Right-Wingers DingBats Suspicion of Patriotism

It has been quite a while since I posted.  You will have to forgive, but I have been busy trying to say my home from the flood waters in Ohio.  I guess I have John Boehner to thank for flooding Ohio.  His constant sobbing and sobbing over being an abject failure at everything has Ohio under water.  Sometime I wish that there would be just one minuet thing that he could consider a success so it would just stop raining for a day or two.  But since the middle class and poor are undeserving, we may soon need a boat.  Enough about the “God-fearing, patriotic American named John Boehner.

That brings me to today’s post about Republicans, Conservatives and Right-wingers being patriotic.  More so than we little people.  Judas Priest how they love the flag.  We all read the story of how some dirt bag blogger, names Doug Ross who “broke” the story of Obama stealing Ground Zero’s flag so that he could drape it lovingly over bin Laden’s coffin.  It made the rounds and every media outlet ran that story like it was truth.  When the truth did finally come out, that the flag was removed, as it is each night, as one is supposed to do, some of those lunatics retracted what they said and blogged.  Still, the impression remained that Democrats fail to respect the flag.  Only Republicans can.  Republicans where their flag pins because they love their country, while Democrats where it for show.

Their lunacy has spread to small town America.  Suspicion of patriotism has come to a new low.  I know suspicion is human nature, but it is not patriotic.  A story ran in my hometown newspaper about a local hotel whose flag was hanging at half staff because the flag pole was broken  This hotel got complaints accusing it of flying it at half-staff in order to honor bin Laden.  Give me a break.  Do people really think that the hotel would really do that?  What could they be thinking.  Of course, that is just it, they weren’t thinking.  Could they be thinking that this hotel was offering specials: “Parents who pay full price and show of picture of bin Laden can have their children or their pets stay free?’ Or the thought that those at an al-Qaeda sleeper cell that meets next the ice maker moved, seconded and passed a motion to lower the flag to half-staff to draw authorities to their door?  Free ice cream if you bring a Pakistani flag.

It was simple, the rope inside the hotel’s flagpole broke leaving Old Glory stranded at half-staff for several days.  Timing was bad.  Citizens of this little town demanded to know where the hotel owners were from Iraq, Iran or Pakistan.  The hotel has been in the act of performing a most patriotic duty – replacing a torn and fraying flag – when the rope broke.  The scum bag bloggers and right-wingers and the God-fearing Christian Right did their work just fine.  Turning friend against friend.  Turned people who have known each other for years into racist patriotic yahoos.  I am ashamed.

This is just another case in which people have allowed patriotic instincts to be hijacked by unreason to wrongly paint other Americans as villains. It was irrational and ignorant.  Out of respect for other Americans, we should learn to recognize when irrational suspicion takes control.  Most of all we should not allow it to dignify itself as an act of patriotism.


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