Democracy Needs a Bailout

The first thing I ever learned about politics was never to let anyone else define what you believe, or what you are for or against.  I think for myself.

I am no “you liberals” or “you people on the left who always…” I have a name, and I can speak for myself, thank you.  I don’t need Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Pam Geller, Newt Gingrich or Karl Rove, Teabaggers, the Christian Right or Right-wing Republicans to tell me what I believe.

Setting up a straw man, calling it liberal and then knocking it down has become a favorite form of “argument” for those on the right. Make some ridiculous claim about what “liberals” think, and then demonstrate how silly it is.  Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and many other right-wing ravers never seem to get tired of this old game. If I had a nickel for every idiotic thing I have ever heard those on the right claim “liberals” believe, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.

It has been tried before.  During the Viet Nam war, they told me I was unpatriotic for opposing the war.  Now they are saying the same thing.  Only the war they speak of exists in their worm-eaten brains.  Islamophobia is their great war.  Burning a Quran was the latest act of ignorance of these lunatics.  They have no respect for human life.  What was their expectation in this burning?  Fame?  Publicity?  Christian religion is the only religion? They now have blood on their hands, and they feel no guilt at all.  They try to make me believe this was an act of stopping violence against us here.  They want me to believe that it was an act of patriotism. They want me to believe Muslims are trespassing in America. They want me to believe that I am stupid. Stupid as they are.

Since I have a name and I can speak for myself, I’ll tell you exactly why I opposed invading Iraq: because I thought it would be bad for this country, our country, my country. I opposed the invasion out of patriotism, and that is the reason I continue to oppose it today — I think it is bad for us. I think it has done nothing but harm to the United States of America. I think we have created more terrorists than we faced to start with and that our good name has been sullied all over the world. I think we have alienated our allies and have killed more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever did.  This last act of patriotism by Pastor Terry Jones and his supporters was simply throwing more gasoline on an already lit fire.  This was act done in the name of God.

I did not oppose the war because I like Saddam Hussein.  He was a miserable s.o.b back in the ’80s, when our government was sending him arms.  We created him.

I did not oppose the war because I am soft on terrorists or didn’t want to get Osama bin Laden. To the contrary, I thought it would be much more useful to get bin Laden than to invade Iraq — which, once again, had nothing to do with 9-11. I believe the case now stands that the Bush administration used 9-11 as a handy excuse to invade Iraq, which it already wanted to do for other reasons.  The Right is doing the same thing now.  They are Muslimcides.  They want them all dead, good or bad.

It is one thing for a political knife-fighters like, Rove, Geller, Gaffney and others to impugn the patriotism of people who disagree with them: We have seen this same lunatic fringe tactic before just as we have seen republicans use 9-11 for political purposes again and again. But how many times are the media going to let them get away with it? How long are the Democrats going to remain silent? When are they going to stand up and fight?

The actions of the Republicans on the state and federal level has threatened democracy in this country. The first furious assault on the patriotism of Democrats came right after the 9-11 commission learned President Bush had received a clear warning in August 2001 that bin Laden was planning a hijacking.

They believe that we live in the land of Oz, and like the scarecrow, we are all in need of brains.  They want us brainless.  That is how they succeed.

Democracy needs a bailout and it needs it now.


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