership on the line.  It is stunning.  I never thought that I would ever sing the praises of Senator Mitch McConnell, but today I just can’t help myself.

Why?  McConnell had the good sense to finally tell the truth.  Something that Boehner is just incapable of doing.  His job and position is just so more important. McConnell gave Boehner a parachute, as MSNBC called it.  It provides an escape for the Speaker, since he can’t seem to decide or figure out which pledge to ask his members to break – the 1-to-1 ratio of deficit reduction to debt ceiling raise or not raising taxes.  The grand bargain that Republicans promised in 2010 is not quite DEAD. He just couldn’t stand up and court a rebellion against his leadership or push the country toward default on its debt.

Boehner remained conspicuously silent.  He looked in the mirror and saw Gingrich in 1995.  Two government shutdowns that he hoped would win huge  and deep spending cuts – and not tax increases from a Democratic President.  They were trying to do the same thing now.  Remember, the Republicans held the majority of both chamber of Congress.  They committed political suicide them and they are about to do it again.

There was a time, a very long time ago, when I might have felt bad for Crying John, if he and his grand old party had not shamelessly fueled the Tea Party and kissed their ring to win power.  The House Republican Tea Party is endangering Crying John.

The House Republican Tea Party talk about the people, how they care so much for them.  The truth is, the only time they really care about the people is when they look down to see who they are stepping on.   Republicans in the House have tied their future to the Tea Party.  They are about to hang themselves and call it murder.

Crying John  should have a good cry.  Or maybe he need a new light bulb, an energy-efficient light bulb. Oh wait.  Boehner is against light bulb tyranny.

John Boehner is not good at his job.  A leader with no one to lead.  He should be afraid.  I can hear “Happy Trails To You.”


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