Budget Deal: Where or Where Was Obama?

Well this morning I found out that a budget deal had been reached.  Surprise, surprise.  We even have a government, maybe.  The question is: Where was Obama?  It is a question that begs the obvious answer…..he was nowhere to be found.

Yeah, I know, he taking credit for this agreement is ludicrous.  But he is boasting about overseeing a domestic spending cut on a scale that even Ronald Reagan never managed.  It makes you wonder when he will draw a line in the stand, when will he stand up and fight for Americans. Middle class or any other class.  It didn’t happen now.

He gave in all the way down the line.  It is a $38 billion cut It is the largest single-year cut in the history of this country.  He knew that and still caved.

The Republicans and the Tea Party attacked all social programs and women.  Obama was silent.  It was disgusting.  Did you hear him at any time make any forceful statement, singling out a Republican cut as intolerable.  The Republicans tried to defund Planned Parenthood and NPR. He never defended family planning initiatives, never pointed to one thing and said this I will not allow.  He rolled over and played dead.

The attack failed against Planned Parenthood thanks to those Democrats that actually stood their ground and said no. We haven’t reached the point as a society that poor women must die of cervical cancer to satisfy the ideological itches of a few men.  But we are getting there.

I know what Obama is doing.  He waxes triumphantly that the government must live within its means.  He is campaigning.  He began his 2012 campaign.  But what does stand for?  He didn’t fight now.  When will he?  It is one thing to say we need change. The rhetoric was wonderful in 2008  But when it came time to make change, he was invisible.  He is campaigning.  He must reinvent himself so all us can believe again.  Where was he?

I know that liberals are outnumbered. Republicans have power now, and they are extreme.  This is how it is going to be.  It will not change or awhile. Still, Obama must find a way to communicate to his base and the middle all at the same time. He must want to.

Otherwise, we will see further displays such as this again.  It was political cowardice.


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