One Autocrat is Gone, The People are about to be set free, maybe

The Revolution:

The Military has stepped in to protect the country

Mubarak to speak

NDP Leader says that Mubarak must go

Military prevented Mubarak  from making speech handing over power to Vice-President Suleiman

Will Military support a civilian government or continue with regime

but does it matter to us.  Again if our interests take precedence over democracy and freedom, we will be guilty again of manipulation.

Just look at Haiti.  In 2004 the us sponsored regime change in Haiti.  It happened in the wee house of March 1, with US landing houses after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide reportedly gave in to demands from an armed opposition movement that he step down and go into exile — there were rumors on the ground maintained he was actually arrested by US forces.

This overthrow had been in the making since December 1990, when Hati’s first free election was held The winning candidate, was the populist priest Aristide. But seven months later Aristide’s government was overthrown n a military coup. No government on earth recognized the military junta, but Noam Chomsky said: “washington maintained close intelligence and military ties with the new rulers while undermining the embargo called by OAS, even authorizing illegal shipment of oil to the regime and its wealthy supports.”

The last elections took place in November 2000, Aristide won his second non-consecutive term amid allegations of irregularities by the US and the opposition.  To the surprise of Washington Aristide was president again.  The US and international donors blocked financial aid stating elections were flawed.  They just didn’t get the result they had worked to hard to achieve.  The opposition was being armed and trained.  The US government was directly involved in a new military coup attempt against Aristide and are being backed by Washington.  He has been exiled twice.

The recent trip to Haiti by Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Haitian children was a cover, her main mission was to convince the  powers that be to keep Aristide from returning.  All this is being done so that the American government has control of “free” elections.

In Egypt now, the US government is caught east of the rock and west of the hard place.  If they lose control of the government that did their bidding, their foreign policy or the lack thereof , has been bovine scatology.  The fact that they had Wisner tell Mubarak to name Suleiman VP, shows what they want.  Interests are more important the democracy and freedom.

When a stronger stand against the regime was needed, i.e. cut off aid, they talked about the Egyptian people receiving what they want.  They were conspicuously silent about telling Mubarak and regime to go.  Simply put, they didn’t want him to go.

We will see what will happen, but regardless of what does happen, the Middle East may be changed for the good forever.  With luck, Israel will lose a friend.


More on Haiti can be found at:


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