Lent Is Over: Stories I Gave Up For Lent

Lent is now over.  Now, I can get back to talking politics, religion, Palin and other things.  The political games can begin again.  This is just a partial list of what I missed.

1.  Rick Perry names his cowboy boots ‘Freedom and Liberty.’  Must be cheap boots.  With all the shit he his spewing, he wouldn’t want to walk in them in real and expensive ‘Freedom and Liberty’ boots.

2. Republicans to screen 9/11 First Responders to see if they are Terrorists.  Yeah, you read it right.  Republicans want to screen, examine police officers, firefighters, emergency squads to see if they are possible terrorists.  The theory being, that since they were right there, they had to be active participants in the terror plot.  Imagine, these first responders that saved lives, risked their own; it was all done as a publicity stunt.  Diversion.  Amazing!!!!!

3.  TSA and the Six Year Old Terror Suspect.  Six year old stripped searched in the name of security.  I wonder does the TSA hire child predators?  Just a thought.  They seem to take such pleasure in doing it what other explanation could there be?  I know security.

4.  White House War on Easter:  Party but no proclamation.  That is enough to make Peter Rabbit scream ‘NO CANDY.’

5.  Lindsey Lohan.  Arrested again.  Same old trash that she is.  Morgue duty for Lohan.  Seems rather appropriate.  A dead no talent trash star working in a morgue dead bodies and all.  It is only right.

I will stop now.  This was all I could bear.  FoxNation where have you been?


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