Peace in The Middle East

  I am reminded everyday of the brilliance of George W. Bush.  He made the prediction that “A free Iraq will be an ally in the war of terror, and that’s essential. A free Iraq will set a powerful example in the part of the world that is desperate for freedom. A free Iraq will help secure Israel. A free Iraq will enforce the hopes and aspirations of the reformers in places like Iran. A free Iraq is essential for the security of this country. “  Well, we see how that has worked out.  We have no right to impose our will on other soverign countries.  They must come to freedom and democracy on their own.  We can reminded of Iran in 1978, and it should be a lesson remembered.  We have had our priorities in the wrong place for decades.  Presidents unwilling to stand up to so called Allies and friends and tell them truth.  The time for reform has long passed.  The idea of reform was used in ways in Egypt that enabled a kind of old friend capitalism.  While real reform were given lip service  Michele Dunne of the Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace has been an advocate for strong foreign policy making in the Arab world, and not just political positioning by our government.  Her seminars and reports can be found at,http://  She explains that this did not just happen overnight, but took five long years.  Our government needs to begin to push, and push hard for change. Change of leadership and change in policy toward countries that deny civil liberties, education, improve conditions for the poor.  We need to hold back our hand. 

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