Last Chance Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

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Well you can tell that Sarah Palin is really desperate.  She wasn’t getting any attention, not getting noticed by the media enough.  The media she pretends to hate.  So she gets her press aide to send out tweets begging the blogs, newspapers and television to cover Sarah’s most recent word vomit.  Remember, she hates the media and their First Amendment rights.  The truth, though, is that the even the media is tired of old tired Sarah Palin.  What was she supposed to do?

She did the only thing she could do.  She got herself a movie maker and created a idolizing, saintly biography of herself. She is egotistical and she says so.  A movie praising Palin’s governorship and trying to lay to rest lingering questions about her controversial decision to resign from office midterm of her first term.  It was abdication.  The world saw her for what she was and is; a quitter.  So now we will have Saint Sarah.  She sought divine guidance.  Not from God mind you.  She looked in the mirror and saw Sarah Palin.  Visions she had visions.  The selling of a politician as a religious figure, a saint.  “The Undefeated” will be out in June in Iowa.  The title, “The Undefeated” is an attempt to deceive herself.  After all, she lost in 2008 alongside John McCain.  The movie does not mention Palin’s notorious rant to criticism of her reaction to the shooting of congresswoman Gabriel Giffords.  Nor to the crosshairs of a gun on a campaign map, or of the “blood libel” phrase she used.   She said she “feel[s] like I have a prayer shield in front of me that deflects” a lot of the negative attention that comes with being a public figure.  Someone tell her that all she need do is shut the fuck up and she would be fine.  For us the stench would be gone. I am willing to bet that this movie will end up as “America Shrugged”.

She has a “fire in her belly”!!!!! Now she finally admits she is full of gas.  All this time, all these years that smell we smelled was Sarah Palin.  Had we only known, we might have been able to help her.  Nexium comes to mind.  We thought she was just a wingnut.  But, Nooooooo!!! She’s got a fire in her belly, hot air, gas.  She isn’t sure she wants to run in 2012, but here she goes.  She is obviously a phony.  She is a hustler.  She has lots of experience with telling lies.

She invokes only two emotions, love and hate.  Voters have a fixed view of her, and no single media event will change that view much. Her political constituency, Tea Party sympathizers, social conservatives and pro-life women.  The Republicans desperately need them.  Her money-making machine would certainly help her party build contributors lists.  Walking ATM.  Republicans need her, even if they fear her.

She bought a house, a foreclosed house, in Arizona to be near to her loving daughter, Bristol.  Arizona!!!  Home of John McCain and defeat.  Makes you feel proud if you are Republican and live in Arizona.  Move if you can.

Republicans may just go with their hears and not their heads.  They have been there before.  Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The Republicans, the entire G.O.P. was mad about Goldwater, who manged 38 percent and lost to President Lyndon Johnson in one of the biggest landslides in history.

Go Sarah Go!!!!!!!


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