Conservatives Stand Up for All Americans: Against $.05 tax on Plastic Grocery Bags

Hallelujah!  We are saved.  Think of it.  They call it an intrusion on citizens by the government.

You can find this at:

Naturally, they don’t tell you the whole story.  To find that you must go to:,0,6212192.story?page=1.

Since many states and communities are considering this, the Republicans are outraged that you could be charged a tax of $.05 per bag, if you choose to use plastic.  Rory Cooper says “….they turn to the invisible hand of the government to penalize you daily, and hope that you simply absorb the new costs of living without a fight.”  It is terrific.  They really think that we have our head up their ass.

They don’t tell you that grocery stores used to give you a $.05 credit for every reusable bag you bring it when you shop.  They eliminated that simply because so many customers were bringing in their own bags.  Republicans won’t tell you that you have a choice, plastic or bring your own.  All they see is a tax they want to champion against that is of no consequence to us, but sure makes them look good.  PR is brilliant.  It really is strange, since they are in the business of making money.  You think that they would support profit for businesses.

I feel relieved!  Republicans plan to take everything away from me and all of us, but God love them, they are going to save us a nickel.

I thank God everyday that He sent Republicans to protect America and its people.  Don’t you?

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