House Democrats Sing “I Got You Babe”.

If you’re going to play the game properly, you’d better know every rule.  Barbara Jordan

I am sure that Rep. Mary Bono Mack is having a memory of Sonny.  The Democratic trick worked.  They learned it from the Republicans.  But they just didn’t trick the ‘Conservative Four’, but their leadership which in reality made them change their vote.  It was genius on the part of Democrats.  They decided to ram a more conservative budget plan by the Republican Study Committee through the House in order to hang it around Republican necks.  For Democrats, the light came on, and this time somebody was home.

I thought to myself the Republican leadership is probably thinking we’re going to defeat it for them. I said to myself I’m not interested seeing that happen. I want the Republicans to show what they believe. And if a majority of them believe that that’s the kind of budget they want the American people need to know that.  House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer [D-MD]

That is just what happened.  It was time for the true believers, all of them, to stand up for what they have been advocating for months and for what they believe.  They were missing in action.  What else can you expect when you don’t have a brain.  They obviously don’t even want one.  They say they are true believers.  The problem with that is that to be a true believer requires you to blindly follow.  To believe anything absolutely requires no thought what so ever. You don’t need to think so why have a brain.  When God was handing out brains, they heard trains, and have been waiting, still waiting all this time.

To have real power one must tell the truth.  Republicans have never been able to do that.  They are on a witch hunt against the middle class and poor Americans.  If they had told the truth, they would have said that they really didn’t mean a $9 trillion cut.  Instead, they almost got what they wished for.

With almost all the Democrats voting present, Republicans were on the run.  They realized that there were about to accidentally pass a plan that was too politcially radical even for them.  Only 15 Democrats declined to switch their votes from “no” to “present.  The plan failed by 16 votes.  The trick caused chaos on the House floor and it was a beautiful site.  Republican leadership panicked and pushed their own members to switch their votes from yes to no.  Panicked!  It was a sight that delighted my imagination.

But it gets even better.  For an unknown reason, 15 Democrats voted no [maybe they voted no before they learned about the strategy].  You do the math.  If these Democrats [Blue Dogs] voted present, the thing would have lost by one vote.  Republicans had to get their own members to change their vote, or what they wished for would pass.  But for Republicans this was all about show.  They knew it would slash $9 trillion would never be adopted as the official position of the House and the Republican Party.  It was to be a symbol for them.  They were all going home for two weeks, and they had to say they tried.  It would allow them to go home and play to their home base.  Can you imagine if this had really worked, and the Republicans had to backtrack, how dumb they’d look and sound? “But we didn’t mean to pass it, they tricked us into it!”

Did we fight our Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of a tyrant, only to have it replaced with 200+ tyrants?  Why did we bother then?  At least as British citizens we would all have health care and our money would be worth something.  Somehow right now that doesn’t seem so bad.

The Declaration of Independence says: “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights….”.  It doesn’t say anywhere, except blacks, homosexuals, firefighters, teachers, unions, middle class or poor.  Everybody is entitled.

We have ourselves, at least that voted Republican, to blame.  I have a brain and thusly I managed to think before I voted.  I have no blame or responsibility for others ignorance.  Whoever you are, you gave them a ticket to ride.  There are those us who want to through them off the bus or under it, and we will eventually.  Hope springs eternal.

The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer.  Edward R. Murrow

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