Ohio Diary #7: Labor in Ohio Slapped Around Again

It was announced on Friday by Reuters that the great golf foursome was complete for Obama-Boehner golf game.  Vice President Biden will join Obama, and John Boehner will have Gov. John  Kasich.

One would think that the point of this outing was to get somewhere on some of the big issues facing the country.  Say the budge deal or the debt-ceiling.  But nooooo.

Obama should have said no to Boehner when he said he was going to invite Kasich.  What could he be thinking?  Obama’s people should have said no.  How could they every think that this would be a good idea.  To tell people that this is just going to be a friendly game of golf, and that issues would not be discussed borders on insanity.  Kasich has nothing to offer to the conversation.  His approval rating is pitiful.  The fact that Kasich is despised by every single union member in Ohio regardless of party membership in Ohio will hurt Obama in 2012.

Why give Kasich the national stage?  Why make him a star?  Here is a man that is braking unions, destroying education, sending tax dollars for Charter Schools to Turkey, who say they can’t find qualified teachers for their schools in Ohio, is one huge giant slap in the face for labor and all of us who worked for Obama in Ohio.

It is a big win for Kasich, who will proclaim that he gave advice to Obama on how he, Kasich, balanced the budget in Ohio on the backs of unions, teachers, the poor, and gave money to the rich.  He just can’t lose.  Obama on the other hand will come out looking like an idiot.  How can you condemn SB 5, and turn around and act as if it doesn’t matter what has happened to unions and education?

Obama’s people need to get their act together again.  They are in the big time now, and they need to remember how to use their power to do politics and win.  In 2010 the unions sat aside, stayed home, and then Gov. Strickland lost.  Ohio is important.  If Obama isn’t careful, the same thing will happen to him.

The so-called rabble is mad and this could send them over the edge.  Go OHIO!!!!!!!


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