Bogeyman: Islmaist Take Over

Islamist’s would come in to power and would be against the West.  This is the lying narrative that is being peddled by the Regimes, Neocons, and Israel.  If you believe what they tell you on television, radio and in the papers, we are already being taken over by the Islamist’s.  What can expect if you listen nothing but Fox, Beck and the other neocons.  They are using unjustified and lies to make  you afraid, to stir up your Patriotism

Not since the end of WWI and Woodrow Wilson has the Arab world changed.  Wilson perpetuated social justice, self-determination,an end to external control, and social justice. The same is happening now. There is again a break from the past, but no one knows what the future will bring.

Fear is being used by the Regimes, Israel and the neocons. Social justice has nothing to do with it. What is happening here is the reality of the Arab world, masked by this lying narrative peddled by the old Regimes, Israel and the god fearing neocons. Either us or the devil. You accept a police state, you accept beatings outside poling places, you accept all kinds of horror.  This conversation, narrative, is going on now with the neocons and Israel’s comparisons of Egypt with Iran of 1979.  Fear is the ultimate weapon. They speak of freedom, liberty, free elections, change the world, and make it a better place.  But they want you to believe that it will all be replaced by a terrorist government.  Why? Because they say so. 

They are afraid.  It is beginning in other Arab countries and the remarkable thing is, there’s been no prominence of Islamic extremism either on the left or right.  It is a remarkable mix of the various trends that existed in these countries, but were masked by this narrative of fear wer were peddled. 

Question now is what happens next.  Will the police apparatus be tamed? Security forces musty be removed from the equation. The fear is a Mubarak Regime without Mubarak. The person who is in charge of the Egyptian Security apparatus is now the vice president, Mr. Sulemin. If that regime stays in place there will be no democracy and no change. It is not the matter of the man, Mubarak. It is the secret police apparatus running things in Egypt or not? Mubarak’s security command, Mr. Sulemin, who they say is very ill, may not be the man.

Egypt has been the dominate role in the Arab world. Egypt ow has the Palestinian question. Do they lift the siege of Gaza? Palestinian authority, Mr. Abbas which supported Mubarak in the seige of Gaza, can no longer be a client of a foreign country. The region is linked and they have the same aspirations.

The envoy that Obama sent has said that Mubarak must stay. He was the wrong choice. There may be a conflict of interest. Wisner works for the law firm, Patton Boggs, which advises the Egyptian military, the Economic Development Agency.  The firm has strong ties to Mubarak.

All across the Middle East, we are waiting to see the downfall of America’s friends. In Egypt, Mubarak must be wondering where he can fly to. America’s friends are collapsing.  They must if they want their freedom, rights, social justice and change. 

The Democrat’s world in the Arab Middle East is at its end.


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