Prophet of End of Days: No Plan B

Well, it is Sunday morning.  I think that I will attend church and thank God for his kindness.  For giving us a reason to party and celebrate.

I am sure the campgrounds were filled with Camping RV’s waiting to be taken to heaven before the Second Coming.  It must have been a sight to behold.  Yet, to the anguish and dismay of a few extreme, devout Christian believers, the sun set yesterday on an America and World that had failed to end.  It had to be a huge disappointment to Camping’s followers.  Camping’s website featured a doomsday countdown clock.  Yesterday, that clock was at zero underneath a headline: “Judgement Day: The Bible guarantees it.” As in 1994, I am sure he will state he made a mathematical error.

He spent millions  It only goes to prove that you can’t buy God.  You can’t buy love.  As hard as the Republicans and the Christian Right tries, regardless of the millions collected you just can’t buy God.  There were no walking dead. No Second Coming. Camping admitted he bet everything on his devout belief. “There is no plan B.” he told Reuters  Which is a disgrace.  As the day moved on in California last night with no global enormous earthquake in sight, he and his followers needed one.

So go on.  Thank God. Celebrate the Earth’s survival.  There is joy in the morning!!!


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