A Harold Camping We Will Go!!!!

A camping we will go, a camping we will go, thank Jesus, a Camping we will go.  If I wasn’t one of the bad people, who will only be left behind to watch the destruction of everything, I sure enough would buy a RV and go camping with Camping.  I want to be saved, be one of the good people who God prefers and lifted up to salvation.

I want to spread panic and fear.  It want to be in malls, airports, on street corners, just like the Hari Krishna’s, and be famous.  I want to tell my fellow Christians that contrary to what they believe, God does not have the whole world in his hands.  That if you do not follow our billboard, RV religion, you are doomed.

My eyes were big brown question marks, now, they are big green dollar signs. Those of us that are saved can become great American Christian Pickers.  There is money to be made.

Now, wait a minute!!!!!  This really sounds familiar.  I have heard it before.  Yes, the Christian Right has been preaching doom and gloom, fear and hatred for years.  God must be saved.  The only path is destruction of the world.  Like Camping, who on September 6, 1994, predicted the end of the world, that never happened, the Christian Right continues to spread their version of God.  They are abusive Christian extremists.  They are everywhere.  Religion is under assault.  They are uncompromising.  They even denounce religious moderates.  They say they imagine they are the bearers of a terrible dogma; they imagine that the path to peace will be paved once each one us has learned to respect the unjustified beliefs of others.  Consider the attack on all Muslims.

My eyes are brown again.  I am unapologetic.  I don’t want to go with them.  I want to watch them go.  It should be a great spectacle.  Once and for all we could be free of them.  That, of course, is just a hope.  I am a believer, eager to place my future in God’s hands.  Anyway, with the price of gas, it would cost too much to travel in an RV for salvation and peace, that I can find at home.

There is still time.  Hope is everywhere, and the joke is on them.

So, I am going to sit back tomorrow, plant some onions, cucumbers and the like, and watch my garden grow.

Then again, it might not.  I do believe, I do believe!!!!!!!


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