Mubarack Stays?

Murbarack is trying to hold on to his dignity.  He again has promised changes in the next few months. He has made those same promises of change over the past 10 years.  How can he be believed? The Israelis are afraid of free and open elections in Egypt, as they should be.  They fear that the Islamists will take power.  Still, the Egyptian people are fighting to choose for themselves. 

These are headless revolutions.  They are leaderless.  By the beginning of December 2010 the Middle Ease was a tinder box, ready to explode, and then a young man lit a match in far away Tunisia.  These leaderless revolutions are spreading.  Jordan has made changes to pre-empt protests in the streets.  Who will be next.

It seems that finally the Obama Administration has gotten the message.  , Obama came as close as he could to choosing sides, between Mubarak and the protesters. There can be no made in America stamp on these events.  If this stand-off continues, and confrontations become more violent, Obama must choose. 

But what is next? Cut and Run: Mubarak gives up presidency. In this case, the army would be the key party that indicates to the president  must leave because he is main cause of instability.

Stick to his guns:  Mubarak could try to ride out protests and hope that protesters will tire before he does.

Transition:  Promise to leave, opposition joins government.

Chaos and violence would be avoided.

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