Live Free or Die or Be Sent To Siberia: NH Rep. Harty is Hardy for Siberia

New Hampshire’s state motto is:  Live Free or Die  Republican Representative Martin Harty has taken that to an all new low.  He proposes to cut the New Hampshire budget by sending all “defective” people to Siberia.  Again, in Live Free or Die New Hampshire, allowing so-called “defective” people to live free and die is not an option.  Afterall “the mentally challenged and other defective people should be sent to Siberia so they don’t stand to inherit control of the world. The world population has gotten too big and the world is being inherited by too many defective people.”  Now that statement implies that he wants not just the “defective people in New Hampshire deported to Siberia, but any defective person  in America should go.  He might want to include himself on a flight.

He said this during a budget hearing to Sharon Omand, a program manager at Community Partners which provides behavioral health and developmental services.  He told her that he believed in eugenics and disagreed with her about the need for funds for mental health services.  He might avail himself of her services.

He got into office during the Republican landslide last fall.  It seems that the people of New Hampshire just voted for anyone who had a R after their name.  That should qualify them all to be shipped to Siberia.  Vote for the party and not the man.  They were smarter than that.  Apparently a very long time ago. This is another example of the rational used by Republicans to justify cuts to social programs.

Republican State Sen George Lovejoy said: The goal of the new Republican majority of our legislature is to service the voice of the people and Representative does not.

He might need to be sent to Siberia. Since the Republicans have taken control on the premise that they want to serve the people, they have gone schizophrenic. They just don’t know who they are.  Does that qualify as “defective?” I think so, and according to Rep. Harty they should all be shipped off to Siberia.

They are sick, they are sick, they are sick, sick, sick,  they are psychologically sick!  I hope they all have a good trip.


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