God Is Shrinking: Republicans Want to Save God

Republicans need a lesson

Republicans have gone and found religion.  Which in and of itself is amazing, since they have professing that they care Christians from the get go.  I have found that they use religion and their faith in the context that it can win you votes.  Can they quote the Bible?  Can they express their profound love of God.  They acquired their religion from Pat Robertson, Dr. Laura and Glenn Beck.  We all know that these individuals are true Christians and practice their faith each and every day.  They are perfect role models of Christianity.

This is in some way a new phenomenon.  Yes, it is true that lobby the Christian Right, but until now they have not openly stated that they found God and are Christians.  They finally came out of the closet.

Listen to Rep. Jim DeMint.  We can save God from shrinking, by shrinking government.  Imagine.  “America works, freedom works, when people have that internal gyroscope that comes from a belief in God and Biblical faith. Once we push that out, you no longer have the capacity to live as a free person with the external controls of an authoritarian government. We’ve found we can’t set up free societies around the world because they don’t have the moral underpinnings that come from Biblical faith.

They have the nerve to speak about morality.  God is a handy tool for the liars to use when they are in need of money for their political chest, or to strike so called terror in the hearts of all the heathens, that means us.  Politicians and talking heads are the holders of morality and Christianity.

Gingrich found God after he suspiciously realized how passionately he felt about this country.  We all know how that all turned out.  He sinned against first and second wives.  Holding the hand of his first in a hospital bed, while preparing to divorce her and marrying his new love.  I guess after the second wife, he was compelled to seek God’s forgiveness.  He did not seek out repentance. After all, religious fundamentalism in the party is now a central question for reformers Gingrich instead of making any case for a new enlightenment, has in fact gone to great lengths to placate Christian conservatives.  We are going into an election mode, and we must find God.  Newt compares himself to King David and his adultery.  King David  said to God “Against you alone, I have sinned and done what is evil in your sight.” Can you imagine Newt, DeMint, Beck or Robertson or Ingram saying anything remotely confessional?  Gingrich is trying to be forgiven while using the “Patriotism” and “overworking as excuses. He made himself a ludicrous spectacle, a joke.

Beck has used his God as a weapon.  The Caliphate is coming. We have forgotten God and so we are doomed.  He reads the Bible as truth in all parts of it.  Jed Bartlett needs to speak to him and set him straight.

If being against the war is unpatriotic then I am unpatriotic. If I say that my God is a God of peace and love then I know I am better than Beck and all the rest who use and find  God for political and monetary advancement.

Religion is flawed only because men are flawed-all men.


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