What Job Creation?

Diary of Republican Lies

Did they not promise in the Pledge to America to creat jobs?  So where are they?  Where is their plan for job creation?  Instead, if the Republicans get away with cutting billions and billions of dollars in discretionary spending over the next few months, the immediate victims will be federal employees whose jobs will be eliminated as their agencies are cut back.

House Speaker, John Crying Boehner said:

In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs [he could not substantiate that claim]. If some of those jobs are lost so be it. We’re broke.

Yes, we are broke, thanks to Republicans. They altered laws on regulation. We are broke because the Republican liars broke us. Republicans ran up enormous debts, engaged us in never-ending wars, perverted our financial system for their friends on Wall Street.

Republicans forget that these employees will collect unemployment insurance, so the government’s [taxpayer] obligations will not go away with their jobs.

These job losses are met with a smug and arrogant ‘so be it’. If you try to cut agricultural farm subsides,  they scream rape, they go into this crazed tirade about unemployment and ‘job killing’.

We could start by eliminating the number of staff each member is allowed.  Do they really need all that help.  Do we need [taxpayers] need to pay for their health insurance and other benefits.

Here’s a better idea:  Lets just remove, cancel all public healthcare, benefits and retirement benefits for all federal legislators.  They could just say, I don’t want it, I really want to make meaningful effort to lower taxpayer costs.  There would no need for a constitutional amendment.  But they are hypocrites and gutless.

I guess they believe that federal employees really aren’t employees , government jobs really aren’t jobs and as such will have no impact on unemployment rates.

There education was a waste which is why they want to cut education.  Since they didn’t learn why should anyone else?




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