Ohio Diary #6: Happy Birthday Idiot

This past Friday was Gov. John Kasich’s birthday.  It seems that someone in his office thought it might be a good idea to check if drivers license was current.  It wasn’t.  Think of it the idiot would have been pulled over by an “idiot” cop while driving with an expired driver’s license.  It would have been a sight to be hold.  Can’t you just hear him “Don’t you know who I am?”  “Yes, you idiot, you’re the a$$hole, you’re the one who gutted collective bargaining and cost us jobs.”

Instead, they got old John to the BMV just in time.  He got escorted to the office by his appointed Public Service Director, Tom Charles.  Charles personally escorted him to the front of the line, passing the no bodies, riff-raff and other good people waiting in line for hours.  He went straight of the line.  He didn’t get the chance to call anyone name, degrade, belittle, or humiliate of the regular everyday people.  It might have been fun to seem him try.

He didn’t need to do it himself, he had someone do it for him – someone who people actually know.



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