The New Blue Light Special: South Dakota’s Religious educatiHow mucon before an abortion

In a previous post I stated that religious tolerance was under attack by the Christian Right.  I was right.  Tuesday the governor of South Dakota signed into law the most abusive attack on the rights of women.  This bill requires a three-day waiting period, the longest in the country for any woman seeking an abortion.

What makes this bill “special” is that it requires women to go to a so-called “crisis pregnancy center” and receive religious education training.  Mind you it doesn’t matter if you have religion, don’t have religion or even care.  You get the blue light special of religions, the Christian Right.  Your religion isn’t good enough, and obviously you fail to see that this is a crisis that can only be “saved” by the religious teachings of the Christian Right.

This is an anti-abortion movement bent on imposing its religious beliefs on the public at large. It is not openly discussed in the abortion debate.  I discussed it in an earlier post, that the Religious Right was making a conscience effort to make us lose our religion and convert their beliefs.  It is so obvious.  The majority of all “crisis pregnancy centers” are religious organizations that are anti-abortion. It interferes with their religious dogma about female sexuality, women’s roles, and their absolute belief about when the soul enters the body.  Making it mandatory for women to suffer through a sermon on Christian ethics about sexuality before getting an abortion should be a violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.  We do remember the First Amendment? Why is it appropriate to make women listen to religious lectures before making a decision that involves their own religious beliefs about life?

Should we consider attending a Hindu lecture before getting married? Or joining a church or making plans for our funeral?  Do we need a second opinion on our personal religion? Abortion is a private and personal matter.  Women do not take this decision lightly.  They make thoughtful and pray full decisions.  They speak to their own personal God regardless of the name of the religion.  It is their right.  This law is an attack on reproductive rights, privacy rights and religious freedom.  Their theocracy is to change our religion.

The Christian Right lacks the authority to tell me that my religion isn’t good enough.  That the only way to be saved is through them.  Line up for the blue light special. We have Rand Paul with his shop around abortion theory, and now we have blue light religion. How much better can it get? Their could me music CDs, movies, popcorn and pizza.  All this effort for the one abortion clinic in all of South Dakota!

All women should be angry, because this bill make women seem stupid, ignorant and subservient to men.  They treat us as if we do not have minds of our own and must depend on man to survive.  It should be a personal affront to all women of this country.

It’s can make you lose your religion.


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