Someone Save The Consevatives

The Muslim Brotherhood is waging ‘An Influence Operation Against the Conservative Movement'”  Frank Gaffney.

That is the warning to neocons .  Beck, Palin, Coulter and now Bolton are stockpiling.  We’ve been infiltrated and the government was being manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Newt Gingrich, who gave us “the Contract with America” is a convert, a true believer, even though he will not acknowledge that fact. It has been suggested that todays conservatives find this theory laughable. No More. What once was a one man campaign has now become the Presidential cry for neocons.

Since the conservative movement believes this Gaffney theory, then again the Bush ‘Freedom Agenda’ is all smoke and mirrors. Bush’s idea that democracy in Iraq would bring peace in the Middle East, but it would be democracy without free elections.  For all his talk of freedom, Bush never wanted free elections.  It was omitted for a reason.  The government doesn’t want free, open elections, because it would lead, not to an Islamic State, but to a free and independent government and a free independent foreign policy.  We would lose control of the region and our interests.  That is unacceptable.  We would not know what to do.

Fearmongering is so much easier than telling the truth.  Just listen to Beck. He likened the protests in Egypt to the beginning  of WWI  The sky is falling, the sky falling.  Head for your ‘bomb shelters’, store plenty of flood.

Bolton speaking at CPAC said of Egypt, ‘We must to acknowledge that a Democratic election can produce ‘illiberal results’.” Imagine, illiberal, not liberal results.  This from a neoconservative who hates liberals. Our mid-term elections proceed ‘illiberal results’ and we still survived and fight on.  Neocons have no problem with Mubarak. We have our “interests” to protect, and the Jewish lobby to appease.  Israel claimed it was the only democracy in the region  That has changed and will continue to change.  As it should.

A strange marriage….Israelis and Egypt.  One a democracy and the other an autocratic, murderous, oppressive and  state.

Bolton said, “Democracy is a way of life, not a political system.” He and all neocons forget that this country, democracy was born from tyranny. It was not ‘a way of life’. We won our freedom. We learned democracy from our oppression and tyranny. We threw the dictators out.  All countries have the right to do the same.  We should be the example, the model. Talk is cheap.

Maybe conservatives should get an iPhone app to guide them back to their principles, back to God and forgetting hatred and fear.

No, they seem content in building pyramids of food.

Remember, we are safe  The Muslim Brotherhood is only interested in waging war against conservatives.


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