Is Journalism Dead?

The answer is a resounding yes!!!!!  All you need do is watch, read, and listen. 

Recently, The Guardian,, ran a story about churrnalism as journalism.  It so true.  There are people who complain about yellow journalism, and we have that too, but we know that they really those stories don’t come from legitimate news agencies or outlets.  They are just stories to humiliate person or persons they are writing about, or simply to make a “name” for themselves.  They have no interest in journalism or public information.  Greed and vanity prevail. 

As the article in the Guardian states even real, legitimate news outlets and organizations simple reproduce press releases over and over again  Just check the headlines of each newspaper, television news, magazine and they all have the same story exactly as came off the wire.  Media organizations are simply republishing verbatim material sent to them by press wires, marketing companies and campaign organizations.  It comes off the wire, then presented on newscasts and real news.  Each station, newspaper and radio saying the very same thing. 

Good journalists and their editors would go beyond the press release, and give background information, putting the research into the context of the larger story.  If nothing else, do a truth test.  Instead they repackage it and report it as news.

People just aren’t turning into news as much.  The public has become aware that unless it is a disaster, a national or international crisis happening, there just isn’t any reason to watch a news channel.  If there is a “breaking” news event or story, it turns out to be so irrelevant, a Charlie Sheen rant, Lady Gaga happening, Lindsey Logan off to jail again or something of that type. 

Consider how the news sells wars to us.  The story lines often follow the official line of the United States Department of Defense.  To build a narrative of “progress” the Pentagon spends a lot of money and effort in what critics call propaganda.  Take US soldier Pat Tillman, who gave up a multi-million dollar contract in pro football illustrates, misinformation provided to us. Tillman was killed by friendly fire, but to create a heroic story, the military covered up the details of Tillman’s death and soldiers were asked to lie.  If his parents had not questioned over and over again, the media would never have told the truth or even have bothered to find it out. 

The media is not about telling the truth or reporting and isn’t interested in finding facts, verifying and telling the truth.  Their main interest is ratings. And ratings mean money. 

There was a time when journalism lived in this country, and not so very long ago.  The Washington Post told us about Watergate, The New York Times had the courage to print the “Pentagon Papers”, 60 Minutes took on General Westmoreland. 

But they have turned us into blithering idiots and we love them for it.  We don’t need them, we can do it ourselves.  Just go to:

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