Bradley Manning: America Ignores Human Rights

Raw US Apache Footage the truth of what happened that they don’t want you to know.

American is doing poorly. It is a weak, limp society that responds too weakly and limply to the excesses of politicians. The people in power have become arrogant, coarse and crude. With this incident, it is not a country to be proud to be proud of. 

We have Congressman, Senators, State Department Officials and the President condemn human rights violations in other countries, the mistreatment of prisoners, conviction without trial and even death.  Yet, when it comes to Private Bradley Manning it is a different story.  Almost ignored by all.  President Obama seems to be condoning this treatment of Manning.  “Appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.”Obama has said “the Pentagon had assured him that the terms of the private’s confinement are appropriate.” He would not go into details.  Mostly likely because the Pentagon as is their standard practice, gives no details.  They always lie about treatment of “prisoners”. It is unconscionable to treat prisoners of other countries in a humiliating manner, and is a violation of international law, but to abuse one our own simply because he told the truth about the military goes beyond those abuses.  How can we condemn human rights violations for all other prisoners in all other countries, and in our country say that it is an okay practice?

Philip Crowley was right to speak out against the treatment of Private Manning. He like Manning committed the mistake of telling the truth about Private Manning. He said it was “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” Not surpsingly he resigned on Sunday.  In a twist, the press has finally, once again picked up on the story, but only after a Washington insider condemned Manning’s treatment.

This is another case where the media, all forms of media, believed the everything the Pentagon and the State Department told them.  No research, n o asking questions and no investigation. 

It seems that President Obama accepts torture in regard to Bradley Manning. That may be all we need to know about the character of the man currently residing in the White House.  To be sure that this president [like all presidents before him] has his apologists who refuse to criticize or condemn him, always offering rationalizations why he did this or said that. But in truth, there is no rationalizing torture.

Government and military officials should read the Constitution which they swore to defend and protect. It might be useful to visit again the presumption of innocence and the Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment.  This simply appears to be a vendetta against Manning for the Wikileak.  He simply exposed the truth, and the lie that the military and Pentagon perpetuated. We should all be ashamed of the actions of our government and military. 

In there is an interview of David House, who works for the Bradley Manning Support network. Spiegel did their homework.  Made an effort to obtain information and investigate.  Read the article.  Just visit this page.  It really says much. 


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