Pledge to America: Broken Promises

Does anyone really remember the promises of the “Pledge to America?”

An arrogant and out-of-touch government of sell appointed elites makes decisions, issues mandates and enacts laws without accepting or requesting the input of the many.

Rising joblessness, crushing debt and a polarizing political environment are fraying bonds among our people and blurring our sense of National purpose.

Pledge to advance policies of greater liberty, wider opportunity, a robust defense and national economic prosperity.

It would seem that Republicans are describing themselves.

Consider this:  Republicans promised aid in job creation.  But that is not what they have done.  In the house they pulled legislation that would extend the Trade Assistance Adjustment Program.  The reason…..”Our country can neither afford this program, nor should government be in the business of providing such a benefit.”  The extension was pulled because of a Wall Street Journal backed group, Club for Growth.  Murdock and Fox at work again.

Consider this: Voted to repeal Affordable Health Care Act.  Now, this is really interesting, since they want to deny the American people, the very insurance program that they themselves have, including their staffs.  Will they give up their insurance plans? If they do, will they take the same insurance plan that in some lifetime, plan to present.  Lawmakers are given an average of $700-a-month in taxpayer money for their health insurance. Congressional staff members are given the same taxpayer-subsidized, government regulated health plans available to members.  Unlike, lawmakers, their staffs are often middle-class American who not independently wealthy and need regular coverage in case they get sick. Lawmakers and their staff work tirelessly and ruthlessly to repeal health reform, thus denying coverage to 30 million Americans. But help insurance companies continue life-threatening abuses to their customers. Members that want to repeal the Act believe their staff should be “free to choose” quality government care.  That is the Affordable Care Act.  They don’t want us to have, but they certainly will take it.It is hypocrisy.  There is a fundamental tension between the GOPs naysaying on health care reform and their willingness to accept federally subsidized private insurance – just as in the health care law.  Write your senator and representative and ask him if is he willing to give up his tax-payer subsidized health insurance and for his staff.  I did.  I asked Rep. Steve Austria, and he will not answer.  He and his staff want their Affordable Care Act insurance.

Consider this:  There are a number of states that want to nullify the Affordable Care Act.  By doing so they risk the future and existing Medicaid programs in their states  Since Medicaid is a voluntary program, these state could lose their matching funds.  Which would lead states to make drastic cuts in education, police and other items.  Think of it, refusing matching funds for Medicaid, health insurance coverage for hundreds of thousand people in these states.  Cutting services and safety is so much better.  Republicans and neoconservatives always think of their people.  That is what they promised.

In the Senate the TAA extension was pulled due to conservative backlash against government “getting too involved in the economy.”  Senator Brown had the courage to state the obvious. Offended by the GOP hypocrisy in enjoying tax-payer benefits while refusing aid those who need help.

Brown…For Seators who want to repeal heal care, for senators who want to strip any’s basically turning our backs and saying to workers: “sorry about NAFTA , sorry about [permanent normal trade relations], sorry about these agreements I know you lost your jobs because of those, sorry about losing your health insurance, sorry about not having any job training money, and oh by the way, if your house is foreclosed on, that’s too damn bad too. Madam president, I don’t get this. I don’t understand why people in this body can’t help those citizens who don’t dress like this everyday, who don’t make $170,000 a year, who don’t have really good health insurance provided by taxpayers. Why, madam president, are we turning our backs on them?

Their plan is to cut everything and anything that would benefit the people, while they keep all those things for themselves and their staff.

Republicans and neoconservatives believe that Robber Barons were capitalists.  In fact they are at it again.



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