We are losing Our Class” The Republican Class Wars

I used to think that I was the most middle-class person that ever lived.  That is what marketing and advertising told me.  We all have to buy this and drink that, and it must be the same thing or else.  Coke or Pepsi, fresh perked coffee or instant?  Polo’s or Kmart?  The real thing or nothing at all.  Do this and you are middle-class.  Now the republicans are telling me the same thing.Our way or no way.

Seven our to ten people define themselves as middle class, so we may be just looking up and down at the other three who don’t. They are probably the people who don’t buy or drink the what they are told to. Really is there no hope at all?

I am shocked at the bloodless coup  that has been realized here.  As social movement has stumbled the last twenty years, we have the majority of people self certifying themselves as middle c\lass. Certified is the correct word. Delusions of grandeur are one thing. Delusions of being middle class when you earn minimum wage, and are trying to make ends meet, implies that the class war is not going that well. It is hard after all, to maintain a class war when everyone says they are all on the same side.

What has happened is that the Republicans and Democrats have hooked on to the idea of hope being a vote getter exactly at the same time when those same hopes cannot be met for many in a globalised economy. Homeowing, self-reliance, a good job for life, nice vacations, and an appetite for real experiences come to define us. What we buy has come to define us, rather than what we produced, have become our real identity. As any fool knows, any radical or Marxist, this is not what social class really means. This is reducing class to the trivial pursuit of consumer power.

The Republicans, more so than the Democrats, are trying to turn us into uniform classlessness. They campaigned on jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Putting people, the middle class, back to work. The great lie, we are all in this together.  Now this does seem like a good idea, until you understand just what must happen first to get there.

First you attack women’s rights. Attack, what could I be thinking?  Eliminate them altogether.  Return to the good old days of the 50’s, when women stayed home, had babies, cooked and cleaned house.  Only now, if you want children or not, you need governmental approval.  Abortions not an option, even in the case of rape or incest.  Abortion for those reasons would lead to faked rape and incest cases.  Just like those good old days, you have no control over your own life and body.  Back to the back alley abortions.

Then comes fear.  Fear of everything and everyone Middle Eastern.  They are all obviously terrorists and want to kill us. But now, I have learned thanks to the teabaggers, that I should be afraid of anyone that looks different, is a different color and religion.  I should be a racist pig, er elephant.

According to the elephant in the room, the Christian Right and teabaggers, my middle class values must be theirs.  My faith and religion certainly is not good enough, even though, my God is the same as theirs.  At least I thought so.  I must be wrong for they tell me so.

Now we are in no-man’s land. We are unable to share the nostalgia for the good old working classes. There is much about the working class life that is boring and about putting yourself into a drug induced stupidity. The nobility of the working class life is pure fiction. I mean really. No man would live half their lives underground in a mine if they had another choice. No woman now joyfully gets up in the dead of night to go clean offices.

If we don’t mind being defined by vote hungry Republicans or people who want to sell us things, then we should just be happy and jump on their wagon. This is a con. They want to change of all into some uniform vision of middle classness. Robots, that is what they want, and it seems that we are willing to let them.

The difficulty now is that mere desire,  middle class or not, is not enough. The hopes of the young – to be famous without talent – is no less crazy than many current political desires. We are to have growth and prosperity and jobs without investment. Nuts! We are all supposed to be happy and proud while they cut off our arms, legs and heads of the public sector.  That is really nuts.

No rational human being would just sit by and let this happen.  But we have allowed ourselves to be put into marketing categories.

Yet there is hope.  The protests in Wisconsin and Ohio and other states has proven this.  By protesting, we simply state that our individual interests and hopes are not those of the “ruling class”. Some of us may think that we are middle class, but we must fight the fiction and propaganda that class no longer matters.

So am I middle class, underclass?  Or do I just simply have no class at all.  I resist their notion that I am nothing. I will resist their notion that they are better than me. I will resist being sold.

John Boehner, John Kasich, the Governor of Wisconsin and all other states must have Alzheimer’s. They have forgotten who elected them.


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