Death of Unions: Radical Republicans March On: Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Idaho and Tennessee

These states and probably many others, have a great deal in common with Egypt’s discontented workers.  They are out to break the unions, cut their pay, and limit or as in the case completely eliminate collective bargaining for all state workers.  The remaining states will limit collective bargaining.  They are on a path to intentionally ruin their state’s economies.  Dictatorial philosophy.  With Republican state legislatures, the plans will be fast tracked.

In Ohio, Kasich’s position is simple, “If they want to strike, they should be fired.” “You should have a change in the law…there are ways to say that you are not going to strike, and we’re not going to continue without a binding arbitrator….Binding arbitration is not acceptable[…]”  Kasich’s remarkable dismissal of freedom and fact is stunning.  Workers only strike as a last resort, to eliminate unfair wages, and benefits.  Ohio safety workers are prohibited from striking.  Ohio passed a collective bargaining law in 1983 that did not allow public safety workers to strike. Still, to ensure workers still had an option, Ohio replaced the right to strike with a binding arbitration policy. But now Kasich simply wants to the ability to fire everyone who strikes.  collective bargaining would be wiped out for all state workers, including higher educations institutions  No longer would they be able to bargain for health insurance, automatic pay increases would be stripped from state law, and teachers would not get a say in which buildings they teach. The bill, Senate Bill 5, will ignite a war with the unions the likes of which Ohio has not seen in decades.  Indiana, Idaho and Tennessee have plans similar to Ohio’s

Wisconsin is different.  Governor Walker will send in the National Guard to suppress any labor strikes.  Naturally, that is not the purpose of the national guard.  they’re not his own personal intimidation force to used top quash political dissent.  The guard is used only in real emergencies and disasters. The national guard is not a political bully .

Now there are two sides to the issue.  The one listed above.  Could it be true that unions have outlived their usefulness?  That may true.  There was a time when unions  worked for the betterment and improvement of conditions, pay, health insurance etc. when workers did not have those things.  What can they really do for you now.  More and more union membership is dwindling.  It may be due to the reality that unions can not help them. They collect dues, but real, meaningful action for workers is missing.  More and more they are being turned away.

That notwithstanding, unions in the past have worked hard for their membership and members have reaped the rewards.  The rights of workers has been a long struggle, that the membership is realizing now.  To assault unions to save money, to threaten them with violence is unconscionable. But Radical Republicans have no conscience.

We know what their agenda is –  NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!


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